Thursday, March 28, 2019

Omar:Jew Wrote 'Anti Semitism is right wing force'(Jewish disinfo agent  Jeremy Slevin)

But what Slevin  and Omar won't say for some reason is the FACT that Jews most particularly Eurpoean Jews or Russian Jews AREN'T Semites at all - they are white people of European origen
It's Zionism that is a or THE Predominant right wing force in both the U.S. and in Russia and the world thanks to Jewish white wing political and financial takeover in those countries and their links to Israel  ! All Russian oligarchs are Jewish but they are white men NOT Semites !

The statement that 'Anti Semitism is right wing force', while giving the U.S. Zionist Jewish controlled press to another excuse to claim an I gotcha again moment on Omar ,they of course are never going to call out their fellow Jew in Omar's office for what he and they really are-  white people who have no more right to call themselves Semites and for that reason not even real  Jews-  than  that white Congresswoman who wants to be  President does to call herself an American Indian.

Any complete idiot would know that to write 'Anti Semitism is right wing force' is both wrong as well as something that would be blamed on Omar rather than the spoiled  Jewish brat   Jeremy Slevin who wrote it.The very fact that he is Jewish is probably proof he doecn't need the money anyway,he just somehow bought his way into his 'job'.
Omar should fire him not because he is Jewish but because he knew exactly what he was doing, bringing more shit down on Omar-Had he simply written that Zionism  is a right if not THE right wing force that rules America and Russia where he came from and should go back to,he should have been simply correct.
But to write anything negative with the root Semite in it in Omar's name would have the Jew York Times and all the rest of Jewsh controlled media on her heels yet again.If on the other handif he  had not wanted to simply cause trouble by writing a lie  then as he must know as a Jew himself writing the lie that  :'Anti Semitism is right wing force' would be perfect.Perfect in being wrong and either a lie or
showing he was very ignorant regardless of what university degree his mommy and daddy bought for him.

I am not here to defend Omar as I did a little on my blog before.This is prticularly because I came across her defending U.S. BOMBING AND INVASION POLICIES something Ihad not known abouit her.And so far she is silent about Trump's giving Syrian Golan to Netanyahu and Israel
which is something Golan's native Syrian Druze who will soon no doubt be over run by Jewish settlers and land thieves oppose..But also because if she is too stupid or uneducated to know that the Jews attacking her in the press and in Congress aqnd now in her office aren't Semites she is then not capable of the key historic  Israeli issue which is that Eastern European Jews are NOT Semites at all even if their stone age Torah tells them so.The fact is the Torah or Old Testiment Jes are not in any very direct way related to Russians who erroneously think they are Jews ! It is in fact the Palestinians and not the  white Euro Trash who invaded and tried to holocaust  them and steal their land who are
according to  linguists Semitic language speakers and the Euro Jews may have remade  their very own Hebrew pig Latin but that no more  makes them Jes than learning an aryan languagefrom India
makes them Indian if they are from Europe for example as the Indians of India made clear to  their British oppressors who they  struggled to rid their country of.And yet Israeli invasion of Palestine is and ill be much worse in end results than the Indian British colonization struggle.The British had no plan of extermintion of Indian per se as white Israeli NON Semitic Euro trash do ! The British wanted to sack and  loot wealth of India as imperialists do  and send the ealth back to merry old England.And they wanted the Indian population alive and as well as possible while bleeding them for the purpose of b eing able to produce more wealth for the British state.The delusional greedy Euro Jews of Israel however have no need or desire for Palestinians and even steal not only their land but their water while they lie abouis so great at producuing water frt what  great water expertise they have ! If  Israel is so great at  producing ater from thin air then why don't they magically  make some for  the Palestinians or least  not steal their water ?!

Below is from Omar's white NOT Semitic Jewish aide de camp  Jeremy Slevin.Why when so many black Americans need jobs did she hire this dumb white  honky ?!

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