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9/11 WTC Photogrpaher John Labiola Israeli And Israeli Yaron Mofaz's Last Photo Of Malaysia MH17 At Israel 9/11 Terrorist Ciontriolled Schipol Airport Amsterdam Airport

9/11 WTC  Israeli Photogrpaher John LabiolaAnd  Israeli Yaron Mofaz's Last Photo Of Malaysia MH17 At Israel 9/11 Terrorist Ciontriolled Schipol Airport Amsterdam Airport

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    Apr 17, 2014 - One of the most iconic 9/11 photographs was taken by photographerJohn Labriola. The photo features a fireman ascending the WTC stairs, ...

Last MH17 photo BEFORE crash by (dancing?)Israeli Yaron Mofaz, director of Pentagon 2000

I think we have found the alive photographer of the last MH17-photo at Amsterdam Airport, before shot down in Ukraine:
Reuters published his photo, very similar to the last photo of Facebook-user Cor Pan (real name Cornelius Schilder,NL).
Fortunatly Yaron Mofaz made this photo at Boarding and did not board!
See also: Thread: Last MH17 photos BEFORE crash in Ukraine by Yaron Mofaz(alive?) and Cor Pan(dead), VERY STRANGE 

But who was this person, who obviously is alive?
Google-Search: 'Yaron+Mofaz' [link to (secure)
>> Facebook: [link to (secure)
He lives in Ramat Hsharon,Israel : [link to

Until the 1960s, it was primarily a farming community, known for its strawberry fields and citrus groves. Ramat HaSharon is also home to Israel Military Industries, the manufacturer of weapons and small arms for the Israel Defense Forces and the world market.

further search found: He is Director of 'Pentagon 2000SQL'
Yaron Mofaz [link to
Age Range:35 - 39 years of age
Address:Ramat Hsharon,Israel
Associated with these Industries:
Computers 547195 Pentagon 2000 Software Erp Limited Normal [link to
LinkedIn, Company : [link to (secure)
Website: [link to
PENTAGON 2000SQL ERP Systems provides a complete, user-friendly, feature rich and fully integrated environment that supports all of an enterprise’s general business and industry’s specific activities – including accounting and financial reporting.
Pentagon 2000 Software provides industry specific solutions catering to the Aerospace, Defense, Electronics, Power Systems, Metals -- Raw Materials Trading, Automotive and Heavy Duty Parts.

Company staff: [link to
Gabriel Mofaz, P.E. Mechanical Engineering, B.Sc. Computer Science, MBA,President
Hezi Mofaz, P.E., Industrial Engineering, B.Sc. , M.Sc. , Computer Science,VP, Research & Development
Yossi Mofaz, P.E. in Electrical engineering and Bsc in Computer Science,CFO, Chief Implementation Strategist
Zviel Mofaz, Systems Engineer,VP, Operations & Customer 

Such a lot of the great MOFAZ-Family

Shaul Mofaz is VicePremier and former Defense Minister of Israel: [link to

Isn't that strange ?

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WTC,9/11:Fake 'Tourist John Labriola' Takes All The Shots

WTC,9/11:Fake 'Tourist John Labriola' Takes All The Shots

He ould be CIA or he could easily be UK British 'intelligence',(i.e.-terrorists),or of course Israeli Mossad working at the pleasure of their UK and Western European Rothschild masters who of course already owned Israeli 'security company'ICTS International and CEO Menachem Atzmon and huis Shin Bet Mossad gang who controlled Logan Airpoprt Boston and who allowed or enabled 9/11 to happen by allowing Egyptian Mohamed Atta and his Saudi Arabian government goons to board flights 11 and 175 at Logan in the first place !


Some early reports list Labriola as a tourist.

Here on 9/15/01.

The picture, taken by tourist John Labriola, summed up everything about the selfless bravery of New York's firefighters. But with the collapse of both WTCWTC World Trade Center, towers nobody ever expected to see him again....

The Only Photographs Taken Inside the Towers On 9/11 Were Staged

Out of the alleged 30,000 to 50,000 occupants of the World Trade Center on 9/11, only one man took photographs inside the Towers on 9/11. That alone is hard to fathom. Not a single photographer ventured inside the North Tower after it was hit, which stood for more than an hour.

As we have seen, the 9/11 Hoax was intended to play heavily on our emotions. One of the most iconic 9/11 photographs was taken by photographer John Labriola. The photo features a fireman ascending the WTC stairs, presumably to his demise. Each of us saw that photo and our hearts sank. We stared right into the eyes of death. We were angry at who ever had done this.

As we are told, amateur photographer Labriola snapped this picture of Fireman Mike Kehoe. This photo was staged, as we know there was no one on the stairs that morning. We will see that there are many versions of both the Labriola tale and the Kehoe tale.


The photograph was first seen in the UK Daily Mirror on 9/12/01. Amazing that by the very next morning the work of an amateur was a featured photo in a UK paper. It made the cover on the 14th.

In order to get this emotional shot, they had to have an amateur. Consider the logic: it would be hard to believe that a professional was dispatched, got higher in the towers than these firemen, but then was already descending before the first Tower falls. Any reporter that had gotten that far would still be headed toward the story---a crash and fire 50 floors higher.

Some early reports list Labriola as a tourist.

Here on 9/15/01.

The picture, taken by tourist John Labriola, summed up everything about the selfless bravery of New York's firefighters. But with the collapse of both WTCWTC World Trade Center, towers nobody ever expected to see him again.

Here on 12/21/01.

A fleeing tourist photographed him on floor 28 of the World Trade Center as he bravely ran into the danger zone following the terror attacks on the Twin Towers.
The picture, published on the front page of The Mirror, showed the determination and courage in his eyes.
Minutes after photographer John Labriola escaped, the north tower came crashing down. No one who saw Mike on our front page expected him to be alive. 

Here as late as 2002.

The famous image of Mr Kehoe, taken by a tourist, John Labriola, is held up as one of the most enduring symbols of the United States’ resilience in the war on terror.
And here on 9/16/2001, he is a tourist on the observation deck when the plane hit.

As for capturing what was happening inside, well, that gap's self-explanatory - the one exception so far being the couple of dozen frames taken by a tourist, John Labriola, who was on the observation floor of the World Trade Centre when the first jet hit and whose picture of a fireman walking up the stairs as people passed going down was widely used in Friday's newspapers
We know the Observation deck was not open, and what else would a tourist do in an office tower of this type, beyond the lobby and mall.

This Fireman was in front of Kehoe

In this report on 9/15/2001 he is a Financial Consultant from the 71st Floor.

Financial consultant John Labriola, who worked on the 71st floor had taken the photographs as he and his colleagues made their way to safety and, on the way down the stairs, photographed Mike Kehoe.

The 71st floor is listed as a Port Authority of NY/NJ floor. It is hardly the place for a Financial Consultant. 

In this story, he is a Computer Consultant for the PA.

John Labriola, Computer Consultant
John Labriola, a computer consultant with the Port Authority, was on floor 71 of Tower One on September 11, when the airplane struck the building. During the evacuation John took the photos that you see above. 
"I was amazed that the stairwells remained lighted," he says. "That was a critical factor in getting us out safely, and in keeping the stairwells usable for emergency personnel. When I think about how long the building stayed up, and all the engineering that went into it, I'm thankful for every person who did his or her job. If someone hadn't done a job right, I might not be here today."
Here he is a Security Systems Consultant (an inside joke?), and eventually a freelancer for the AP.

Here he is a Technical Services Consultant.

Why is there so much confusion regarding Labriola’s occupation and origin

Searching for Mr. Labriola at any of these occupations will lead only to 9/11 stories.

Other than the Photos published in 
his book "><font color=his book " /> his book ">his book
Walking Forward, Looking Back: Lessons from the World Trade Center: A Survivor's Story”, I find no other photography attributed to him. 

I haven’t done a FOIA request to see if or what type of consultant Mr. Labriola was for the PA.

Sounds to me like John Labriola’s story is a fiction, built to support the heart rending photograph, which made the World’s Heart sink.

******* He does not appear to be the same guy as the Catholic Salesman John Labriola*****


The Kehoe narrative was also poorly thought out. The original narrative is that he is the only man to survive while the rest of his Company, 6 men, died. The problem with that was that no Firemen from Engine 28 died, and the huge 28 on the front of his helmet gave it away. The narrative then changed over to his buddies from the other half of the Firehouse, Ladder 11, had died. 

Kehoe claims to be upset by the spot light, yet is seen in it quite often, especially in the UK.

This 9/22/2001 LA Times article still hasn’t gotten the Ladder 11 memo, and is an example of the Engine 28 scenario.

The six missing men of Engine 28 have their own photos. Kehoe sees them at the firehouse every day, staring out from a memorial just inside the engine bay.
The same article contains a claim that the crowded stairwell evacuated 28 floors in two minutes.

It took less than two minutes to run down the 28 floors, Kehoe recalled, because most people were already out of the stairwell.

Not only does the photo tell us the stairways weren’t clear, but this descent would be 1 floor every 4 seconds or so. Labriola says the lower floors were running like rapids, so how was this possible?

It also contains the ridiculous claim that there were bodies flying out before the collapse, as if the cartoon building shook all of the people out before collapsing.

Suddenly the north tower began to shudder and tremble, Kehoe said. The firefighters were ordered to evacuate. As they ran outside, Kehoe and several other firefighters were almost hit by office workers falling from the tower's top floors.

According to Kehoe in this 12/21/2001 article, Ladder 11 was wiped out in the Marriott Hotel.

They decided it was safer to stay in the lobby of the Marriott Hotel at the World Trade Center that day - and paid with their lives. 
In this and other accounts, Ladder 11 decides it’s safer to stay in the Lobby, while Engine 28 runs out of the building and survives.

Mike's company decided to get out. Six "Ladder 11" firefighters behind him - Mike Quilty, Rich Kelly, Matt Rogan, Edward Day, Mike Cammarata and John Heffernan - decided to stay put.

Mike said: "They didn't move and they didn't make it.

"They thought it was safer in the lobby. My buddy said 'Run!' and we ran. Then, 30 seconds later, the second building suddenly came down. I was running north up West Street. Another 30 seconds later and I would have been dead.
"As I was running, I turned to look. I tried to outrun the smoke and debris. I remember thinking it was like a cartoon.
Yeah Mike, just like a cartoon. The building is rumbling, and the three stooges decide to stay in the lobby.

Here, a year later, the story has gotten much bigger.

"I remember seeing body parts all over the street. All kinds of parts, limbs and bones. Jumpers were falling out of the building, piling up everywhere and making this God-awful noise when they landed. I saw them explode all over the ground, it was horrific. Then the six of us who had travelled together made our way up the stairwell to look for survivors. 
Really Mike? Piling up? I didn't see the piles in any pictures.

Mike claims many times that the notoriety has complicated his life, yet seeks it often.

Here he is in March 2002 accepting an award in the UK.

Here he presents his twins in The Mirror as well near the 3 year anniversary.

He is still at it on the 10th anniversary, pimping the First Responder Illness cause, of course.

Doesn’t seem so shy, does he?

Like the other Iconic 9/11 photos, the Kehoe photo was staged. Like the Father Judge picture, the Falling Man picture and many others, it is staged. The story that accompanies it changes with every telling by each participant. It could have easily been staged at any fake or real fire drill. The same is true for the escalator photo, and the rest of Labriola’s exclusive “inside” photos.

Mike Kehoe is a liar, John Labriola, if he exists, is a liar, and the photo is staged. It was all part of winning hearts and minds with the 9/11 Hoax.

"Don't worry about it - Americans don't read." Allan Dulles ...

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