Monday, March 4, 2019

Israel Military Training In Over A Dozen  African Nations - Murdred Thousands of Innocent -They Also' trained Uganda Mass Murdrer Idi Amin directly in Israel and sold him weapons tov do the deed and Guatemalan military  In 1980's and manufactured and sold all the Galil rifles and bullets that killed innocent Mayan families under false accusation of being 'communists and all the weapons to Argentine military to kill and rape and torture and steal the babies of Argentine women in 1970's terror in Argentina while pretending they were ant-Jewish and Pope Franis who covers it up should be forced to testify against them and repent !
The real goal is to steal more bloody diamonds and whatever other mineral resources they can to pay
for their 'services'.

Israel’s diplomatic thrust into Africa spearheaded by military training

TV report says IDF commandos are teaching local forces krav maga, urban combat and hostage rescue in a dozen African nations

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