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Did Yahoo's Marissa Ann Mayer Get Google Color Coded Word Cache For A Blow Job Like Sergey Brin's 'Chew' Amanda Rosenberg ?

Did Yahoo's Marissa Ann Mayer Get Google Color Coded Word Cache For A Blow Job Like Sergey Brin's  'Chew' Amanda Rosenberg ?

I once enquired to the anonymous Google Machine as to why I could no longer do a 'google' search and see the words and names I searhed color coded as Google used to do and yet if I went to former Google CEO
 Marissa Ann Mayer's(and the CIA's)Yahoo site all words one searches for are color coded just as Google's caches USED to be.However regardless of what I think of the internet search monopolies which are all controlled one way or the other by  NSA-CIA  as well as UK 'intelligence'(MI-5,MI-6,etc.),as well as by the Israeli Mossad,etc..

What happened to the color highlighted cache feature? it was one ...

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I am disappointed that the color highlighted cache buttons have been moved and ... at least when in need of the color highlighting, to Yahoo Search. I believe that Bing also has color highlighting of search words in cache.

Rony Ryals on File No. 265-23

U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission
Oct 7, 2005 - Tony Ryals ... Besides robbing me blind, anonymous aliases on Yahoo and ragingbull ... And they have had my email and message board posts deleted so many ... to convict him,Davidson and Agora Inc. for touting although they or Davidson did ... And as you know so well James Dale Davidson touted and ..

  1. Agora Inc,Baltimore:J.D.Davidson,Lycos ...
    Nov 16, 2005 - Below is a recent email from the Agora Inc.,Baltimore penny stock touter Porter Stansberry.I forget his real ... Bill Bonner,James Dale Davidson, ex-CIA Chief William Colby, .... by Tony Ryals Tuesday November 15, 2005 at 12:24 PM .... that have been used to rob Americans and send the stolen money

  1. Yahoo on NSA surveillance: No comment - CNET News

    Feb 15, 2006 - California politician tries to get Yahoo's lawyer to say whether ... was a James Dale Davidson-Agora Inc AND THUS BELTWAY fraud and David Patch's ... And why have you deleted accounts and stolen private emailfrom ... just forward you inquiry to the Bribes and Tony Ryals Post Editing division of Yahoo.

It was in fact Yahoo who encouraged me to sign up for Yahoo email and posting messages on  their stock message boards in the first place and then stole my email and cloded the acounts so I could not post criticisms of CIA and other government insider stock frauds being promoted by anonymous individuals on Yahoo between 2005 and 2006.The stock frauds I warned about uincluded both the CIA's government funded and protected SRA International,(infamous for losing both Bill Clinton's and W Bush'S email),as well as the CIA penny stock fraud called Xybernaut that was basically a stock fraud money laundering operation of Israeli government 'intelligence' agents who use U.S.penny stock frauds to steal money friom America and Americans to fund themselves just as the CIA does while the Zionist controlled NSA looks the other way and pretends not to notice.

Google 'Glass' by the way is just another take on the Israeli U.S.incorporated pwenny stock fraud called

Amanda Rosenberg - or the   'Chew,(Chinese Jew)' as she likes to call herself - who made a small fortune for her contributions to Google Glass or giving Sergey Brin a blow job is nothing but another non-blond bimbo  by any other name.Even according to the erroneous 'Orthodox Jews' definition of a 'Jew' she doesn't qualify as being Jewish because it was her father and not her mother who is 'Jewish' in the first place.And of course her father is just another of the many Jewish carpetbaggers running similar financial frauds around the world when he met her mother in China or Hong Kong or whereever in the first place.In fact her white Euro trash father doesn't qualify to a 'Jew' because real Jews if they styill existed would have to be of truly Semitic origins and Semitic languages evolved as far as we can see in southern Caucasian populations where there were no white folks in the first place.Why doesn't the Russian CIA-Mossad  Zionist Sergey Brin explain this historic and scientific fact to his little 'Chew' nest time she  has her lips wrapped around his private part and thus can be quite long enough to listen ?

It was a Stanford University connected stock fraud called Endovasc that led to my investigating stock frauds in the first place and  any organization that with Zionist financiers and stock promoters could create and capityalize Google or an alternative overnight.We definitely need alternatives to Google,Yahoo and Microsoft because all three came out of and are still part of the very fascist military creators of internet in the first place and those government agencies all did it with stock fraud.

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  •  29, 2013 - She is marketing manager for Google's Glass computerised .... herself: 'I'm part of the master race that is the Chinese Jew or Chew, if you will.
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    Aug 30, 2013 - Google transfers Glass staffer after billionaire Brin's mistress outed ... “I'm part of the master race that is the Chinese Jew or Chew, if you will,” ...
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    Aug 31, 2013 - Uploaded by VitoBarr
    She's the Google Glass marketing manager. ... As does "Chew" -- Chinese Jew -- which was apparently ...




    Many of Google's top managers in Washington have worked for the CIA and other US intelligence agencies.

    Jim Young worked as a CIA analyst at the Directorate of Science and Technology, which is involved in MKULTRA mind control programs

    Jim Young now works for Google, selling things to the Defence Department.

    The revolving door between Google and the Department of Defence.

    Karel Donk's Blog

    Shannon Sullivan worked for the US intelligence agencies.

    She is 'Head of Defense and Intelligence at Google Enterprise.'

    Michele R. Weslander Quaid

    Michele R. Weslander Quaid has worked for various US intelligence agencies.

    She did intelligence work in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    She has worked with the USA's director of national intelligence and the Secretary of Defense.

    She is one of Google's Chief Technology Officers

    Weslander Quaid told Entrepreneur Magazine that a big part of her job at Google entails meeting with intelligence agency directors.

    Google has aggressively intensified its campaign to work alongside the intelligence agencies

    Ned Ryun (in white Generation Joshua T-shirt) who worked for George W Bush. 

    Weslander Quaid helps the Republican Party win elections.

    Politico reports that Michele Weslander Quaid is joining the board of directors of Voter Gravity, which works for the Republican party and conservative groups.

    Voter Gravity was set up by Ned Ryun, a rightwing 'Christian' and an anti-union activist. 

    Recently exposed is Google's partnering with Koch think tanks.

    Google appears to be part of the Nazi-Zionist-Mafia-Robber-Baron elite.

    They invade people's privacy, make money from people's intellectual property and work with the spooks.

    Read Pando’s surveillance valley coverage.

    Death to bad search results: Elicit fixes website search with some context and a human touch

    The ad game is rigged against online publishers, but sovrn thinks it can be the answer

    Let’s kill “net neutrality”

    The FCC is about to kill the free Internet



    Muchos de los altos directivos de Google en Washington han trabajado para la CIA y otras agencias de inteligencia de Estados Unidos. Jim Young trabajó como analista de la CIA en la Dirección de Ciencia y Tecnología, que está involucrada en programas de control mental MKULTRA Jim Joven ahora trabaja para Google, la venta de lo que el Departamento de Defensa.

    La puerta giratoria entre Google y el Departamento de Defensa . 

    Blog de ​​Karel Donk 

    Shannon Sullivan trabajó para las agencias de inteligencia de Estados Unidos. Ella es "Jefe de Defensa e Inteligencia de Google Enterprise. '

    Michele R. Weslander Quaid

    Michele R. Weslander Quaid ha trabajado para varias agencias de inteligencia de Estados Unidos. Ella hizo un trabajo de inteligencia en Irak y Afganistán. Ella ha trabajado con el director de la EE.UU. de Inteligencia Nacional y el Secretario de Defensa. Ella es una de las de Google Jefes de los Servicios Tecnológicos

    Weslander Quaid dijo a la revista Entrepreneur de que una gran parte de su trabajo en Google implica reunión con los directores de las agencias de inteligencia. Google haintensificado agresivamente su campaña para trabajar junto con las agencias de inteligencia

    Ned Ryun (en blanco Generación Josué  camiseta) que trabajaban para George W Bush. 

    Weslander Quaid ayuda a que el Partido Republicano ganó las elecciones . Politico informa que Michele Weslander Quaid se une a la junta directiva de Votantes por gravedad, que trabaja para el Partido Republicano y los grupos conservadores. Voter Gravedad fue creada por Ned Ryun, un derechista "cristiano" y un activista anti-sindical.

    Recientemente expuesta se ha asociado de Google con Koch think tanks. Google parece ser parte de la elite nazi-sionista-Mafia-ladrón-barón. Invaden privacidad de las personas, ganar dinero con la propiedad intelectual de las personas y trabajar con los fantasmas . Leer de Pando Valle vigilancia cobertura.

    Muerte a los resultados de búsqueda malas: Obtener correcciones página web de búsqueda con un poco de contexto y un toque humano 

    El juego ad está amañado contra los editores en línea, pero sovrn piensa que puede ser la respuesta

    Vamos a matar "neutralidad de la red" 

    El FCC es a punto de matar a la Internet libre

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