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Cognitive Dissonance:9/11Dancing Israelis Locksmith Scams,Moving Companies,Soap,Drugs And Psychic Counseling

Cognitive Dissonance:9/11Dancing Israelis Locksmith Scams,Moving Companies,Soap,Drugs And Psychic Counseling

wolfblitzzer0: Cognitive Infiltration?:Cass Sunstein,9/11 ...
Oct 23, 2014 - I think Obama's Jewish Zionist crony Cass Sunstein's blatent admission of ... oil interests in the U.S.using her position as Obama's national securityadvisor ! ... Obama staffer wants 'cognitive infiltration' of 9/11 conspiracy .

Cognitive Dissonance:9/11Dancing Israelis Locksmith Scams,Moving Companies,Soap,Drugs And Psychic Counseling

Obama's Secret Jewish Advisers | Real Jew News

Jul 17, 2008 - The Jewish Press correctly observed that “Obama's association with Ross could ... The Jewish Question Revisited Larry Silverstein: 9/11's Inside Man » ...... that insinuated itself (via Solomon and his idolatrous wives) into the ...

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Oct 24, 2014 - In other words Barack Obama and Cass Sunstein have ... aangirfan: GOEBBELS FAMILY - RICH AND JEWISH .... 9/11:U.S.Government Induced Cognitive Dissonance . .... Anette-Angelika May-Thies, whose first marriage was to Axel May, a Goldman Sachs Group Inc. (GS) international adviser for private ...

9/11,Jew Cass Sunstein Cognitive Dissonance ,Obamacare ...

4 days ago - 9/11,Jew Cass Sunstein Cognitive Dissonance ,Obamacare Nudging. ... It is a fact that Rothschild-ean Jewish Zionist controlled City of London war criminals in control of UK ... Obama Advisor Promotes 'Cognitive Infiltration'.

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The Billion Dollar Israeli Scammer Machine

Right - A search on "locksmith" for a Times Square zip code in New York City on Google Maps produces this picture. Fake Israeli locksmith companies are so numerous, due to web spamming, that a simple search for a locksmith in your area will give results like these.

US consumers trying to find a genuine licensed and trained American locksmith in an emergency are literally forced to look for "a needle in a haystack", and often end up thousands of dollars poorer for the experience. And the genuine companies end up losing both business and reputation to these scam artists.

At the Google Maps site, I entered my city plus the word "locksmiths". I was able to find a virtual plethora of locksmith businesses just blocks from where I am. Certainly way more than necessary for this particular neighborhood.

This is the webpage of I found it under a list of locksmiths on Google Maps which were supposedly located at addresses a few blocks from me.

The Google Maps local address for is an apartment building. The phone number is unlisted, but has a local area code. One web reviewer writes: After I asked them my question they said something in broken English and hung up on me.

Two Minneapolis victims write

I called A-1 Affordable Locksmith after seeing their $39.99 special, 8am-5pm. Since it was noon and my boyfriend locked his keys in his car, I called expecting the advertised discount. The man who answered the phone told me it would be almost twice the advertised amount. I kept my cool and asked if I could speak to a manager. The man claimed to be the manager and then HUNG UP ON ME. I called back a moment later and he picked up the phone without saying a word and slammed it down on the receiver. The best thing I can say about A-1 is that they were so appalling on the phone that I didn't have to find out as a paying customer how terrible their business is. 

I called these guys to unlock my car- the price online was 39.99, which is why I called them...After 40 minutes an Israeli technician showed up and opened the car. He then informed me that the total charge would be $130.00!!! WHAT????? I told him that everyone else I called quoted me between 65-85 and now I owe 130.00 versus the 39.99 that was advertised...I told the tech that I would give him the $39.99 and that was all. He started swearing at me (told me to f**k off) and then said he was going to call the cops. I told him to go ahead and call the cops and I would show them the advertised price of $39.99. In the end, he took my $40.00 and left. DON"T EVER USE THESE GUYS!!!!

A legit locksmith in Phoenix details some local fraud.

By setting up phony business websites and arbitrarily attaching them to thousands of addresses across the US, Israeli scam artists are able to monopolize listings on search sites such as Google Maps and other sites, including phone directories. Phone numbers for these fake fronts sometimes connect to an answering service.

The answering service connects with a local unlicensed, and poorly trained Israeli "locksmith", "mover", or "carpet cleaner", who is sent out to the "mark". Victims are often bilked hundreds and even thousands of dollars for work that a licensed American company with properly trained employees would charge much less for.

Look up "Israeli scam" and you will find thousands of entries, news stories, consumer complaints and a list of the dozens of businesses that employ thousands of Israelis, many of whom are in the country illegally or on tourist visas.

They include, but are not limited to: Locksmith scams, moving company scams, door-to-door art sales scams, Dead Sea cosmetics scams, carpet cleaning scams, and even t-shirt scams, this one run by a Rothschild:

There are currently about twenty of these (t-shirt) stores along a one-mile stretch (of Key West). The brave Key West Citizenexposed the real nature of their trade four or five years back in a series of special articles: they are all owned by the same Israeli family, and all are laundering money for the Israeli international narcotics trade in the opinion of the local prosecutors. "Anti-Semitism!," shrieked the owners at the newspaper, and "Holocaust!," until they were hauled off before the courts.

one of the methods they use) is the Hebrew word "Saf" ("rip-off!") hissed from the shop floor to the guy at the cash register, indicating this is a tourist they can scam.Another article states: The same family are now switching to the Israeli-run world-monopoly in Ectasy.

The t-shirt scammers were basically blatantly overcharging on sales. A $200 sale would be (unknown to the buyer) inflated to close to $2000.

The modus operandi for most Israeli scam businesses fits the same criminal model: cheap, shoddy product; unlicensed or untrained workers; bait and switch; outright theft; and intimidation and extortion for hundreds or thousands of dollars are common practices.

Kasamba (now known as a psychic counseling service, is another Israeli company with a huge track record for scamming consumers. Kasamba's IPO on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange was set to be valued at $40-$50 million dollars.  See:

Right - Busted.Israeli youth arrested after scamming elderly Americans of millions of dollars in a lottery scam. To convince the victims they were not being scammed, the suspects sent congratulatory gift baskets and flowers. They also created fraudulent documents, including forms from the "IRS" and records from "Publishers Clearing House" confirming the award. Anyone who "earned" $500,000 from victims would be treated to an all-expense paid vacation to Eilat.

Just how many of these fronts are pure scams and how many are connected to espionage? After all, "Dancing Israeli" head, Dominik Suter, started a fake front moving company called Urban Moving Systems.

Urban Moving Systems employed the "Dancing Israelis" caught videotaping the fall of the World Trade Center while jumping up and down and high-fiving each other.

Suter has been linked to Zoomcopter sales in the US
. Zoomcopters were the little toy helicopters sold in many malls across America by "Israeli art students" who were subsequently deported by the FBI on suspicion of espionage shortly after 9-11.

And where is Immigration and Customs Enforcement? Many American cities are set up as "sanctuary cities" that protect illegal aliens from getting nabbed. Even if they commit violent crimes, they are often let back out on the street after a stint in jail.

In the meantime, innocent Americans are fodder for these thieves. The barbarians are inside the gate, and we are unarmed.

Below a video from ABC news on the Israeli locksmith scam:

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