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9/11 War Crimes,Terrorism, An 'Intelligence' Success Story

9/11 War Crimes,Terrorism, An 'Intelligence' Success Story

9/11: Eternal Pretext, Eternal War 

Global Research, September 11, 2015

G.W. Bush, Dick Cheney and Tony Blair:  War Criminals Scheduled To Visit Canada In October
The false flag operation of 9/11 was not an “intelligence failure”. It was the greatest “intelligence success” and criminal operation in history.
The Bush/Cheney administration’s 9/11 atrocity set in motion the world war that continues to expand and metastasize to this day. This war—the “war on terrorism”, the war on Afghanistan and Iraq, the war on Libya, the “war on the Islamic State” etc. is the same single war, all rooted in the Big Lie of 9/11. No corner of the world has escaped the reach of this still-growing horror. No individual is untouched by its flames. Thousands upon thousands have been murdered. Entire societies have been wiped out and displaced.
Today’s world—of endless war for oil, endless false flag terror operations and atrocities, unabated political criminality, economic looting, social upheaval, fascism, surveillance and cyber terror, and global war/intelligence-industrial police state—is the fruit of 9/11.
Fourteen years and countless false flag terror operations later, the US government is on the verge of toppling Syria using Al-Qaeda military-intelligence assets. The US now openly supports and arms Al-Qaeda all over the world. The very same Al-Qaeda terrorists that were “responsible for 9/11” are the West’s finest foot soldiers and military-intelligence assets. Al-Qaeda effectively controls two-thirds of Syria for the Anglo-American empire. Libya was overthrown by the same forces.
All of this merely brings us back to the inescapable conspiracy fact that the empire no longer bothers to hide:
Islamic “terrorists”, Al-Qaeda and its many functionaries (including the conveniently removed and semi-fictional Osama bin Laden) have been in the continuous employ of western forces and the CIA since the Cold War—before and since 9/11, up to this very minute. Al-Qaeda is American-made and CIA-sponsored. As written by Michel Chossudovsky, “those who lead the ‘Global War on Terrorism’ in the name of ‘Democracy’ are those who are supporting and financing the terrorist organizations which they themselves created”. The Islamic State is merely a variation upon the theme. It is also “American made”, openly supported and utilized by the United States and its allies, and under orders of US-NATO sponsors and handlers.
Today, Washington’s war makers can openly and freely embrace their terrorist associates and functionaries, and do so with confidence. The original 9/11 myth is so deeply embedded into the brain synapses that subsequent distortions do not even register. The acquiescent, ignorant masses scarcely notice that the official fairy tale has been routinely flipped this way and that, that way and this.
Even the refugee crisis—the direct result of the Anglo-American empire’s war and regional destabilization—is being manipulated by the CIA into yet another propaganda weapon. According the CIA’s corporate media, the Syrian government (that is under US attack) is to blame. Therefore, “we” must remove the Assad regime even sooner, by sending more of “our” Al-Qaeda “freedom fighters” to destroy what is left. Now, as on 9/11, Orwellian horror abounds.
Key 9/11 mastermind Dick Cheney promised that this war “will not end in our lifetimes”. Indeed it will not. Nor will the presence of 9/11’s most malignant criminals.
Barack Obama dutifully escalated the Bush/Cheney 9/11 agenda. Soon the Bush crime family will take back (or will be handed back) the reins of world criminal power again, under Jeb Bush, who aims to be president of the United States in 2016. Jeb, the “smart one”, has managed key Bush criminal enterprises since the Iran-Contra era.
George W. Bush is now a popular figure. A majority of Americans view him favorably. George H.W. “Poppy” Bush, the CIA godfather and venom-spitting mass murderer, is now viewed by most Americans as a kindly old harmless grandpa. The next generation of Bushes is on the rise, with George P. Bush, a nightmarish Bush scion of politically useful Latin descent, working his way up the ranks of Congress.
Hillary and Bill Clintons, whose association with the Bushes has been long-standing, are also poised for a White House run. Should a Jeb Bush campaign falter, the Clintons will run the war machine seamlessly. What is beyond much doubt is that the next phase of this war, one that will likely involve full-blown superpower conflict between the United States, Russia and China, will be spearheaded by denizens of the same criminal syndicate.
Tragically, everything that many whistleblowers of 9/11 have predicted has come about. It is bitter vindication for everyone who has spoken and written the truth. The world around us speaks for itself, and it is a death scream.

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