Tuesday, September 22, 2015

9/11,WTC,NYC:Trump Supporter Ann Coulter Slams Pandering to ‘Fucking Jews’

Trump Supporter Ann Coulter Slams Pandering to ‘Fucking Jews’

Strange,I always despised Anne Coulter for pandering to fucking Jewish elites and supporting the 9/11 terrorists(false flag),attacks for Israel.Anbd who panders or colludes more with Jews who caused and profited from 9/11 such as Larry Silverstein and Australian Israeli Frank Lowy or protects Israeli war and stock criminals of ICTS International particularly Menachem Atzmon who had control of Boston Logan Airport where flights 11 and 175 originated and either just disappeared from or if you accept the W Bush, Barack Obsama 'official story',hit the WTC in NYC from leading to windfall profits for Jews and windfall war profits for Israel and Benjamin Netanyahu.
If Trump with so many Jewish family members really cares about Jewish Americans or trhey care about themselves he and they better speak up before they are seen as Jews painted Germans after WWWII - guilty by silent complicity.


Trump Supporter Ann Coulter Slams Pandering to ‘F---ing Jews’

The conservative pundit, who actually used to be funny, dredges up a historic libel against Jews, intimating they are secretly more powerful than you’d believe.
Donald Trump supporter and conservative pundit extraordinaire Ann Coulter may arguably the most offensive and divisive tweet of her life during the Republican debate last night, slamming the candidates for giving too much attention to the concerns of “f---ing Jews.”

Coulter couldn't stop herself in front of more than a half-million followers.
The whole argument echoes a historic libel against Jews that they hold secret influence.
Coulter has her own history of making inflammatory comments directed at Jews: she famouslytold the Jewish interviewer Donny Deutsch that Jews should convert to Christianity because “Jews need to be perfected.”
Full of hate, with an appetite to offend and shock, Coulter is just like Trump.
Coulter has fallen far in the past 10 years. She rose as a text-based corollary to Fox News and in 2005, Time magazine described her as “Ms. Right.” Now shecomplains she can’t even get on CNN.
Fearful of being forgotten, Coulter has reacted by becoming ever more offensive.
The tragedy is that Coulter did used to actually be quite funny. Her writing was massively provocative, but it was also often clever and witty.
In 2011, for example, she told an interviewer, “A liberal’s idea of being chivalrous is to hold the car door for you before driving you off a bridge. Also, a conservative guy will never ask to ‘role play’ with you as the sexy nurse and him as the senior citizen with a pre-existing medical condition who wants a single-payer government health plan.”
Coulter rips Fluke, cautions conservatives on reactions: ‘We’re not pussies like them’
Daily Caller
In her 2012 book, Treasonshe wrote, “Democrats always assure us that deterrence will work, but when the time comes to deter, they’re against it.” 
For a hot minute, it seemed Coulter might one day mature into a provocateur of the P.J. O’Rourke school; love his politics or loathe them, one has to admit that O’Rourke’s word play, gags and vivid evocations of cartoon-like absurdity, e.g. “How to Drive Fast on Drugs While Getting Your Wing-Wang Squeezed and Not Spill Your Drink.”
Coulter instead seems to be turning into Rush Limbaugh after a David Duke seminar

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