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Hillary Clinton Zionist Controlled State Terrorism - Marching Orders From Trump's Same Semi-Hidden Bosses

Hillary Clinton's Zionist Controlled State Terrorism - Marching Orders From Trump's Same Semi-Hidden Bosses

War criminal: Madeleine Albright - Srpska Mreza
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9 feb. 2001 - The Korbels lived in Belgrade, Serbia, between 1936-1938 and 1945-1948. ... in the enclosed letter (about Clinton and Albright letting down a Marine ... which the Korbel family hails) wrote to Albright that her Jewish father ...

Jewish bandits who destroyed Serbia - White Aryan (Arian) Resistance
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29 dic. 2015 - Jewish bandits who destroyed Serbia. ... Madeleine Albright (State Secretary), James Rubin, Sandy Berger ,William Cohen, Richard ... the Jewish media bosses and the Clinton cabinet members and the White-slave traders in ...

American Dissident Voices Broadcast of April 17, 1999 What Makes ...
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Bill Clinton and the manifestly evil group of Jewish advisors and assistants around ... Madeleine Albright and James Rubin, William Cohen, Sandy Berger, Richard ... We must stop Slobodan Milosevic's aggression against Kosovo, they tell us.

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3 nov. 2012 - Clinton-era Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, confronted by pro-Serbian ... Both her parents were Jews but they converted to Roman ..

“A Special Place in Hell”… For Hillary Clinton and Madeleine Albright ... - Traducir esta página
9 feb. 2016 - As Clinton looked on laughing and clapping, Albright told the media on February ... In 1999, Albright played a key role in the war on Yugoslavia, ...

There's Also a 'Special Place in Hell' for Madeleine Albright - US Uncut
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6 feb. 2016 - Madeleine Albright's airstrikes destroyed more than 300 schools, libraries ... Many former top Clinton officials swooped into war-torn Serbia and ...

Bill Clinton's War (in Yugoslavia) - Third World Traveler
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His ill-conceived decision to prod NATO into bombing Yugoslavia in March has ... But instead of trying a myriad of peaceful options, ClintonAlbright, and NATO ..


Sudan 1998, by Tom Stoddart
The Deep State consists of the super-rich. A well nourished Sudanese man steals maize from a starving child during a food distribution at a feeding center in Sudan in 1998. Photo by Tom Stoddart.

Nobody should vote for Hillary Clinton, as she has supported the plans of the Deep State.

Hillary did not plan the destruction of Yugoslavia, but, she went along with the plans of the Deep State to bomb Yugoslavia.

In Yugoslavia, "NATO repeatedly dropped cluster bombs into marketplaces, hospitals, and other civilian areas."

(Cached )

The bombing began in 1999.

The plan to destroy Yugoslavia dates back to 1979, or earlier.

Max von Oppenheim (above), of the Jewish banking family, had a plan to incite religious violence in various Moslem countries. He described Islam as 'one of our most important weapons'. His idea was to use Jihadis to advance a certain agenda. Thus, spies were sent into Moslem countries, including Iraq, Afghanistan, Turkey and Iran. Mullahs were bribed with large sums of money to get them to support Jihad. Max von Oppenheim.

"In 1979, Germany's BND (German secret service) sent a team of secret agents to Zagreb, in Yugoslavia.

"Their mission was to support Franjo Tudjman, a racist who actively promoted ethnic hatred and did all he could toward the break-up of Yugoslavia.

"Germany sent him arms before the war."

What really happened to Yugoslavia.

Child abuse in the Yugoslav wars.

Justin Raimondo, at Antiwar, reminds us of Hillary Clinton's Legacy of Terror.

Justin Raimondo makes the following points:

1. Gail Sheehy argues that it was Hillary who persuaded Bill Clinton to bomb Yugoslavia.

The bombing led to the break up of Yugoslavia into a number of states, including Kosovo.

Justin Raimondo does not mention that the Deep State had plans to break up Yugoslavia long before Bill Clinton became president.
2. Hillary became friends with Kosovo's President, Hacim Thaci, described as being 'a Mafia chieftain'.  

Thaci has since been credibly accused by the Council of Europe of stealing human organs from Serb victims and selling them on the black market.

(Thaci's gang are also linked to the trade in heroin and to al Qaeda.)

modern-day don quijote
Tunisia by elminaaangirfan: THE REAL ARAB SPRING.

Justin Raimondo also gets it wrong about the Arab Spring, as he seems to suggest that the Arab Spring was a spontaneous uprising.

In fact the Arab Spring had been planned many years in advance by the CIA, Mossad, NATO and their friends.

Raimondo writes that "Hillary Clinton decided to get on board the revolutionary choo-choo train...

"She plotted with Gen. David Petraeus to get around President Obama's reluctance to step into the Syrian quagmire by arming Syrian rebels allied with al-Qaeda and other terrorist gangs."

John Buchan, who was politically well-connected, wrote the spy novel Greenmantle in 1916. In Greenmantle a shadowy Moslem figure, working for the security services of Germany, threatens to spark an Islamic jihad. (Greenmantle - Wikipedia)

Raimondo fails to point out that the Powers-That-Be may have been promoting the Salafi-Wahhabi set of ideas since the 18th century.

Reportedly "a British spy named Hempher, working in the early 1700s, tells of disguising himself as a Muslim and infiltrating the Ottoman Empire with the goal of weakening it."

"In The Beginning and Spread of Wahhabism, Ayyub Sabri Pasha recounts the story of Abdul Wahhab's association with Hempher the British spy, and their plot to create a new religion."[10]

The leader of ISIS with John McCain. JAMES FOLEY FALSE FLAG FAKE

In 1979 the US government began giving secret aid to the Mujahadeen in Afghanistan.

The Washington Post reported:

"The United States spent millions of dollars to supply Afghan schoolchildren with textbooks filled with violent images and militant Islamic teachings …."

The CIA put Zia ul-Haq into power in Pakistan in 1977.

His job was to promote the Islamists.

In 1971, there were 900 Madrassas (Moslem schools) in Pakistan. By the end of Zia's rule there were 8,000 registered and 25,000 non-registered Madrassas.

Why did Mohamed Atta speak Hebrew? (Atta loved pork chops, cocaine, hookers)

Justin Raimondo blames the Clintons for enabling the Islamist terrorists in Kosovo.

"The New York Times has revealed, in Kosovo, an extensive network of ISIS - affiliated madrassas - indoctrination centers - funded by the Saudis, the Qataris, and the Kuwaitis." 

Let us remember that the Clintons did not begin the policy of aiding the Islamists.

Only the very stupid Moslems do not know that Osama worked with the Jewish Mafia in the narcotics trade.

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are just the same.

They both pretend that ISIS and al Qaeda are not working for the Pentagon and the CIA.

Trump says:

"Containing the spread of radical Islam must be a major foreign policy goal of the United States.

"Events may require the use of military force."

In 2012, the historian Tom Holland produced a TV documentary for the UK's Channel 4 which said: 1. There is little evidence to support the 'official' story of Muhammad. 2. There are questions about when the Koran was written. 3. Mecca may not have been the birthplace of Muhammad.

In a 2002 interview with Howard Stern, Donald Trump said he supported an Iraq invasion.

In the interview, which took place on Sept. 11, 2002, Stern asked Trump directly if he was for invading Iraq.

'Yeah,' Trump responded. 'I wish the first time it was done correctly.'

Trump lies about opposing the Iraq war.

Khomeini was an agent of MI6.

Trump told a Phoenix audience that "I'm the most militaristic person in this room."

Remember the folks who thought that Obama would not be the war candidate.

In 2009 he got the Nobel Peace Prize.

He then launched more drone strikes than George W. Bush and launched two undeclared wars.

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