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'Protocols Of Zion' Featured At New Alexandria Library

'The Protocols of Zion Are More Important Than the Torah'. CAIRO - "When my eyes fell upon the rare copy of this dangerous book, I decided immediately to ...

'Protocols Of Zion' Featured
At New Alexandria Library

By Jihan Hussein
Middle East Media Research Institute
Special Dispatch Series - No. 619
Recently, a manuscript museum opened at the new Alexandria Library, which was renovated by the Egyptian and Italian governments via UNESCO. In the November 17, 2003 issue of the Egyptian weekly Al-Usbu', correspondent Jihan Hussein reported [1] that the museum had added "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion" to the display case of the holy books of the monotheistic religions, next to a Torah. The book on display is the first translation of the "Protocols" into Arabic, by Muhammad Khalifa Al-Tunisi, and its binding, according to the report, features "a Star of David, the Bolshevik Jewish symbol, surrounded by symbolic snakes." The following is an interview with the museum's director, Dr. Yousef Ziedan, in which he explains why he decided to add the "Protocols" to the exhibit:
'The Protocols of Zion Are
More Important Than the Torah'
CAIRO - "When my eyes fell upon the rare copy of this dangerous book, I decided immediately to place it next to the Torah. Although it is not a monotheistic holy book, it has become one of the sacred [tenets] of the Jews, next to their first constitution, their religious law, [and] their way of life. In other words, it is not merely an ideological or theoretical book.
"Perhaps this book of the 'Protocols of the Elders of Zion' is more important to the Zionist Jews of the world than the Torah, because they conduct Zionist life according to it . . . It is only natural to place the book in the framework of an exhibit of Torah [scrolls]."...............

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The Baruch Plan for World Government
Peter Myers, September 5, 2001; update March 14, 2012.
My comments are shown {thus}.
Write to me at contact.html.
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In 1946, the US government put to Stalin a plan for World Government, created by Bernard Baruch & David Lilienthal, both Jews. This plan was put in the pages of The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists Bertrand Russell described its development in his book Has Man a Future? russell2.html. Baruch had earlier been associated with Wilson's attempt to have the League of Nations created as a World Government, with a World Army and a World Court: c20-doc.html. The Encyclopaedia Judaica (Jerusalem, 1971) says that Baruch "served on the Supreme Economic Council at the Conference of Versailles, where he was President Wilson's personal economic adviser".
Stalin got cold feet - he'd noticed the Jewish campaign to have a Jewish republic within the USSR, created in the Crimeasudoplat.html. What unnerved him especially was that AMERICAN Jews, with their huge financial power, would be involved, and he felt that the USSR would lose control.
As a result, some leaders of the Jewish Antifascist Committee (American at that) had their lives shortened.
(1) Overview
(2) The Baruch Plan - from The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists (3) Anglo-American support for the Baruch Plan - Bertrand Russell, H. G. Wells, Arnold Toynbee
(4) Jewish support for the Baruch Plan
(5) Major Jordan, Atomic Shipments to USSR, Baruch Plan, & Convergence to World Government - a discussion with Phil Eversoul
(6) Lord Victor Rothschild's involvement with the Peace Movement and Israel's Nuclear Bomb
(1) Overview
The proposal was put in the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists over several months in 1946. In his book Has Man a Future?, Bertrand Russell - an advocate of World Government - describes how it developed, first as a proposal assembled by David Lilienthal, then in a form developed by Bernard Baruch (p. 25 & p. 97).
This "Baruch Plan" was canvassed in the issues of 1946 and put to Stalin. By the end of that year, Stalin had rejected it, on the grounds that it required submission to Washington, and the Cold War had begun.
The One World conspiracy has three factions: Tory (Imperial), International Socialist, and Zionist: british-conspiracy.html.
The Baruch Plan cannot be deemed a "Tory" document, because otherwise Jewish Communists like Einstein would not have supported it.
Baruch and Lilienthal were Jewish. One might place Baruch in the Zionist faction, because he headed the Jewish delegation obtaining Palestine at the Paris Peace Conference in 1919: freedman.html.
But the high-profile Jewish backers of the Baruch Plan (all of the following scientists, plus Lippmann, are Jewish: Albert Einstein, Robert Oppenheimer, Leo Szilard, Walter Lippmann, Niels Bohr, James Franck, Eugene Rabinowitch, Hy Goldsmith, Hans Bethe, Harold Urey) belong to the International Socialist faction.
So here one sees the joining of the Trotskyist and Zionist forces.
The International Socialist faction is also what H. G. Wells called the "Open Conspiracy" for World Government: opencon.html.
Leo Szilard is a link between Wells, the Open Conspiracy, and the Baruch Plan; he was one of its promoters. The following is from
"1929 ... Met H.G. Wells. ... 1930 ... Attempted to organize an international movement of progressive intellectuals based on H.G. Wells' Open Conspiracy."
The International Socialist faction promotes Political Correctness, the World Court, the Kyoto Protocol, Feminism, and Gay Marriage.
This faction mounted the Bolshevik Revolution, but was overthrown by Stalin, who gave them a dose of their own medicine: stalin.html. It is now also called New Left ("new" meaning anti-Stalinist): new-left.html, and Marxist Anti-Communist: kostel.html.
The Soviet Union fell because Gorbachev belongs to the International Socialist faction; he was undoing Stalin's conquests, and trying to form a Single World Civilization. This was impeded because during his rule the US & Britain were in Tory hands (Reagan, Thatcher, Bush snr).
The International Socialist faction opposed the earlier May-Johnson Bill, which belongs to the Tory faction; it was replaced by the McMahon bill.
In the International Socialists' book ONE WORLD or NONE, one contributor, Harold C. Urey, wrote, "Here was a bill originating in the War Department... The May-Johnson Bill was actually similar in intent and effect to the transfer of power from the German Reichstag to Hitler ..."
This even though the same "Nazi" leadership of the US Army had just defeated Hitler.
More from Urey, and other leaders of the International Socialist faction, at one-world-or-none.html.
The following is from Manhattan Project Chronology:
{quote} October 3, 1945 Truman advocates passage of the May-Johnson bill
December 20, 1945 Senator Brien McMahon introduces a substitute to the May-Johnson bill, which had been losing support, including Truman's.
January 1946 Hearings on the McMahon bill begin.
June 14, 1946 Bernard Baruch presents the American plan for international control of atomic research.
July 1, 1946 Operation Crossroads begins with Shot Able, a plutonium bomb dropped from a B-29, at Bikini Atoll.
July 15, 1946 Operation Crossroads continues with Shot Baker, a plutonium bomb detonated underwater, at Bikini Atoll.
August 1, 1946 President Truman signs the Atomic Energy Act of 1946, a slightly amended version of the McMahon bill.
December 1946 - January 1947 The Soviet Union opposes the Baruch Plan, rendering it useless.
(2) The Baruch Plan - from The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists
A proposal for World Government is a serious matter, affecting everyone. World Government will be final: there will be no "trial run", and nowhere to escape should it turn bad. Examination is therefore warranted; to promote study of this matter, here are images of the pages of The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists:
After the letters "bas", the date of each issue is indicated in the format yymmdd, and the page number follows. All issues are in 1946; at the time, only America had the bomb.
February 1, p. 6 - Emery Reeves for World Government: bas460201-p6.jpg.
February 15, p.4 - H. C. Urey for World Government: bas460215-p4.jpg.
March 1, back page - about a book called "One World Or None" - authors include Bohr, OppenheimerSzilard - and LOOK magazine issues a gory, scary pictorial: bas460301-back-page.jpg.
The One World Or None report is at one-world-or-none.html.
June 1, p.1 - Robert Oppenheimer for the Baruch Plan: bas460601-p1.jpg.
A report on the front page (p. 1) of the July 1, 1946 issue reads, 'In the first meeting, on June 13, the program for world-wide control of atomic energy through an International Atomic Development Authority (which was received with widespread approval as a bold and constructive plan even it was first suggested in the Acheson-Lilienthal report) and of its enforcement by the elimination of veto power, was presented to the world by Bernard Baruch as the official proposal of the American government. ... [but] opposed by Gromyko on behalf of the USSR, and has since been criticised in the Russian press as an attempt to establish an American "atomic world domination"'.
July 1, p.1 - "Mr Baruch ... proposed ... the power of veto be eliminated", i.e. in the Security Councilbas460701-p1.jpg.
July 1, p.3 - Bernard Baruch on the American Proposal: bas460701-p3.jpg.
July 1, p. 8 - Andrej Gromyko puts the Russian Proposal: bas460701-p8.jpg.
An article in the September 1, 1946 issue, written by William T. R. Fox, is headed "Debate on World Government or Discussion of Atomic Energy Control". It begins, "The Lilienthal report of March 16 and the Baruch proposals of June 14 have succeeded in evoking support from an extraordinary broad spectrum of American opinion. Opponents and proponents of world government ... the great debate on world government ...".
September 1, p. 22 - William Fox "Debate on World Government or Discussion of Atomic Energy Control": bas460901-p22.jpg.
In the issue of October 1, 1946, Bertrand Russell wrote (p. 21 of that issue):
"The American and British governments ... should make it clear that genuine international cooperation is what they most desire. But although peace should be their goal, they should not let it appear that they are for peace at any price. At a certain stage, when their plan [sic] for an international government are ripe, they should offer them to the world ... If Russia acquiesced willingly, all would be well. If not, it would be necessary to bring pressure to bear, even to the extent of risking war ..."
and earlier (p. 19) in the same article:
"When I speak of an international government, I mean one that really governs, not an amiable facade like the League of Nations or a pretentious sham like the United Nations under its present constitution. An international government ... must have the only atomic bombs, the only plant for producing them,the only air force, the only battleships, and, generally, whatever is necessary to make it irresistible."
October 1, p. 1 - Note Russell's article is listed here: bas461001-p1.jpg.
October 1, p. 19 - first page of Russell's article: bas461001-p19.jpg.
October 1, p. 20 - second page of Russell's article: bas461001-p20.jpg.
October 1, p. 21 - third page of Russell's article: bas461001-p21.jpg.
October 1, p. 26 - Gregory Bateson presents Nationalism as the dangerous alternative: bas461001-p26.jpg.
October 1, p. 27 - Bateson continues: a world authority must be a World Government: bas461001-p27.jpg.
October 1, p. 30 - Chester Barnards: Security Through the Sacrifice of Sovereignty: bas461001-p30.jpg.
October 1, p. 32 - back page - note the description of David Lilienthal, and the expression "Publications of the Baruch Office": bas461001-p32.jpg.
November 1, p. 23 - Stalin's reply - but he was not about to concede control: bas461101-p23.jpg.
You can look these pages up in Google Books: 1946 issues were in Volume 2. Go into the Advanced Search and specify the Publication Year "to" 1946. You might also experiment searching for (eg) "Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, 2 (October 1, 1946)", but Google Books doesn't seem to pick that up.
You can locate the above issues by searching Google (or Google Books) on a string of text from one of the articles.
For example, if you search Google (or Google Books) on "When I speak of an international government" (Bertrand Russell's words above), you'll reach the October 1, 1946 issue. Once you're in one of the 1946 issues, search on other text-strings to reach other issues.
(3) Anglo-American support for the Baruch Plan - Bertrand Russell, H. G. Wells, Arnold Toynbee
(3.1) Bertrand Russell on the Baruch Plan
In 1946, just after the last world war, there were two huge armies, the Soviet and American. If they had joined up, no other force could have resisted them.
Such a proposal for World Government was put in the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists over several months in 1946. In his book Has Man a Future?, Bertrand Russell - an advocate of world government - describes how it developed, first as a proposal assembled by David Lilienthal, then in a form developed by Bernard Baruch (p. 25 & p. 97).
This "Baruch Plan" was canvassed in the issues of 1946 and put to Stalin. By the end of that year, Stalin had rejected it, on the grounds that it required submission to Washington, and the Cold War had begun.
On October 1, 1946, the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists carried an article by Russell entitled The Atomic Bomb and the Prevention of War, where he writes,
"The American and British governments ... should make it clear that genuine international cooperation is what they most desire. But although peace should be their goal, they should not let it appear that they are for peace at any price. At a certain stage, when their plan (sic) for an international government are ripe, they should offer them to the world ... If Russia acquiesced willingly, all would be well. If not, it would be necessary to bring pressure to bear, even to the extent of risking war".
(3.2) H. G. Wells on how Russia might be incorporated into a World Government
H.G. Wells laid out the scenario for drawing the USSR back into his vision of a World State, in his book The Shape of Things to Come (he called his One-World movement The Modern State Movement).
H. G . Wells, The Shape of Things to Come: the Ultimate Revolution. London, Hutchinson & Co., 1933:
{p. 320} The method of treaty-making {i.e. international agreements} and a modus vivendi was already in operation in regard to Russia. There indeed it was hard to say whether the Communist party or the Modern State Movement was in control, so far had assimilation gone. And the new spirit in the old United States was now so 'Modern' that the protests of Washington and of various state governors against the Controls were received hilariously. Aeroplanes from Dearborn circled over the capital and White House and dropped parodies of the President's instructions to dissolve the Air and Food Trust of America. All over that realist continent, indeed, the Controls expanded as a self-owned business with a complete disregard of political formalities. But the European situation was more perplexing. {end}. hgwells.html.
(3.3) Lionel Curtis on how World Government can be made to look like something else
from Lionel Curtis, Civitas Dei: THE COMMONWEALTH OF GOD, MACMILLAN AND CO., LONDON 1938.
{p. 471} THE GRAND ALLIANCE {1815, after the defeat of Napoleon}
AT Vienna the concert of Europe had come into being. When the Congress closed the dominant figure in its counsels was the Tzar, whose position in some ways resembled that which President Wilson afterwards filled at the Conference of Paris. Like Wilson he dreamed of creating a body to order the general affairs of mankind. In September 1815 he invited the governments of Europe to recognise that all human authority is derived from God, and to join in 'a Holy Alliance' to assert that principle. ...
Alexander hoped through this Article to realise the {p. 472} dreams of a world-government foreshadowed in the Holy Alliance, and Castlereagh must have accepted it only to avoid giving him offence.
{end} curtis2.html.
Note that Alexander's text did not explicitly canvas world government, but the meaning was clear to Curtis; in the same way, the League of Nations and the Baruch Plan disguised their intentions.
(3.4) Arnold J. Toynbee on the Baruch Plan
Arnold J. Toynbee, One World and India, Indian Council for Cultural Relations (Orient Longmans), Calcutta 1960.
{p. 1} I am speaking, as you will realise, of the movement, now astir in all mankind, to live together, for the first time in human history, as a single family. This enterprise is as ambitious as it is imperative. To carry it to success, many contributions will be needed - contributions of different kinds from different quarters. One can see, for instance, what some of the West's contributions will have been. The West will have provided the coming world-community with the technological framework without which it would be impossible to establish and maintain a community on this unprecedentedly large scale. ...
{p. 5} The reason why we need unity so urgently now is both sensational and commonplace. It has been put curtly in the epigram 'One world or none'. It is obvious to every politically conscious man and woman in the world today that, in the Atomic Age, if we do not now abolish war, war is going to abolish us. ...
{p. 6} Abolishing war would involve setting up at least a rudimentary world-government. The first world-authority that it would
{p. 7} be necessary for us to establish - and, of course, also to endow with effective power - would be a central agency for controlling the production and the use of atomic energy. ... {end} toynbee.html.
(4) Jewish support for the Baruch Plan
Baruch and Lilienthal, the authors of the Plan, were Jews, and both editors of The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, which carried the Plan and its debate, were Jews.
(4.1) Alfred M. Lilienthal on Bernard Baruch
from Alfred M. Lilienthal, THE ZIONIST CONNECTION II: What Price Peace?, Veritas Publishing Colnpany, Bullsbrook, Western Australia, 6084, 1983
{p. 235} The Jewish connection on the political level has been of even far greater consequence. Starting at least with the Franklin D. Roosevelt administration, important decision-making echelons of the U.S. government have been filled with many Jews. The New Dealers contained the broadest kind of list, ranging from Henry Morgenthau, Jr., Herbert Lehman, David Niles, and Samuel Rosenberg to Morris Ernst and Robert Nathan. Bernard Baruch played a unique role asadviser to five Presidents. David E. Lilienthal and Lewis H. Strauss were Chairmen of the Atomic Energy Commission. {end}

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