Friday, March 8, 2019

Open letter to Israeli controlled U.S.politician and traitor Rep. McHenry,North Carolina

Letter: Do not back Israel blindly, Rep. McHenry
An open letter to Rep. McHenry:

Here is a quote from the most recent email sent out from your office to constituents. It's rather sad.

Last week, the Senate passed a bill to combat the BDS movement, a hateful form of economic warfare designed to delegitimize and isolate the state of Israel. Last Congress I introduced a similar bill to combat the BDS movement and I am glad to see the Senate taking action to stand with our most sacred ally.

The quote demonstrates a dual loyalty on your part. You are quite ready to trash the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution in order quash legitimate protest against Israel. But Mr. McHenry, no man can have two masters. By supporting anti-BDS (Senate Bill 1) you no longer represent the best interests of U.S. and North Carolina citizens. Citizens will always wish to retain our free speech rights, while you are willing to limit those rights and lay sanctions against those whose opinions differ from yours.

You call the Boycott, Divest, and Sanction (BDS) movement “hateful.” Pure rhetoric, pure propaganda. Having a negative political opinion about a country that takes every advantage against Palestinians is perfectly legitimate. Boycotts and the like are peaceful and powerful protest.

Mr. McHenry, BDS is political speech, fully protected by the First Amendment. Further, such economic tools are much used by the US government as diplomatic protest against states whose policies we oppose. Obvious examples are the sanctions presently laid down against Iran and Russia.

You use “hateful” to describe BDS. “Hate” is just a useful tool to label people that might have real arguments against you. I dismiss your emotionally loaded word. It's an ad hominem attack, the gambit of someone that has no rational reply to a genuine challenge.

Further, a little investigation would show you that Israel itself is divided over many issues, and one of them is BDS. Many Israelis understand that protest is permissible, and that BDS is legitimate.

When you talk about our most “...sacred ally...” it makes my head spin. There's no facts to support such drivel. Israel's actions are not those of an ally!

You would profit from reading “The Israel Lobby and US Foreign Policy” by two distinguished professors, Walt (Harvard) and Mearsheimer (Univ. Chicago).

Mr. McHenry, you forgot to mention in that email you sent to constituents that Senate Bill One also gives Israel an additional $33 billion dollars over the next ten years. Do the math … that's $9.6 million dollars every single day. There you go, sir, giving away what's not yours to give... namely, our hard-earned tax money.

I would explain that if you consider this letter to be anti-Semitic that it is not about religion or peoples, but about nations. From that perspective I take a rational look at Israel and I don't particularly like what I see. BDS makes good sense in this context, and it is a blow which the recipient will definitely notice. Hey, that's politics for you.

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