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UK 'Intelligence' Agencies MI5,MI6:Pseudo Reporter James Foley 'Beheaded By British Trained 'Islamic Rapper' And Bad Actor Abdel-Majed Abdel Bary

UK 'Intelligence' Agencies MI5,MI6:James Foley 'Beheaded By British Trained 'Islamic Rapper' And Bad Actor

And now from CIA and Mossad connected UK government terrorists of 'British intelligence agencies MI5 and MI6',(WHO ARE GUILTY AMONG MANY OTHER CRIMES OF CONSPIRING IN LONDON ON JULY 7,2005 WITH INTERNATIONAL GOVERNMENT TERRORISTS(PARTICULARLY THOSE OF ICTS INTERNATIONAL WHO WERE ALSO PART OF THE 911 TOPPLING OF THE WTC IN NYC THROUGH THEIRROLE AS 'SECURITY AT LOGAN AIRPORT BOSTON),we are expected that a British trained 'Islamic rapper' beheaded James Foley a CIA-Mossad MI5-MI6 prostitute posing as 'journalist'

Rapper identified as James Foley's executioner: reports
DateAugust 25, 2014 - 6:56AM

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British intelligence agencies MI5 and MI6 have identified the man suspected of the horrific beheading of American journalist James Foley, according to UK media reports.

The hooded man with an English accent is believed to be 23-year-old Abdel-Majed Abdel Bary, known to fellow Islamic State militants as Jihadi John.

The former rapper left his family home in an affluent west London suburb last year to fight in the civil war in Syria.

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Other HoaxesZionist Terror— 24 August 2014
The Smiley Faces of the James Foley Beheading Hoax
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The Smiley Faces of the James Foley Beheading Hoax

Is it normal for family members who just realized that their loved one suffered a gruesome death to be filled with happiness and smiles? ًThen, what about family members who realize that this loved one was just butchered to death through a savage beheading?
A ‘public’ beheading? Really? Moreover, virtually all the known relatives are smiling and/or smirking? No one sheds even the slightest tear? Who finds such inanity believable?
How would any person really react to the thought that, for instance, such a one’s son or brother was just slaughtered on video in cold blood before the entire world?
Too, in the moment before the person is to be executed would he look like this? Who would smile like this knowing that he would be slaughtered brutally like a mere animal being butchered? How, how, how; how could he be smiling like this, knowing he is about to be killed – and to be killed in a savage and brutally painful way.
Since he is filled with smiles and smirks how could the family take this seriously? The parents are seen striding up for the interview, Mrs. Foley with notes in-hand. There is no evidence of distress on these individuals. It appears that they are proceeding with a business transaction rather than the suffering and grieving that would expected in such horrific consequence.
Mr. Foley then proceeds to act as if he is crying. Yet, is he really doing so? In fact, the attempt is feeble; he is not crying.
It looks more like he is smiling, even hiding a smile, than crying. No tears are evident in either of these hoaxers.
Note the jaw jut from Mrs. Foley, which is a strong sign of fabrication. She is simultaneously smiling.
The man has just had his head cut off before the entire world and these are the facial expressions that are seen? Does this make even the most remote degree of sense to anyone?
Now in one of the videos is seen something most curious. Mr. Foley’s cell phone rings, when his wife says, “Please don’t (answer it) honey.” Yet, despite the importance of the interview he studies the cell phone,  notes the number, and then puts the phone in his back pocket. This is surely a sign that the claim for a real beheading of their son is an absolute scam.
Note also the hand sign, which both Mrs. Foley and her son give (credit to various Internet researchers):
No wonder the Pope called them, if he really did so. Regardless, clearly, this family belongs to some sort of Masonic society. She bears the sign proudly, just as does the pope: as if it is a shield of protection.
“He always hoped he was coming home and (heroically) he sustained all the others.”
Why all the contortions? It is combined with using the words “always, all, and every.”
In the second video the following is seen, as Diane Foley tosses her head about during the interchange with her Masonic husband:
Just after this the pair of hoaxers said:
Could Zionist mole Diane Foley, along with her hoaxing husband, make the nature of this fraud any more clear? Regardless, clearly the Foleys are preparing the world for their various charity funds they have established in the ‘name’ of James Foley. She, as is said, colloquially, “priming the pump,” getting the vulnerable, gullible goy ready to give.
Note: there is no other possibility. Upon seeing such acts, and speech, by the parents the issue is clear. The beheading, and kidnapping, of James Foley is fake.
There are a plethora of instances where she smiles in glee throughout the interview.
‘Oh, and by the way we have set up a Go-Fund; please donate to keep his memory alive; he’s still with us.’
The soldier brother tries to fake everyone out but fails miserably.
Why fake it if it is real? Faking it as if crying is hard proof of the hoax. There can be no possibility that it his real in the event of the phony crying act.
There are no tears; that is confirmed.
Are all these people spies on special secret clearance? Surely, they are all in on the hoax, plus they are soliciting money based upon lies.
jamesfoleyimage77 jamesfoleyrelatives jamesfoleyimage44
Therefore, the parents and siblings, with their smirks and smiles, along with money-grubbing prove the fraud, while confirming that James Foley is still alive.

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