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WTC,9/11 CIA FBI Terrorism Treason:Malaysia Airlines 370 - Same Modus Operandi?

WTC,9/11 CIA FBI Terrorism Treason:Malaysia Airlines 370 - Same Modus Operandi?

And far from the FBI-CIA liwe that they wren't allowed to exchange information between one another before 9/11 it is most likely that they were borth conspiring with Pentagon traitors and Israeli Ziomists to breing down the WTC just as the FBI  had colluded and even organized the first bombing 'Islamic' terrorism at the WTC in 1993.

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Utusan sees truth in theory blaming CIA for MH370’s disappearance

APRIL 06, 2014
LATEST UPDATE: APRIL 06, 2014 08:10 PM
Utusan Malaysia compares speculations of CIA's involvement in the MH370 saga to conspiracy theories which followed the 9/11 attacks in the US. – The Malaysian Insider file pic, April 6, 2014.Utusan Malaysia compares speculations of CIA's involvement in the MH370 saga to conspiracy theories which followed the 9/11 attacks in the US. – The Malaysian Insider file pic, April 6, 2014.Umno mouthpiece Utusan Malaysia today said there may be truth to a conspiracy theory blaming the Central Intelligence Agency, or CIA, for the disappearance of the Malaysia Airlines flight MH370.
The daily's assistant editor Ku Seman Ku Hussein said it was time "to think outside the box" about the biggest tragedy to affect Malaysia and the world aviation history, saying the incident could be a ploy to tarnish the good relations between Malaysia and China.
"If the CIA could arrange for the attack on the World Trade Center in New York on September 11, 2001, it is not improbable to link MH370 with the intelligence agency," he wrote, referring to speculations on the involvement of American intelligence in the 9/11 attacks.
"What if the MH370 tragedy had been arranged by certain parties to put Malaysia's relationship with China in jeopardy?" Ku Seman asked in an opinion piece in the paper’s weekend edition Mingguan Malaysia.
He said conspiracies at the highest levels involving the CIA with the September 11 tragedy were not something new, adding that facts and convincing arguments had been put forward to support this claim.
"Many parties have accepted that the September 11 incident was a plan by the United States to get a free ticket to attack Afghanistan and Iraq," Ku Seman said.
A month after the 9/11 attacks which were blamed on al-Qaeda's Osama Bin Laden, President George Bush launched an attack on Afghanistan, hoping to remove the Taliban which had been providing Osama a safe haven.
Ku Seman said Malaysia ought to have its suspicion of outside parties with "wild past", which it said wanted to disrupt the country's bilateral ties with China.
"The September 11 conspiracy which had been previously treated as nonsense was now a fact, and Putrajaya must look at it from a different point of view."
Utusan, citing news broadcaster CNN's coverage of the MH370 saga, said the station was "emotional when Malaysia did not allow the CIA to head the search and rescue operations for MH370".
"The network then fanned the anger of families and relatives in China until it has begun to threaten the relationship between both countries," said Ku Seman.
Saying not all views should be dismissed as nonsense or conspiracy theories, Ku Seman expressed confidence that Putrajaya was "smarter than CNN" and "did not think everything is nonsense".
He also questioned how CNN managed to record the World Trade Center tower collapse within several seconds after the planes flew into them.
"In a poll prior to the United States elections in 2006, one in three Americans believed the tragedy had been planned by former President George W. Bush and senior CIA leaders," he added.
Describing the news network as as Washington's psychological weapon to achieve its agenda of world domination, the paper asked:
"Just ask yourself, how did the CNN cameramen get shots from various angles as the aircraft crashed into the World Trade Center?
"The attack occurred in seconds but CNN still managed to record the incident from various angles. Wow,  that is extraordinary.
"The question that should be asked is were the CNN cameramen already on standby around the World Trade Center?"
"If yes, how did they know that the attack was imminent?" Ku Seman asked.
Both towers of the World Trade Center collapsed about an hour after two passenger jets hit into them during the morning rush hour.
The South Tower collapsed at 9:59 am, followed by the North Tower about half-an-hour later. – April 6, 2014.

Missing Malaysian jetliner: MI6, CIA investigating as fears of terror attack resurface

Malaysia Airways Pilot Zaharie Ahmad Shah Home
A police car is seen coming from the compound of the home of pilot Zaharie Ahmad Shah, the captain of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, near Kuala Lumpur. (Reuters photo)
LONDON: Malaysian authorities have revealed secret services from the UK, the US and China have been involved in the investigations into the disappearance of the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370, adding to speculation that the plane's disappearance could be down to terrorism.

The MI6, the CIA and Chinese agencies have been looking into the flight simulator found in the home of the flight's Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah, though acting transport minister Hishammuddin Hussein said the FBI has found nothing sinister in the device.

He said the inspector general of police has highlighted the "four possible scenarios of what could have caused the plane to disappear, which are terrorism, hijacking, personal and psychological problems, or technical failure.


Sunday, 06 April 2014 16:10

SHIFTING ATTENTION FROM NAJIB REGIME'S MESS-UP: Now, Umno's Utusan blames US for MH370 disappearance

A senior Utusan Malaysia official today asserted that the CIA had a hand in "planning" the 9-11 attacks and thus is was possible that the agency could be linked to the disappearance of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370.
According to Utusan assistant editor Ku Seman Ku Hussain's article in Mingguan Malaysia today, Malaysia's diplomatic and economic ties with China were the envy of certain foreign powers and implied that MH370's disappearance was an effort to put strain on the relationship of the two countries.
"Let's think out of the box...about the worst tragedy for our country and international aviation history. Does it not make sense if this tragedy was planned by some quarters to affect our relationship with China?
"If the attacks on the World Trade Towers in New York on Sep 11, 2001 were planned by the CIA, is it impossible for this incident to be linked to the CIA as well?" he wrote.
To back up his claims about CIA involvement in 9-11, the author claimed "many" people have accepted that 9-11 was planned to provide the US with a "ticket" to attack Afghanistan and Iraq.
He also claimed that CNN was able to get multiple shots of the planes colliding with the World Trade Centre, implying that they were tipped off by the CIA.
"The attack happened in seconds but CNN managed to record it from various angles. Wow! How extraordinary.
"The question is, why were CNN cameramen stationed around the building? If that was the case, how did they know that the attack will happen?" wrote the author.
Our authorities smarter than CIA
He added that the CIA had also claimed that al Qaeda and Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction, but no proof of this has ever surfaced.
Ku Seman cites the book ‘Conspiracies, Conspiracy, Theories and the Secrets of 9/11’ by German writer Mathias Bröckers to further back his claims.
A particular chapter of intrigue for Ku Seman was Bröckers’ account of the CIA's alleged links with al Qaeda leader , during the Soviet War in Afghanistan.
Ku Seman cites the book in an attempt to lend credence to the various theories which he cited in the article.
"It is proven that a lot of 'nonsense' claimed about 9-11 are actually facts. I believe the authorities don’t believe they are all nonsense.
"They are smarter than the CIA," said Ku Seman, to cap off his article.

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