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UC Homeland In-Security Dept.'s Terrorist Janet Napolitano Wears Arizona Sheriff Arpaio's Pink Panties

UC Homeland In-Security Dept.'s Terrorist Janet Napolitano Wears Arizona Sheriff Arpaio's Pink Panties

 Partners in Pink Underwear,Janet Napolitano's embarrassing history with Sheriff Joe Arpaio.:

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PHOTO: Sheriff Joe Arpaio shows the chains which will be used by volunteers for the 1st female chain gang in the US at Estrella prison. PHOTO: Obama Birth ...

KPHO Phoenix-by Breann Bierman-Jul 12, 2013
Janet Napolitano is resigning as secretary of Homeland Security, leading to questions of who will replace her. Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio sent out this ...

Photo from Twitter of President Barack Obama and Sheriff Joe Arpaio

I have already reported how Sheriff Arpaio supports and procts the Zionist and Rothschild connected Christian Financial Radio Network,(CFRN),money launderers located in his own Maricopa County and how he allowed right wing anti-immigrant terrorist associated with VeteransToday's Gordon Duff and  later involved in mass murder and suicide to force his way into an OWS protest in Phoenix Arizona in order to disrupt peaceful formerlly U.S.Constitutionally protected peaceful protest.
Bud Burrell and Reverend DeWayne Reeves have run penny stock money laundering ops out of Maricopa Arizona for years all the while complaining about Mexican illegals ! I'd certainly feel safer around a tghousand illegal Mexican workers than those gun toting terrorists and international money launderers and parasites with UK Rothschild crime family connections who Sheriff Arpaio and by extention ex Arizona Governnor Janet Napolitano calls friends !
On the other hand Sheriff Arpaio is probably correct about  Barack Obama's aka Barry Soetoro's false birth cerificate.After all it was Obama himself who claimed to be born in Kenya from the early 1990's until about the time the CIA and the international military industrial complex decided to make him titular head of the U.S. government.The brochure in which he claims to be Kenya born and put out by a 'reputable' pr firm can still be found.His Connecticut social security card is probably illegal as well.

Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio protects armed racists,money launderers ...
Jul 16, 2011 - Radio Network or CFRN such as Pastor.(without a church),Dewayne Reeves,Bud Burrell,Mark Faulk,,do.And I guess Bud Burrell's

Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio protects armed racists:

''I had dinner last night with Sheriff Joe. The previous evening he dined 
with Ted Nugent. Based on the LinkedIn theory of relativity I'm now one 
degree from cat scratch fever. Right? Is that how that works? Hello! Is this thing
on........ (tap tap)
''We went a little politico today talking guns and immigration and I do understand 

that some members of our audience get a little rattled when we go down that road. 
You shouldn't. You should get warm and fuzzy...''
-Quote from - Dewayne Reeves of CFRN or Christian Financial Radio Network , 'Sheriff Joe'because he provides them protection and even dines with them 
in corrupt Maricopa Couny.......''

"I do have some experience in corruption and illegal activity," -
Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio

wolfblitzzer0: Pastor Jim Solomon New Hope Church,Sandy Hook ...
Jan 1, 2013 - Phoenix Sheriff Joe Arpaio's CFRN Money Launderers,Bud Burrell,. 'Reverend' DeWayne Reeves: New Hope CIA Orphanage Uganda ?

Partners in Pink Underwear

Janet Napolitano's embarrassing history with Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Arizona Gov. Janet Napolitano, President-elect Barack Obama's apparent pick for Secretary of Homeland Security, has been praised as "smart, tough and funny" and "exceptionally talented." She has a record as a pragmatist on immigration and solid legal credentials as a former U.S. attorney and state attorney general. But Napolitano has also looked the other way on police excess when political calculation demanded it, as well as tolerated the questionable use of local sheriff's deputies to serve as a roving immigration patrol.
All of this can be traced to her friendship with the media-obsessed Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County, Ariz., who would consider it his own personal failing if you haven't yet heard of him. He is "America's toughest sheriff," a man who rose to prominence in the 1990s with such newsmaking stunts as feeding his inmates green bologna, clothing them in pink underwear, housing them in surplus Army tents behind barbed wire in the desert, and putting them to work on chain gangs. This punishment is inflicted equally on convicted criminals and those who have been convicted of no crime at all but are awaiting trial and unable to afford bail. Inmates who assault guards are put on rations of water and fortified bread.

 Arizona Gov. Janet Napolitano. Click image to expand.
Arizona Gov. Janet Napolitano 
The public devours it, and Arpaio has consistently enjoyed some of the highest approval ratings of any elected official in Arizona (Maricopa County includes Phoenix). That inmates have a way of getting killed in Sheriff Joe's jails, costing Maricopa County millions of dollars in lawsuits, has not dimmed his star. Nor has a federal judge's order that he provide a constitutionally mandated minimum level of food and health care, an order that said Arpaio had inflicted "needless suffering and deterioration" on the mentally ill.
More than a decade ago, Napolitano was in a position to help curb Arpaio's excesses. As a U.S. attorney in 1995, she was put in charge of a Justice Department investigation into atrocious conditions in Arpaio's "tent city." Napolitano carried out her task with what can best be described as reluctance, going out of her way to protect Arpaio from flak almost before the probe had started. "We're doing this with the complete cooperation of the sheriff," she told the Associated Press. "We run a strict jail but a safe jail, and I haven't heard from anyone who thinks that this is a bad thing."
"Anyone"? Maybe Napolitano needed to get out of her office a little more.
The Justice Department's final report, issued about two years later,  confirmed a list of disgraces, including excessive use of force, gratuitous use of pepper spray and "restraint chairs" (since blamed for at least three inmate deaths), and hog-tying and beating of inmates.  It also said Arpaio's staffing was "below levels needed for safety and humane operations."
The Justice Department filed suit and settled with the sheriff the same day after Arpaio agreed to administrative changes, including limiting the use of pepper spray and improving inmate grievance procedures. Napolitano stood with Arpaio at a press conference in which she, according to the Arizona Republic, "pooh-poohed her own lawsuit as 'lawyerly paperwork.' " Arpaio called the result a vindication.
"Let me say this for the people of Maricopa County," he told the Republic. "The chain gangs stay. The tents stay. The pink underwear stays. All my programs stay. … This has nothing to do with my policies and programs."
Arpaio, a Republican, later appeared in a television ad supporting Napolitano's 2002 run for governor, which she won by a tiny margin, fewer than 12,000 votes. His intervention was undoubtedly one of the deciding factors in her election.
Napolitano's hands-off policy toward Sheriff Joe's constabulary antics continued in her tenure as governor, even as Arpaio started pulling his deputies away from local crime investigation and to checking vehicles and making sweeps for illegal immigrants—a policy denounced by the mayor of Phoenix, among others. Napolitano did little to rein in the sheriff, refusing to say anything about the controversy for months. She finally drew his ire last spring by denying him a portion of state funding that was to have been spent on roundups of suspected illegal aliens, instead ordering that it be used to catch felons.

Of course, few governors arrive at their offices without having made a few malodorous alliances. And Arizona is one of the most conservative states in the nation, where a tough stance on immigration is necessary even to get elected dog catcher. Still, when presented the opportunity to challenge a law-enforcement practice that was splashy and crowd-pleasing but ultimately cruel and futile, Napolitano declined.
Her history with Arpaio isn't necessarily a disqualifying factor. But it is something to consider. The secretary of the Department of Homeland Security cannot be reluctant to stand up and speak out against excesses in law enforcement.

 Sheriff Joe Arpaio told Breitbart News he hopes to meet with President Barack Obama at the White House. (AP Photo/Matt York) Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio would like to have his own version of a "man-to-man" beer summit with President Barack Obama so he could give the president advice on dealing with immigration, the outspoken law enforcement official told Breitbart News in a story published Tuesday.
"I wish the president would invite me to the White House," he said, according to the website. "We'll have some wine and beer, and light up cigars."
Arpaio and the president don't see eye to eye on much -- the Maricopa County sheriff is a hardline opponent of comprehensive immigration reform, while Obama has said he plans to make reform, including pathways to citizenship, a top priority during his second term. The sheriff, who recently won reelection for his sixth term as the top law enforcement officer in the county, also led a highly criticized investigation into Obama's birth certificate and whether the president was actually born in the United States.
But Arpaio promised not to mention it if he and the president spoke, even though he has said before the document is "definitely fraudlent''.........

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