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911,SEC,WTC,Cantor Fitzgerald $ Trillion carbon emissions trading software,UK Gov 10 Downing Street:Planes Flew Directly Into Secure Computer Rooms In Both Towers

911,WTC,Cantor Fitzgerald $ Trillion carbon emissions trading software,UK Gov 10 Downing Street:Planes Flew Directly Into Secure Computer Rooms  In Both Towers

9/11: Wall Street, SEC files lost in WTC 7 collapse
To see a copy of the previously downloaded webpage our archive, click here. ... conducted by the New York offices of the Securities and Exchange Commission and the ... Opportunity Commission, both of which were housed in the building.

Building 7 Archives - 911Truth.Org
46% Suspect Controlled Demolition of World Trade Center Building 7 after ... theSecurities and Exchange Commission (SEC) several financial institutions and ..

9/11 Planes Flew Directly Into Secure Computer Rooms  In Both Towers 
By Christopher Bollyn


911 AUDIO: Directed/ Ordered False 911 Call by Securitas Guard
So all calls made from planes during 911 attacks ARE FAKE !!! THE END GAME

Breaking News Sep 11 / 2001 was done by Israel ICTS Security Firm ... 13, 2012 - 1 min - Uploaded by BeautifulGirlByDana
Breaking News Sep 11 / 2001 was done by Israel ICTS Security Firm ... Muslims never did 9/11 ...

Chicago Indymedia: W Bush's,Barack Obama's Mass Murderer ...

Jul 31, 2010 ... that his Israeli ICTS International allies in terrorism against us - ... of 9/11 were
still active providing 'security' in various airports although I don't ...


"Did any of the Companies at the World Trade Center target the World Trade Center?"

With everything I have learned since Kelly posted this thread, I think the question or title of the thread should be; "Did any of the Companies at the World Trade Center target the World Trade Center?"

And I think it wouldn't hurt for all of us to take another look at all the alleged tenants of the North tower, as they are more suspect then before. - Phil Jayhan  Admin

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Specific Companies in the World Trade Center Targeted on 9/11 

Were specific companies in the World Trade Center targeted for attack on September 11, 2001?

Marsh & McLennan, Cantor Fitzgerald/ and Aon Corp were engaged in an economic war game scenario with the Naval War College on 9/11. The game involved the use of carbon emissions trading software.

Cantor Fitzgerald/ held the patent on the unique software which would be used in the future carbon emissions trading which will result in trillions of dollars of trades. The Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) located at 10 Downing Street is currently estimated at $55 trillion.

Carlton Bartels, CEO of Cantor’s, invented and held the patent on the computer-based system for simulated automated carbon trading. Bartels was operating this simulated game and it is alleged that his simulation administrator codes were stolen. The game was hacked into which took the game from a simulation to a live game.

Were Marsh & McLennan, Cantor Fitzgerald/ and Aon Corp destroyed to eliminate the competition in a future multi-trillion dollar carbon trading market?

Carlton Bartels In 2000, the Joyce Foundation provided a grant to Richard Sandor and Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management to develop a competing carbon trading software. At the time, Barack Obama was on the board of directors for the foundation. A second grant was made in 2001 and eventually led to the birth of the Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX) the only emissions reduction and trading system for all six greenhouse gases and the only operational cap and trade system in North America.

The Obama administration is currently strongly pushing carbon emission policy. While leaning heavily on congress, they have also instructed the Environmental Protection Agency to declare CO2 a dangerous threat to human health which will lead to regulation of carbon emissions.

Powerful forces behind the scenes appear to be orchestrating events to set up and profit from a carbon emissions trading system worth trillions of dollars.

The impact area of American Airlines Flight 11 in the North Tower was the offices of Marsh & McLennan. (  See below)

The offices above Marsh & McLennan were primarily Cantor Fitzgerald/ Cantor Fitzgerald was cut off from the rest of the building by the impact and suffered the greatest single loss by any company on 9/11. 658 of its employees died in the north WTC tower. [Business Week, 9/11/2006]

But Thomas Barnett’s two “mentors” at the firm that he interacts with—Bud Flanagan and Philip Ginsburg—are both out of the building at the time, for “accidental reasons,” and survive the attacks. [Institute of International Studies]

Marsh & McLennan loses 295 employees & 60 contractors.

In the South Tower, United Airlines Flight 175 impacts a zone mostly occupied by Fuji Bank. The Aon Corporation offices are above the impact area and they are also cut off. 175 employees of Aon Corp. die in the attacks.

There were 2605 deaths in 2 towers that day. Marsh & McLennan, Cantor Fitzgerald/ and Aon Corp lost a total of 1153 persons. That is just over 44% of the total deaths—a staggering amount.

The employees of these 3 companies were a small fraction of the total number of individuals in the two towers but accounted for 44% of the deaths.

Early in 2000, a unique research partnership took place between the Naval War College in Newport, Rhode Island and the Wall Street bond firm Cantor Fitzgerald. The venture is called the New Rule Sets Project and was directed by Thomas Barnett, Senior Strategic Researcher at the Decision Strategies Department of the Center for Naval Warfare Studies, U.S. Naval War College. source

May 1-June 4, 2001—A series of workshops are held at the World Trade Center to discuss the possibility of a terrorist attack on Wall Street.

June 4, 2001—“Cantor Fitzgerald/eSpeed conference” takes place at Windows on the World just above the offices of Cantor Fitzgerald. source 

Present at the June 4 conference are Thomas Barnett, Carlton Bartels, Philip Ginsburg, William J. “Bud” Flanagan and R K Pachauri. Of these 4 men, only Carlton Bartels will die in the attacks.

Carlton Bartels was Chief Executive Officer of, which was formed by Cantor Fitzgerald and PriceWaterhouse Coopers in 2001 to to serve as the pre-eminent business-to-business online resource for corporations to understand, mitigate, and manage the transition and impact of greenhouse gas emission constraints on corporations globally. He has advised the U.S. Delegation to the Conference of the Parties and the White House Climate Change Task Force, as well as numerous governmental agencies throughout the world regarding the implementation of domestic and international emissions trading.

Philip Ginsberg Dr. Philip Ginsberg was an Executive Vice President at Cantor Fitzgerald, the world's largest broker of U.S. Government securities, Eurobonds, and sovereign debt. He was also Vice President of the Cantor Fitzgerald Foundation and Director of Cantor Fitzgerald International. Prior to this, Dr. Ginsberg served as a consultant to both industry and government, and held academic postings at the University of Washington, Rutgers University, and Northwestern University's Kellogg School of Management. He also founded the Llorex Corporation, which specialized in financial information products. He has a BA in Mathematics from Cornell University, and an MA and PhD in Economics from Purdue University.

Admiral William “Bud” Flanagan, USN (ret.) was a Senior Managing Director at Cantor Fitzgerald LP. The admiral's portfolio focuses on emerging markets, particularly those brought about by government deregulation and privatization. He served in the U.S. Navy for 29 years, his final position being Commander-in-Chief of the U.S. Atlantic Fleet from 1994-96, with geographic responsibilities for the entire Western Hemisphere and all of West Europe.

R K Pachauri On 9/11 Dr R K Pachauri was Vice-Chairman of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). He is currently the Chairman of the IPCC.


Anonymous said... Excellent work! There is so much "stuff" coming to a head...

Thanks for all of your work, I am waiting patiently waiting for Chap. 12,

Dw in The Tahoe Nat. Forest
April 4, 2010 12:50 PM  
Anonymous said... So, it turns out 9/11 was a damn turf war between new York and Chicago for control of carbon trading emissions.

Game theory in laying out war scenarios, okay, we've got Robert Oxoby in Calgary, Thomas Barnett at the War College, and the Israeli who does this advanced war gaming. Someone hacked in and took over the game and took it from a 'game' to the real thing.

Can you just imagine what Carlton Bartels must have thought getting on that newly rebuilt high speed elevator system in the Twin Towers when he discovered the game went live?

"Carlton, how much are you willing to pay to live based on the amount of Co2 you are exhaling?"

Identify & get more info about the mischief makers above.

Abel Danger is a resource & archive for the David Hawkins & Field McConnell research material.



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9/11 Planes Flew Directly Into
Secure Computer Rooms
In Both Towers 

By Christopher Bollyn
9/11 remains an unsolved crime of terrorism. Many people who worked at the World Trade Center and the Pentagon have information, which can help solve this crime and find the parties responsible for killing thousands of innocent people.
This article, for example, is the result of information provided by one such anonymous person. To solve this crime, it is crucial that the people who have information come forward and share that information. Together, we can solve this heinous crime and make this world a better place. 
The two airplanes that struck the twin towers of the World Trade Center on 9/11 flew directly into secure computer rooms in both buildings. Is that simply a coincidence or were the computer rooms equipped to play a role in the crime?
Were there homing devices, for example, in these rooms that guided the planes to their targets? Were there pre-placed explosives or Thermite on these floors to destroy the evidence and assist with the collapses?
Let's look at the evidence.
Photo: Racks of computers that may have been similar to those in the crash zone
Photo: Racks of batteries that may have been similar to those in the crash zone
The extreme weght of battery arrays requires floors be reinforced, which in turn provides an excuse for mysterious construction workers to enter and leave the area. But who would think to verify that all of the batteries truly are batteries?
And who would think of verifying that all of the computers are truly under the control of the people they are supposed to work for?
"At 8:46:30 a.m., five hijackers flew American Airlines Flight 11 (AA 11) with 11 crew and 76 passengers into the north face of WTC 1," according to the Final Report on the Collapse of the World Trade Center Towers produced by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) in September 2005:
The aircraft flew almost straight toward the north tower, banked approximately 25 degrees to the left (i.e. the right wing elevated relative to the left wing) and descended at an angle of about 10 degrees at  impact.
Moving at about 440 mph, the nose hit the exterior of the tower at the 96th floor. The aircraft cut a gash that was over half the width of the building and extended from the 93rd floor to the 99th floor.
All but the lowest of these floors were occupied by Marsh & McLennan, a worldwide insurance company, which also occupied the 100th floor.
"The fuselage was centered on the 96th floor slab and filled the 95th and 96th floors top to bottom," the NIST report says.
So, what was on the 95th and 96th floors of the north tower, which were rented by Marsh & McLennan, Lewis Paul "Jerry" Bremer's company?
Bremer, it should be noted, was the Bush-appointed proconsul or administrator of occupied Iraq until the end of June 2004. During Bremer's reign there was no metering of the oil that was exported from Iraq.
It is also primarily decisions taken by Bremer that are responsible for the misery and chaos that have afflicted Iraq since the U.S.-led occupation began. Previously, Bremer was the right-hand man for Henry Kissinger & Associates.
The NIST report provides some information about "General Description of Tenant Layout." For the floors in question it says, "Generally open space filled with workstations. Offices, conference rooms, and work areas in exterior corners."
But on the 95th floor, Marsh & McLennan had a "large walled data center along north and east sides," according to the NIST report. And that's exactly where the plane hit ­ the north wall of the 95th floor.
I called Marsh & McLennan to get a better idea of what was in this "large walled data center" into which American Airlines Flight 11 plunged with deadly precision.
Reginald McQuay came on the line as a company spokesman. I told McQuay that Marsh & McLennan got hit broadside on 9/11 and that it appeared that the plane flew straight into their "walled data center," according to the NIST report.
"No," McQuay said, "it wasn't really our data center. It was our computer center." Then he suddenly became somewhat distressed, saying he could not even focus on what I was saying and that I should call back next week.
Fair enough, I thought. He had confirmed my primary suspicion, i.e. that the plane that struck the north tower appears to have been "homed in" or targeted on a secure computer center on the 95th floor ­ exactly like the plane that struck the south tower some 16 minutes later. 
"Sixteen and a half minutes after the first impact, five hijackers flew United Airlines (UA) Flight 175, with 9 crew and 51 passengers, into WTC 2 at about 540 mph, about 100 mph faster than AA Flight 11," the NIST report says.
"The center of the nose of the plane struck at the 81st floor slab. The plane was banked 38 degrees to the left (right wing upward) and was heading slightly (6 degrees) downward from the horizontal," it says.
Although Flight 175 went straight into the 81st floor of the south tower, the NIST report provides no description of what was on the 81st floor. Not even one word. How odd.
While we know that the Fuji Bank was the tenant on floors 79-82 of WTC 2, the NIST report fails to describe the "tenant layout" of floors 79, 81, and 82.
I had repeatedly requested information from NIST about the layout of these floors, primarily because many tons of molten metal were seen falling from the 81st floor prior to the collapse.
The source of the large amount of molten metal on the 81st floor had not been explained. What could have possibly melted in such large amounts on a normal floor to create several cubic meters of molten metal?
You can watch the molten iron in both normal and slow motion at youtube: - new link!
I have excerpts of the molten metal in this short video: 
If this was molten iron, as Professor Steven E. Jones of Brigham Young University says, and if this molten iron was caused by an aluminothermic reaction of Thermite or Thermate (a steel-cutting explosive created from powdered aluminum, iron oxide, and sulfur), then somebody must have pre-loaded the 81st floor of WTC 2 with many tons of Thermate.
The molten metal seen falling from the 81st floor was not aluminum, as the NIST report suggests, because molten aluminum would appear silverfish-grey in daylight conditions. 
See our article on Michael Zebuhr's death for photos of molten aluminum: 
The metal that is seen falling from the burning south tower is  clearly yellow and white hot. This is much hotter than the fires that were observed. So, what produced such large amounts of extremely hot molten metal on the 81st floor of WTC 2?
The aluminum oxide that is produced in the Thermite or Thermate reaction is a whitish smoke. White smoke was seen coming from the 81st floor prior to each flow of molten metal, according to the NIST report, and large amounts of white smoke are seen prior to and during the collapse of each tower. Was this drywall dust or was this Thermite?
Photo: The white smoke is coming from the corner of the
South Tower where the molten iron later poured out of.
Photo: A closeup of the corner of the South Tower where the molten iron poured from.
Photo: The South Tower starts to collapse. Molten iron
was blown out of the tower when the explosives went off.
As the droplets cooled they turned red, creating a spray of red globules mixed with the white clouds of dust. Some of the whiteness may be due to the spray of aluminum oxide particles. 
You can watch a spray of molten iron from Thermite here: the video was deleted; here is a different one
I had imagined huge disguised flower pots of powdered Thermite near the elevators of a normal office floor of the south tower. But even that didn't make sense. Furthermore, if the 81st floor was a normal office floor of Fuji Bank, why doesn't the NIST report simply say so?
Silence was all I ever received from NIST.
Then, suddenly, out of the blue, a former bank employee came forward, a person who had visited the 81st floor on a weekly basis. His information explains more than he probably thought and provides us with a major clue about what really happened on 9/11.
Fuji Bank had torn up the 81st floor, he said, and stripped it down to the bare bone to reinforce the trusses so that the floor could hold more weight. Then they had built a raised floor and filled the entire floor with server-size Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) batteries.
These units were bolted to the raised floor which stood about 3 feet above the reinforced 81st floor. Beneath the raised floor ran the cables and power supply that connected the army of batteries. IT techies had to get down on all fours and crawl around beneath the raised floor to connect cables.
"The whole floor was batteries," he said, "huge battery-looking things." They were "all black" and "solid, very heavy" things that had been brought in during the night. They had been put in place during the summer prior to 9/11, he said.
But were they really batteries?
"It's weird," he said. "They were never turned on."
So, what really was on the 81st floor of WTC 2? What was in these heavy "battery-looking things?" Were they batteries, or were they Thermite?
Only senior Information Technology (IT) personnel from Fuji Bank, or the Japanese banks affiliated with it, had access to the 81st floor computer room, according to the source. The Mizuho Bank was established originally as Mizuho Holdings, Inc. by the merger of Dai-Ichi Kangyo Bank (DKB), Fuji Bank and the Industrial Bank of Japan (IBJ) in 2000.
According to the former bank employee, employees of Shimizu-America Corp. also had access to the floor.
Shortly after 9/11, the IBJ became the biggest player and took over the new corporation that had been created by the merger, primarily because the offices of the DKB and Fuji Bank had been destroyed in the World Trade Center, the source said.
The offices of the IBJ were located on the Avenue of the Americas and became the new headquarters for the bank. The DKB and Fuji Bank personnel soon found themselves out of work.
"Nobody worked on that floor," the source said about Floor 81. The whole floor was taken up with a "whole bunch of batteries" and "enclosed server racks" that were so tall that one could not see over the top of them. The enclosed server racks were locked and the only people who could open them were employees of the Shimizu Corp., he said.
Didn't the host of NIST scientists think that was worthy of mention? They either did not know that the 81st floor was full of "battery-looking things" or decided not to mention it. How odd.
William Torrey, the Atlanta-based senior vice president of Shimizu-America, said he could not say anything about the work that Shimizu did on the 81st floor because of ongoing litigation. Asked about the litigation, Torrey said he could not comment on that either.
Seth Martin, the non-Japanese spokesman for the Mizuho Corp., could not give any comment for this article. Mr. Martin did not respond to repeated calls.
The NIST documents that accompany the final report confirm the source's information that Fuji Bank had reinforced the 81st floor. Documents dated 1999 say that reinforcements were added to the floor trusses "to accommodate the new UPS workspace." The structural engineering firm was noted as LERA, or Leslie E. Robertson and Associates.
SawTeen See, a managing partner of LERA, said the firm was unable to comment on the work it had done on the 81st floor. "We are not at liberty to comment on this or to provide any further information," she wrote. "Please contact the PANYNJ who are the project owners."
PANYNJ is the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey
Fuji Bank & Trust reported 12 out of 125 Japanese expatriate employees missing the day after 9/11. Two American employees of Fuji Bank are also reported to have died on 9/11:
Security officer Patrick Adams, 60 
John Andreacchio, 52
Both men were from New York.
Kevin Ryan
NIST report | wtc
There appears to be a remarkable correlation between the floors upgraded for fireproofing in the WTC towers, in the years preceding 9/11/01, and the floors of impact, fire and failure. The fireproofing upgrades would have allowed for shutdown of the affected floors, and the exposure of the floor assemblies and the columns for a significant period of time. Exactly what work was done during that time?
In some sections of the NIST WTC report, the exact floors upgraded are listed. Other sections of the report suggest even more floors were upgraded, a total of 18 floors in WTC 1 and 13 floors in WTC 2, but the additional floors involved are not specified.[1]
WTC tower floors upgraded for firep! roofing and floors of impact, fires and failure on 9/11 (click for full size)
This relationship is unmistakable for WTC 1. Some investigators have pointed out that a number of floors failed simultaneously in this tower, in accordion-like fashion, before the rest of the building began to 'collapse'. These floors seem to match up almost exactly with the floors that were upgraded. See the film clip below, and the following Powerpoint sequence created by Gregory Urich.
Two blueprints for the 1999, 2000 construction upgrades to WTC 2, provided by a supporter, indicated that the work was done at almost exactly the point of impact and failure in that tower. That is, the southeast quadrant of WTC 2 was the focus of the work, at least on the 78th floor (the blueprints provided were for floors 77 and 78 only). It was the southeast quadrant of WTC 2, at and just above floor 78, where flight 175 hit.
We have also seen video of molten metal pouring from WTC 2 prior to its destruction. The relationship b! etween fireproofing upgrades and the pouring metal is close but not exact, as the molten metal seen in videos appears to be coming from floors 80 and 81. Communication to the NIST team from Frank Lombardi of the Port Authority, in 2002, indicated that only floor 78 of the impact failure floors of WTC 2 had been upgraded. But NCSTAR 1-6A (table 4-2, p 45) lists floor 85 as an upgraded floor as well. Could it be that certain areas within floors 79 to 84 were upgraded also, and not reported because the floors were not fully upgraded?
For the north tower at least, it is difficult to accept that this relationship is yet another unbelievable coincidence related to 9/11. Certainly the upgrade work allowed for access to critical areas. But in considering this, a number of other, admittedly far-fetched questions come to mind. Why was the upgraded fireproofing measured to be twice the thickness specified?[! 2] Could incendiary or explosive materials have been embedded within the upgraded fireproofing? Could these "construction" activities have involved installing mechanisms to direct the planes to the specific areas in which they hit each building?
In any case, the demolition hypothesis should be considered more than just simple demolition. If the idea was to create the appearance of a fire-induced collapse, then a fiery presentation was needed, much more than the jet fuel/office furnishings would have been able to provide. It seems that thermate may have been used not only to weaken or cut the steel infrastructure throughout the buildings, but also to help create that fiery presentation near the floors of impact.
It seems possible that a thermate-lik! e material, and/or other devices contributing to the destruction of the towers, could have been incorporated on the floors of impact and failure during the fireproofing upgrades. The access for such an operation would have been facilitated by the activity surrounding the fireproofing upgrades.
[1] NCSTAR 1-6A, page xxxvii, indicates which exact floors were upgraded. NCSTAR 1-6, page 20 repeats these claims, as noted in the figure above. Elsewhere in NCSTAR 1-6, on page lxxi, NIST muddies the water by saying "18 floors in WTC 1, including all the floors affected by the aircraft impact and fires" and ""13 floors in WTC 2, although none were directly affected by the aircraft impact and fires.". On this last part, NIST contradicts itself yet again in NCSTAR 1-6 (on page lxvii-lxix) by stating that so! me of the floors upgraded in WTC 2 were affected by the impacts and fires (notably floor 78). As with the contradictory amounts of jet fuel referenced throughout NIST's report, these fireproofing upgrade statements appear to be another example of how detailed findings in the NIST team's lower level reports were confused or made vague in higher-level reports.
[2] NCSTAR 1-6A (p xl) states "The overall average thickness determined from the 356 individual measurements was found to be 2.5 in, with a standard deviation of 0.6 in." The same report (p 44) says "Note that some of the average thicknesses shown in Table 4-2 equal or exceed 3.5 in. No photos were available of upgraded floors to show the appearance of such high average thickness of SFRM." Floor 94 of WTC 1 stands out in this data, with a SFRM thickness of more than 4 in. The specification for these upgrades was on! ly 1.5 in, increased from the as-built specification of 0.75 in.
Dick Eastman 
----- Original Message -----
From: Peter Wakefield Sault
To: Dick Eastman
Cc: Prof. Steven E. Jones
Sent: Thursday, January 10, 2008 2:26 PM
Subject: Re: bunk or debunk? Ted Olsen family friend Jon Moseley argues the impossiblity of WTC thermate demolition with conspiracy theorist "olfriend"
Thermate for cutting steel members is not applied as "cannisters". As far as I can tell, the thermate is wrapped around the steel to be cut either as rope or as plastic and electrical ignition wires attached. That was what all the cable 'rewiring' in the towers was about in the weeks preceding the event - installing the ignition wires. I think we need to refer to Prof. Jones for a better idea of how thermate is applied. Since it not an explosive I don't think it is detonated in the same way as, say, C4, which I believe requires a detonation cap. I have found it impossible to find information on the Internet - largely due, it must be said, to the 'noise' generated by online 9/11 discussions about it but also because such information is restricted. (When I was a teenager, we were able to make nitrocellulose etc. at home because lab supplies, such as fuming nitric acid, were sold over the counter. All that is now gone and you cannot even buy a glass beaker or test tube without a license.)
Prof. Jones - please would you tell us how thermate is applied to the steel to be cut or welded.
----- Original Message -----
From: Dick Eastman
To: Undisclosed-Recipient:;
Sent: Thursday, January 10, 2008 8:24 PM
Subject: bunk or debunk? Ted Olsen family friend Jon Moseley argues the impossiblity of WTC thermate demolition with conspiracy theorist "olfriend"
From: (John Moseley, spy novelist and attorney at law)
To: Dick Eastman (anti-semitic conspiracy theorist) ; Ronald Wieck (author and debunker of 9-11 conspiracy theory whackos)
Sent: January 9, 2008
Jon Moseley: Yes, it would be impossible to place 25,000 thermate canisters.
Dick Eastman: You, lawyer Moseley, are the one who put forth the idea that 25,000 canisters would be necessary. How self-contradictory your thinking is.   The Boeing 767 was carrying jet fuel enough to fill a 9 ft. diameter above-ground swimming pool, and yet you say that this kerosene did what nothing less than 25,000 canisters of thermate would be required to do.  You imply that unless every single beam at every floor had its own thermate cannister the building could not have fallen as it did -- yet you maintain that  one 150-ton aluminium airplane carring  a 4 ft. high 4.5 ft. radius volume of kerosene accomplishes the trick that 24,999 canisters of thermate could not accomplish, the trick  of  knocking down towers each consisting of 106,000 tons of structural steel, 53,000 tons of concrete, 2,000 tons of aluminum cladding.  186,290 tons of plumbing, air-conditioning, telecommunications wiring etc. plus the dead weight office furniture and equipment and the live  weight of 150,000 people, minus the weight of a sizable percentage of those New York financial workers that for some coincidentally widespread reasons did  show up for work that morning.  
So you are arguing, Jon, that this spray of kerosene and the aluminum airplane hitting the steel core of the tallest skyscraper in New York  accomplished  what 24,999 canisters of thermate could not? Let me point out below  how absurd contention really is.   
Jon Moseley:  First, radio control COULD NOT WORK inside a steel building, with the necessity to precisely control 25,000 units with split-second timing.
Dick Eastman: This was 2001 not 1901, Mr. Moseley. To say that it would be impossible to set of an array of devices -- even 25,000 devices if that was really what was called for -- that the defense industry that puts the space shuttle in space and that has at its disposal the most powerful computers and the biggest armies of scientists and the best equipped and experienced black-ops divisions of its intelligence agencies "could not" get the devices to go off correctly???? Look at the building as it stood -- with computers in every office doing millions of operations with split-second timing -- and you say that a simple switching from "off" to "on" for these devices could not be accomplished for the operation even to be considered??? Tell me, Jon, do juries tend to believe your arguments on behalf of your clients in the courtroom as they do for these absurdities on behalf of your clients in Washington and Israel?
Jon Moseley:  Second, have you given any thought to WHERE exactly these would have to be?
Dick Eastman: Do you have any reason to think that with trillions of dollars at stake and the black-ops facilities of Mossad, the CIA and MI6 at their disposal with the resources of the entire defense-industry scientific establishment at their disposal (compartmentalized of course so they don't know what they are really working on) -- that they could not find a way to demolish a building with termate - even with fewer than 25,000 delivery charges  of thermate? But since you ask my personal opinion,  let me say -- without any degree in engineering or physics or architecture expertise --  that I have never been convinced by those who speak against the "pancaking theory" -- to me the towers were two giant shish-kabobs -- a core with light-weight aerated concrete floors holding to the core. When one, two or three floors were made to collapsed those floors  below could not take the force of all that potential energy (mass x gravity constant x height) converted into kinetic energy (1/2 mass x the square of the velocity) at the high speeds at which those upper floors fell onto the lower ones -- not free-fall speed certainly (we can all see free-falling pieces going down faster than the rate of downward-advancing  floor collapse), but speed great enough and accelerating, with a function of velocity squared, to certainly rip down everything along the way -- the strong fastenings holding each floor of the shish-kabob being so strong as to break up and pull down the core they were holding so firmly with them. But again that is just the opinion of this unemployed former video store clerk -- yet I really don't see a lawyer who writes esape fiction and knows Ted Olsen and Jacob Roginsky  talking me out of it.
Jon Moseley: WHERE was the structural suppport of the building?
Dick Eastman:  On the foundation, in the core, in the fastenings of the 110 floors to the core. Without the core holding up those floors those tall thin beams on the corners and up the sides (260 of them), there to hold up the windows and aluminum sheathing, would not contributed anything to holding up those floors -- especailly after the pancaking was under way. 
Jon Moseley: Not giving any serious thought to any of this, you haven't got a clue. ...
Dick Eastman:  My thinking is not the best -- and it gets worse every day -- but I have had the good luck  lately of getting into arguments with people holding the most obviously absurd positions. Also  habitual honesty gives one an edge and so does a good liberal education (like you can hardly find any more in a lower-middle-class person like myself.) 
Jon Moseley: To bring down the building -- and do so evenly, smoothly, rapidly, and without the building falling over -- you would have to sever 267 steel support columns around the perimeter all at the same time. However, if you did not also sever 47 internal support columns at precisely the same instant, then the outside skin would fall down, but the central core would remain standing.
Dick Eastman: There was nothing smooth or even about the collapse, except that the structure "fell into its footprint" -- showing that  the puny plane would not have given it any lean. The shish-kabob was demolished by a sufficient number of thermate devices -- these could be quite large -- brought up, if one may be permitted to speculate,  in sections by freight elevator during repairs or maintenace perhaps -- these devices planted at the top floors -- the only reason for the bombs lower down was to kill targeted people or destroy rescue systems or offices with financial or legal files the perpetrators wanted destroyed etc. A few devices on the higher floors. Perhaps the remote-controlled planes hit precisely on the intended floors of each tower.
The fact is that the building came down as it did. The fact is that the jet plane and office fire would not have been sufficient to bring it down. The fact is that thermate devices exist for the purpose of bringing down buildings. The fact is that unlimited resources were available to the perpetrators to bring down the building in the way they wanted. The owner of the building, the Pentagon, the CIA, Mossad, the WHite House, Israel, the black ops resources that exist from private arms and intelligence companies, and the great war-funding bankers and defense-contracting corporations -- all filled with men like Dov Zakheim -- were giving this their full consideration. 25,000 devices would be no obstacle. (I say less that fifty were needed for each building.)  Sending signals throughout the building would be no obstacle. We know the structure went and we know the plane didn't do it and that thermate could. We know that residues indicative of thermate have been found in samples of the steel  and we have video recordings of molten steel cascading down from South Tower just before the building began collapsing. The little bit of kerosene was long gone. Some of the plane never hit the core -- it went flying through the building and out the north wall. Not enough to bring it down. Only thermate could have done it. Not ray guns from space. Not a summer play  pool full of kerosene.
Jon Moseley:    Therefore, you must sever instantly at the same split-second 267 + 47 = 314 steel support columns on every floor.
Dick Eastman: The trouble with you Zionist mouthpiece lawyers is that you don't eat enough shish-kabob and pancakes. Just start three or four floors collapsing and the rest of the job will take care of itself. You don't have to have, as you wrongly insist,  a different bomb at 314 positions on each of 110 floors and each with a wire connecting it to all the others because wireless signals would be impossible etc. 
Jon Moseley:    AND WHERE WOULD YOU PUT THESE MAGICAL, MYTHICAL THERMATE CANISTERS all sprinkled with fairy dust and rubbed with the fur of unicorns?
Dick Eastman: Gee, you're a regular Clarence Darrow for eloquence.  Makes me feel silly for even suggesting that thermate could be the answer -- except that whatever the mystical status of thermate it does manage to burn through massive steel in seconds and it is used to demolish steel skyscrapers and traces of it were found in the samples of molten steel and in bead particle dust taken from the site. So you are arguing that since there was no fur of the unicorn found that thermate must be ruled out? This is not a good argument, Jon.'
Jon Moseley:   To work, they must be SNUG AGAINST the steel that they are going to cut.   BUT THE STEEL COLUMNS WERE NOT EXPOSED. And then  of course, being buried in the wall, the radio devices WOULD NOT WORK inside a steel building.
Dick Eastman: Drill a hole in a steel beam. Stick a long thin device into the beam. One end of the device can be sticking out , maybe just a wire to receive a transmitted signal or tiny microphone for a sonci signal or any of a number of other ways.  In this day and age can't is a word limited to the poor and politically powerless. You, Jon, seem to be thinking that we don't realize that.
Jon Moseley:  Finally, thermate is notoriously difficult to ignite, and often FAILS to ignite using a remote device.
Dick Eastman:  Picture Dov Zakheim reporting to Richard Perle, Paul Wolfowitz and Henry Kissinger late in 1999. Dov says, "I'm sorry. The plan can't be done. We can't find a way to reliably light the thermate.  So please tell  David and Lionel that I tried my level best and it's just impossible."  
Poor people living in a falling apart world who don't know the power of money -- how reliable and excellent and unimaginably effective are the things are that the rich provide for themselves -- may fall for Mr. Moseley's "arugmentum de impossibilus" (don't look it up, it isn't real) -- but when the criminals alibi that the aluminum plane and the drip of kerosene brought down the skyscraper is impossible and the real cause is established in laboratory tests and video recordings of the actually event -- then we start thinking that we better not let Jon Moseley leave town until we have looked into the background of  his 9-11 investigator-debunking activities more closely.
Jon Moseley 
Dick Eastman
From: Dick Eastman 
Sent: Jan 9, 2008 
Subject: Re: 10 miles for only 22 explosives Re: 10 miles of detonator cord and 15 miles of telephone wires 
The claim is made: the plane and the fire was sufficient to bring down the building. 
The person making that claim then adds this claim: That  it would be impossible for lease owner Silverstein and the greatest black-ops agency in the world (Mossad)  to bring in over a period of months  time radio-triggered thermate cannisters and plant them along the core using the freight elevators  and ventiliation shafts for access -- even when the perpetrators have the full cooperation of government agencies infiltrated in key positions  well in advance for this one operation.
Two statements like this -- each so obviously wrong -- makes you suspect the honesty of the one making the statements, doesn't it?
Look at these: 
Here are some  of video clips of the flow of molten metal. Can airplane aluminum account for all of this? 
More  video clips of molten metal material pouring from the south tower's northeast corner.:  
Have you seen this vido clip of molten metal on the ground? 
Eyewitness accounts:

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