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War Crimes:Palestinian victims of U.S. Hellfire Missiles Fired By Israelis;Barack Obama Pleads Ignorance

War Crimes:Palestinian victims of U.S. Hellfire Missiles Fired By Israelis;Barack Obama Pleads Ignorance

  1. Israel and Goldstone: numerous fears

    Middle East Monitor-Aug 20, 2014
    They will not find any war crimes here [in Israel]." ... the heinous crimes that were committed against the Palestinian people and their rights. ... that the US has suspended its shipments of Hellfiremissiles to Israel in light of the ...
    2014 Gaza War Lessons
    Arutz Sheva-Aug 20, 2014

Israel and Goldstone: numerous fears

  1. Israeli political sources did not care to hide their grave concerns over the investigation's expected results as the UN committee's members are still being selected. Politicians in Israel expect the implications of this investigation will greatly resemble those of the 2009 Goldstone Report, which resulted from Israel's offensive operation against Gaza known as Operation Cast Lead. Af Bill, a lecturer at Bar-Ilan University and an expert in international law, clarified that the results of this investigation, once published, will humiliate Israel in front of the world. Moreover, Bill emphasised that the international community will demand military and political leaders be put on trial as a consequence of the brutal Israeli attacks on Gaza.
    "We will experience major repercussions and will see many demands for criminal investigations against Israeli leaders, especially decision-makers in Israel," Bill added.
    The second issue currently pre-occupying many Israelis is the question of economic sanctions on Israel whereby Bill added: "It is possible that Israeli leaders will be tried after the committee releases the results of its investigation to the international public. It is very likely that Israeli leaders will be accused of war crimes and/or crimes against humanity in international courts." These fears have been amplified amid reports published by the Wall Street Journal, which revealed that the US has suspended its shipments of Hellfire missiles to Israel in light of the UN-led investigation, a decision that undoubtedly adds new tensions to US-Israeli relations as Israel depends on these missiles in aerial strikes.
    It has been reported that Israel has gone to the Pentagon and asked that they provide them with these missiles directly. The US Ministry of Defence allegedly ratified the request without the knowledge of the American administration or the Department of State. The US administration has expressed its concern over Israel's use of artillery shells in lieu of guided missiles in densely populated areas. The Wall Street Journal considered this back and forth between the two governments as a sign of "a new era of tension in US-Israel relations". The Obama administration's decision to halt all military supply shipments to Israel comes in light of the UN committee's inquiry into Israel's offensive on Gaza and has, by consequence, greatly strained tensions between the Obama administration and Netanyahu's government.
    The Wall Street Journal also mentioned that "US leaders believe that Israel's actions throughout the military operation in Gaza, especially the actions of Netanyahu and the Minister of Defence, were very reckless" and that Israeli leaders cannot be trusted. What this means is that many believe that Netanyahu was pulling strings and using his leverage in the White House and the American Congress to manipulate the US government, John Kerry and the US ambassador in Israel.
    Even the US Postal Service (USPS) has taken a number of undeclared punitive actions against Israel as the Hebrew Reuters' page reported that the USPS allegedly refuses to send packages and letters to Israel because of the nature of the current security situation post-Gaza offensive. According to the websites, the USPS has received many complaints all across America for refusing to send letters and parcels to Israel. This is just one example of the serious implications that Israel will face in light of the formation of an international committee. It will not benefit Israel to form an internal investigative committee due to the international backlash and the international community and western world's sense of anger towards what happened in Gaza. It appears as though the western world is no longer willing to believe Israel's propaganda and media.

  1. U.S. hold on arms to Israel rewards Hamash

    Chicago Sun-Times-Aug 15, 2014
    Yet, the sudden hold on transfers to Israel of Hellfire missiles used to ... Hamas for itswar crimes and cynical exploitation of Palestinian lives.
  2. Western Journalism

    White House in the Dark Over Arms Supplies to Israel: Report

    Intifada Palestine-Aug 16, 2014
    But Israeli and U.S. officials say that the adroit bureaucratic maneuvering ... to get into a “tit for tat” with the Israelis when the warbroke out in Gaza. .... for a large number of Hellfire missiles, according to Israeli and American officials. ... “The U.S. is a partner in this crime,” Jibril Rajoub, a leader in Palestinian ...
    Israel Outflanks White House in Pressing Gaza Strategy White ...
    International-Independent Media Review Analysis (IMRA)-Aug 14, 2014
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  3. Gaza Conflict: What Exactly is a War Crime Anyway?

    Voice of America-Aug 13, 2014
    Israel has the legal right to shut off electricity and water to Gaza as part ... a U.S. law professor and author of a definitive textbook on war crimes and humanitarian law. ... fires a Hellfire drone missile with the push of a button from suburban ... The goals of prosecuting war crimes overlap with the International ...
  4. Gruesome tales surface of Israeli massacres against families in ...

    Mondoweiss-Aug 18, 2014
    ... the neighborhood of Shujaiya was transformed into a gigantic crime scene. ... Look at us, we're now burning wood to survive.” .... militias forcibly expelled hundreds of thousands of Palestinians from their land. .... He said he had not considered becoming a fighter until the war came down on Shujaiya.

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