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Yum Kax,Maya Corn God As Cacao God

Yum Kax,Maya Corn God As Cacao God

  • Cacao in Ancient Maya Religion - Mexicolore

    26 Jan 2014 ... Pic 2: Early Classic period stone Maya bowl (K4331*), Dumbarton Oaks,
    Washington DC, detail (top); it shows the Maize God as a cacao tree in ...
  • NGA: The Courtly Art of the Ancient Maya - The Mayan Gods

    image: Chocolate God Bowl ... Dumbarton Oaks Research Library and
    Collections ... image: Shell cacao beans in bowl, AD 600-900 Cacao ... The
    Chocolate God may even have been a special aspect of the Maize God, or
    perhaps his brother.
  • To Be Like Gods: Dance in Ancient Maya Civilization - Google Books Result
    Matthew G. Looper - ‎2010 - Social Science
    Other acrobatic figures represent a related deity known as the Cacao God (Fig.
    3.24 ... Among the Maya, maize and cacao are botanical resources that represent
    complementary ... Cacao God depicted on bowl in collection of Dumbarton Oaks.
  • Maya maize god - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    1: Tonsured Maize God as a patron of the scribal arts, Classic period ... such as
    the maize deity's resurrection from a turtle, his canoe voyage, and his
    transformation into a cacao tree. .... Washington: Dumbarton Oaks Research
    Library. pp.
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    Cacao as Fish in the Mythology and Symbolism of the ... - Famsi

    23 Sep 2007 ... rebirth of the Maize God (Miller and Martin 2004:63, 78; Martin 2006). ... the
    Maize God into a cacao pod (Miller and Taube 1993:135). ...... Likewise, returning
    to the stone cacao bowl K4331, the panel preceding the image of the ......
    Dumbarton Oaks Research Library and Collection, Washington, D.C..
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    Life, Death and Chocolate in Mesoamerica: The Aztecs and the ..., %20Death%20and%20Chocolate%20in%20Mesoamerica%20The%...

    Chimalpopoca Codex, the gods alternatively created man from maizecacao and
    other ... bowl of cacao to Lord Eight Deer to solemnise their marriage (Closs 2000
    , p. 230; Vail. 2009, p. .... Dumbarton Oaks Collection (Stone and Kreft. 2005).
  • tostaduria antigua: mayan cacao GOD NOT GODDESS - Ixcacao ... html

    18 May 2015 ... It appears to me that someone made up the cacao goddess Ixcacao from ... The
    tonsured Maize god doubles as a tonsured cacao god, with ..... Dumbarton Oaks
    Research Library and Collections Washington, D.C.. CACAO AND THE
    CHOCOLATE GOD. image: Shell cacao beans in bowl, AD 600-900 ...
  • Bowl with Anthropomorphic Cacao Trees - Museum | Dumbarton Oaks

    The Dumbarton Oaks Collections comprise more than 80000 objects, only the
    highlights of which are currently ... Bowl with Anthropomorphic Cacao Trees ...
  • Lords of Creation: More Info - Mesoweb

    Carved Bowl Mexico, Yucatan Peninsula Limestone 8.6 x 15.9 cm. Dumbarton
    Oaks Research Library and Collections, Washington, D.C.. The text in front of the
    cacao god's face confirms his identity as ixim te' (maize tree), a name found in ...
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    Download article - Mesoweb

    maize god emerging from a split T533 sign that prob- ably stands for a flower .....
    of the maize god, detail of an Early Classic carved stone bowl (Dumbarton Oaks.
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