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Malaysia Flight 370, FreescaleSemiconductor Building ,Herzliya Pituach, Israel.Reuben Sassoon ,Rafi Eitan,Promis Software Espionage

Malaysia Flight 370,    FreescaleSemiconductor Building ,Herzliya Pituach, Israel.Reuben Sassoon ,Rafi Eitan,Promis Software Espionage

If indeed Israelis were behind any 'dirty tricks' in regards to the disapearance of Malaysian flight 370 for the purpose of stealing and looting a software company,i.e.-(Freescale Semiconductor),it wouldn't be the first time.
 Israeli Mossad terrorist Rafi Eitan,(who used the alias Dr.Ben Orr in Bill Clinton's and Vince 
Foster's Arkansas to do espionage and dirty tricks to still Promis Software)may or not be the 
same Israeli arms trafficker Ben Orr who mysteioiusly or not so mysteriously appeared in and 
disappeared from Guatemala at the time Israelis and their Reagan Bush allies,Ollie North, 
were  commiting genocideagainst the Mayan people of Guatemala  and running cocaine through 
Central America to create cash for their Iran Contra terrorism and mass murder in Iran and Iraq 
with chemical weapons they gifted to both sides Sadam Hussein's Iraq  and the Ayatola 
Komein's Iran to encourage mass murder of ordinary citizens of both countries in a revisit of 
WWII trench chemical gas warfare.
Of course the real paradox if this were so is the fact that Freescale at least on the surface already 
appears to be owned 'lock,stock and barrel' by the western financial military industrial complex  -.
but in their greed and criminal insanity occasionally they go after each others own jugulars because 
they have already gotten yours and mine.On the other their is the very interesting added variable 
here - many of those involved with Freescale and all those on board that I know of who are 
employees or VIPS of Freescale on board Malaysian flight 370 are Chinese perhaps with their 
own agenda and talents .

  1. Source of CIA/DIANA document revealed - Google Groups

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    26/5/1998 - is/was good buddies with Rafi Eitan, head of Israel's counter-terrorism effort and who has been identified as the "Dr. Ben Orr" who visited Inslaw to gain understanding about the use of PROMIS software for various tracking functions. Boston Systematics claims it never heard of Systematics in Arkansas.


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    12/11/2013 - Ben-Menashe who was in Arkansas and involved with Promis softwarespying and who ... himself, "Dr. Joseph Ben Orr." After checking Eitan's photo, Hamilton ... "Rafi Eitan wants to leave a legacy that he was Israel's greatest

Identical Airplane Like Flight MH370 Stored in Israel? | Truth News ...
7 days ago - Why would Israel have a plane identical to the missing Malaysia Airlines plane in storage in Tel Aviv? The plane in this photo is Boeing 777 ...

And don't forget Israeli Mossad Rafi Eitan,handler of Israeli spy and American traitor Jonathon Pollard was behind the arkansas promis software theft and scandal that some believe was behind the death of Bill Clinton crony Vince Foster......

israel,cia,arms,drugs,religion,ben orr(Rafael Eitan),arkansas promis ...
Nov 12, 2013 - who was in Arkansas and involved with Promis software spying and who is mentioned in the article ... another story and another Israeli Eitan. Also below are links in .... NIMRODI A MOSSAD FIELD AGENT AGAINST ARAB ...

Rafi Eitan - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In the past, he was in charge of the Mossad operation that led to the kidnapping ... During the 1948 Arab–Israeli War, Eitan served in Army intelligence, from where ... Inslaw Inc.'s people-tracking software called Promis, in order to spy on them.

Reuben David Sassoon - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Biography[edit]. Early life[edit]. Reuben David Sassoon was born in 1835. His father was David Sassoon (1792–1864), a Jewish trader of cotton and opium in ...


Malaysian Airline Flight 370: Disappearance of Boeing 777 Made ...
4 days ago - Malaysian Airlines Flight 370: Veteran Pilot Believes Fire Hit Boeing 777 ... of the patents in the same flight were 20 other Freescale employees ...

Identical Airplane Like Flight MH370 Stored in Israel? | Truth News ...
7 days ago - Why would Israel have a plane identical to the missing Malaysia Airlines plane in storage in Tel Aviv? The plane in this photo is Boeing 777 ...

Malaysian Flight MH370: Is THIS What Happened To The "Missing"
7 days ago - When Malaysian flight MH370 "disappeared" somewhere over the Indian ... This was an extended range Boeing 777 aircraft that had enough fuel to .... /busted-israel-caught-housing-flight-370-twin-airplane-in-tel-aviv/81986

  1. Freescale Building - IBC, Industrial Buildings Corporation Ltd. - Home › Home PageYeilding PropertiesIsrael
    Type of Property: Tailor Made - Offices. Location: Herzliya Pituach, Israel. Area (sqm): 17,000. Parking Space: 600 lots. Main Tenants: Freescale Semiconductor.
  2. Herzliya Reviews | Glassdoor,8_IC2421073.htm
    Reviews in Herzliya. Change ... A Freescale Semiconductor Development Team Leader said: ... HQ: Herzliyya Pituach, Israel Tel Aviv: MTRX.
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  4. Reuben Sassoon - Israel | LinkedIn
    Israel - ‎SAP Systems manager at EL AL Israel Airlines
    SAP Systems manager at EL AL Israel Airlines ... Freescale Semiconductor Israel ... January 2005 – June 2006 (1 year 6 months) Herzliya Pituach, Israel.
  5. Industrial Buildings Corporation Ltd. (IBC) | © Dun's 100$/
    Over the years, IBC became a leader in Israel's income yielding real estate sector, ... Freescale (formerly Motorola Semiconductor) in Herzliya Pituach, Partner ...
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    Freescale Semiconductor Israel Ltd. President ... Affiliated company: Motorola Israel Ltd. Website: ... Israel : 1, Shenkar St., Industrial Zone Herzelia, P.O.B 2208
  7. Worldwide Locations - Freescale Semiconductor
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    Freescale Semiconductor Canada Inc. Ottawa Design Center & Sales ... Semiconductor Israel Limited 1 Shenkar St. Industrial Zone 46120 Herzelia Israel ...
  8. Herzliya Pituah - Reach Information
    File Marina Herzeliya.jpg Herzliya Pituach ( is a wealthy beachfront district in .... Freescale Semiconductor, Herzliya Pituah , Israel Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.
  9. Industrial Buildings Corporation Ltd. - Equities Israel
    ... CSR) (Rated by Maala CSR). Office Address: Ackerstein Towers, 11 Hamenofim St., Herzliya 46120 Israel. Telephone: 972-9-971-7900. Fax: 972-9-971-7960 ...
  10. [PDF]

    here - IATI
    Apr 11, 2013 - We at the Israel Advanced Technology Industries (IATI), Israel's largest ..... Freescale .... the semiconductor, flat panel display and solar photovoltaic industries. ..... headed by Dr. Orna Berry and located in Herzliya Pituach.

  1. Property Herzliya Pituach
    Find Your New Luxurious Home In Herzliya Pituach - Israel
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    Low cost, multiproject licenses, Ethernet, USB, File Systems, & more
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    Authorized Freescale Distributor No Min Orders & Same Day Shipping
    Mouser Electronics has 1,088 followers on Google+

    1. Industrial Cooperation in Israel 2011-2012
      Opportunities for Industrial Cooperation in Israel. Index of Israeli Companies with Contact Information To Search for a ... 24 Giborei Israel St. New Industrial Zone P.O.Box ..... Herzliya Pituach 46722 .... Sasson Shilo - SVP & CFO. See Page 80.
      Missing: freescalesemiconductorreuben
    2. The Brothers Reuben, Lifestyles Magazine -
      For years, British brothers David and Simon Reuben, with a fortune ... hospital, or a woman receiving a lifesaving early breast cancer diagnosis in Israel, and a .... the late Nancy and David-Sassoon Reuben, and from their home of England.
      Missing: freescalesemiconductorherzliyapituach
    3. Origins of the Baghdadi Trade Diaspora - Geni
      David Sassoon (1792-1864), the founder of the Sassoon dynasty in Ind.. ... to the Northern Kingdom of Israel and in 721 B.C.E 28,000 Jews were deported to .... may have been only thirteen when she was given as a bride to Reuben G'loomis.
      Missing: freescalesemiconductorherzliyapituach
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      The Jerusalem Post
      Mar 13, 2014 - Haredim pray in New York for cancellation of Israeli ultra-Orthodox draft bill. The opposition ..... Reuben Sassoon thomas edward • in 2 days.
      Missing: freescalesemiconductorherzliyapituach
    5. Report: Israel stealing Lebanese gas - Israel News, Ynetnews › YnetnewsNews
      Jun 8, 2010 - Hilmi Moussa, as-Safir's Israel affairs analyst, relying on Israeli reports, said, "The region where the find was made lies mostly off the ... Herzliya, Israel ... Lebanese Liars, Warmongers. Reuben Sassoon. , Israel. (06.08.10). 13.
      Missing: freescalesemiconductorpituach
    6. David Reuben Sassoon - The Weald - People history and genealogy
      ... descendent's report. Sasson, Sassoon individual records. The ancestral pedigree of Reuben Sassoon ... b: 1750 Baghdad, Iraq, son of Saleb Sassoon d: 1830 ...
      Missing: freescalesemiconductorherzliyapituach

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