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Pat Robertson Praises Jimmy Morales,Genocidal General Rios Mont:U.S.Christian Fundamentalists(CIA,Israel?),Behind Guatemala President Elect Jimmy Morales ?

U.S.Christian Fundamentalists(CIA,Israel?),Behind Guatemala President Elect Jimmy Morales ?

Since I posted this blog last night  I discovered the pro Israel Zionist pseudo Christian Pat Robertson has come out with a video praising Jimmy Morales as well as re-praising Genocidal maniac General Efrain Rios Mont just as he did in the 1980's as he was slaughtering innocent Mayan people who were accused of being followers of white German Jewish Rothschild cousin Carl Marx ! Paradoxical the innocent Mayan people were targeted for mass murder by CIA and Israel when in fact the Maya had nothing to do nor even knew aything about Carl Marx much less the fact that the Israelis slaughtering them for profit and their patron and co- founder of Israel along with Adolf Hitler - the Rothshild family -  were the very ones who had an historic connection to the non Semitic white racist German Jewish Carl Marx !


Following a Christian Broadcasting Network report today about the victory of comedian Jimmy Morales in Guatemala’s presidential election, televangelist Pat Robertson praised one former Guatemalan president: Efraín Ríos Montt.
Unlike Morales, Ríos Montt came to power in a coup, although his military regime was overthrown in another coup just one year later.
“At the height of the bloodshed under Ríos Montt, reports put the number of killings and disappearances at more than 3,000 per month,” Patrick Daniels of the Guatemala Solidarity Network noted. “Such was the extent of the violence that in 1999 the UN commission concluded that it constituted acts of genocide.”
His regime specifically targeted indigenous communities with violence and displacement, and in 2013 Ríos Montt was convicted of genocide for crimes committed against the Maya Ixil community. “Hunger, systematic rape and forced displacements were all used as tools of war against the Ixil people,” the BBC reported. However, the conviction was overturned due to a legal technicality and Ríos Montt was later declared unfit to stand for retrial.
Today, Robertson gushed over Ríos Montt, claiming that he was the real victim because he was targeted by liberals just for being a good Christian.
“I know Efraín Ríos Montt, who was the president there,” Robertson said. “He’s a terrific guy, he was with the El Verbo Church and they had a marvelous government but the left got after him and he couldn’t survive. They just went after him and attacked him and attacked him, the United States State Department went after him, it was terrible.”

To read this below you would think that this is Guatemala's first protestant president - but no it isn't and the first that comes to mind was the genocidal ant-Mayan racist General EfrainRios Mont who called the Maya communists when paradoxically the Israelis  who provided the weapons for the massacres with the encouragement of the U.S.CIA and Bush Reagan regime !At the same time while Catholic priests with a bit more social and moral conscience were being threatened and intimidated and even expulsed from Mayasn areas where massacres were occurring,protestant evangelicals from the U.S. had free access to come and go and be part of the genocidal operations being carried out by U.S. 'Christian' convert Rios Mont and his U.S.military trained mass murderes who in turn taught their U.S. military murder skills to previously innocent young Mayan males who were forcibly rouned up and drafted into the military and  then 'trained' and sent as soldiers-murderers to other Mayan villages who spoke a different Mayan dialect where the U.S.trained military officers such as the recently incarcerated ex Guatemalan president Otto Perez Molina told those previously innocent young Mayan males that these other Mayan villages were 'communists' and their fore had to be murdered their babies and children bayoneted or beat to a pulp and the women raped !
And while all of this was illegal and the U.S.Congress had resisted Reagan-Bush regime efforts for funding this genocidal campaign they goyt their money from somewhere to make Israeli arms manufactures and advisers richer - probably in grwat part from all that cocaine Ollie North and Israelis and Argentine military fascists were smuggling into the U.S. using Honduras as a base while terrorizing and bombing innocent Nicaraguans on Honduras southern border.
I should briefly mention the second Christian fundamentalist,Serrano Elias ,who was elected 'democratically' probably in great part with campaign finance money provided by right wing Christian fundamentalists-  as opposed to Rios Mont who came to power by a military coup.In the early 1990's as the election of Serrano neared there was a burst of 'U.S.Christian fundamentalist tourism' so to speak and many crazed right wing brain washed by the 'pastor' to believe this was as close as it got to heaven and thew next best thing at least to the 'second coming' of Jesus himself !Well Serrano looted and pillaged everything he could before he was
sent to exile with his stolen wealth and race horses etc. to Panama where he has resided in luxury ever since.He even used the military to close down  all newspapers just before he ran and to play nothing but militasry martial music on all radio stations over and over and over again !
So when I say CIA and Israel behind the prostestants thisa is becuse this was indeed the beginning of their rise to power during the time the Maya were being massacred.But it started just a little earlier when U.S. fundamentalist arrived after the 1976 earthquake  bearing gifts  -  WITH STRINGS ATTACHED.If the locals wanted help with rebuilding and particularly food medicine and building materials this would be greatly fascilitated by conversion to a far right version of 'Christianity'.


El protestante evangélico Jimmy Morales arrasa en las ...


hace 2 días - Jimmy Morales ha ganado este domingo las elecciones a la .... Recuerden que Efrain Rios Montt era protestante, predicaba por los medios de ...



The evangelical Protestant  Jimmy Morales sweeps  the presidential election of Guatemala
Jimmy Morales won Sunday's election for the presidency of Guatemala with a historical and overwhelming result over his rival, Sandra Torres. Morales says The fear of God, Family and Honor are the principles on which to base  his life and, from now on, his political action. His first words to the Guatemalan TV were: "In God we shall do valiantly"
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(Agencies / InfoCatólica) With 100% of the votes counted, Morales, 46, has joined an unprecedented figure in his belt and reached the presidency of the Central American nation with 67.43 percent of electoral support (2.749. 634 votes).
His rival, former first lady Sandra Torres, National Unity of Hope (UNE), has reached 1,327,976 votes, ie 32.57 percent, not enough to cope with Morales, a novice in the world of politics that arose following demonstrations against corruption in recent months. Between the two there is a difference of 1,421,658 votes.
The president-elect promised to strive not to disappoint all those who with their vote "made me president." "I received an errand, the people's mandate is to fight corruption that has eaten us," he proclaimed energetic and happy, and added that his commitment "remains with God and the people of Guatemala."
In a press conference tonight, Morales has returned to influence the polls give a "landslide victory" and he is willing to assume the responsibility that Guatemalans have given with their votes. Accompanied by his wife and his running mate, Jafeth Cabrera, Morales noted that Guatemala "showed the world that democracy can solve problems" peacefully and with understanding, and this is a step forward towards "the change. " "This result is a step in the process of change," he proclaimed, and pointed out that its priorities remain education, health, chronic malnutrition and zero tolerance to corruption.
During his speech, he invited the countries of Central America to make the region a "safe" and "open" area, and invited the United States, the European Union and Asian countries to invest in Guatemala "more honest , more democratic and more just "is" proud "of their indigenous origins and its people. "Thank God and thanks everyone. Thanks a million, "Morales has settled, while it has asked for patience until all results are made official.
In God we shall do valiantly
Morales gave an interview to the Guatemalan TV in his first words were that "in God we shall do valiantly," since, in his view, "God blessed much the work of  his party 'FCN Nation' and, therefore, the work had its fruit" .
During the campaign, Morales  placed particular emphasis on  faith to the point that he acknowledged  in the last electoral debate that three pastors of evangelical religion, including the founder of the Evangelical Institute of Latin America where he studied, we have advised the hour to develop the moral and ethical aspects of his electoral program.


Protestantismo, política y pueblos indígenas | elPeriódico de ...


hace 2 días - A principios de la década de los ochenta, Efraín Ríos Montt utiliza el ...Jimmy Morales guiado por el protestantismo, respondió a cómo ...


The final presidential debate organized by the alliance of evangelical churches, showed the ultra-conservative and discriminatory discourse reflected in the questions concerning the role of various actors, especially towards indigenous peoples. Given this, it is prudent to analyze the role of Protestantism in the country's political life for two reasons, first, by the way this Protestant alliance trying to rewrite recent history of violence, excusing  itself and the state of its involvement in violations of crimes against humanity. And second, by attempting to claim authority in politics, education and governance of the country, in violation of the constitutional ruling of 1985 that makes Guatemala a secular state.

In the early eighties, Efrain Rios Montt Protestantism used as a basis for political campaign coup. It was under the religious-moralist veil and its false promise of "no stealing, no lying, no abuse" that genocidal acts scorched earth were made to establish a "state of God" based on principles of morality, order and discipline dye nationalist and Guatemala focused on ridding the "Indian problem."

In the "democratic" period Harold Caballeros built a similar political discourse Rios Montt flaunting their political participation as part of a spiritual war to save Guatemala. Also in his book Victorious Warfare (2001) presents the spirituality of the Maya, as one of the causes of delay and national underdevelopment.

In these elections, again, Jimmy Morales guided by Protestantism, responded to how to run the country, ignoring the separation of state and religion. Similar to its predecessors, Morales also used racism, excusing under the umbrella of comedy.

Against this, evidenced in the debate of the Evangelical Alliance, the Protestants political agendas represent a model that incorporates indigenous peoples to their projects but as "brothers", denying them any right to organize against ethnic or class actions, perpetuating thus, processes of social, economic and political marginalization.

Neither faith nor religion are harmful. The danger is when moralists, fanatical and manipulative ideologies, acuerpadas in different religions, struggling to become unique within a state policy which is diverse

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