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Boston Marathon,Aaron Swartz:Corrupt FBI, U.S.Attorney Carmen Ortiz Guilty In Death of Bulgar Witness Stephen Rakes ?

 Boston Marathon,Aaron Swartz:Corrupt FBI, U.S.Attorney Carmen Ortiz Guilty In Death of Bulgar Witness Stephen Rakes ?

Former Bulger associate says Bulger was long-time FBI informant

USA TODAY - ‎9 minutes ago‎
SHARE 1322 CONNECT 327 TWEET 61 COMMENTEMAILMORE. BOSTON -- A former associate of James "Whitey" Bulger testified Thursday that he and the alleged criminal mastermind of a South Boston gang were FBI informants for about 15 years.

Regardless the FBI DID aid,abet and protect Bulgar during his long successful criminal terrorist activities in the Boston area.And the FBI did pre-meditatively murder an important witness in Florida to the Boston Marathon incident.Why !? And what tragedy befell the two FBI agents at the center of the Boston Marathon who just happened to conveniently fall out of a helicopter shortly after the Tsarnaev brothers were
murdered and serioudsly wounded in a night of chaos in Boston where police and FBI actually  shot at each other !?
As for the corrupt Boston U.S.AttorneyCarmen Ortiz one can only wonder if the powers that be put Hispanic politicos like her in their positions of power in order to slander Americans of Latin American decent or just because they are corrupt and maleable Zionist and CIA tools and prostitutes like her crime bosses Barack Obama aka Barry Soetoro  and U.S.Attorney General Eric Holder whose trafficking of arms to drug traffickers in the Fast and Furious  incident as well as work with Chiquita Banana mafia in Colombia who had right wing death squads on its payroll should have landed him a stiffer sentence than will be handed out to FBI terrorist Whitey Bulgar himself !And indeed the corrupt Zionist prostitute who Obama ands Holder call a U.S.Attorney should have allowed deceased victim of the FBI's terrorist Bulgar take the stand and witness to the FBI's collusion with and involvement in the criminal activities of Whitey Bulgar.Too late now !

 Boston Hoax Prosecutor Carmen Ortiz Busted as Pathological Liar ...
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Boston Globe
  1. Stephen Rakes Dead: Key 'Witness' In Bulger Trial Found Dead In Lincoln, Massachusetts
    Huffington Post ‎- 33 minutes ago
    Agent Connolly was the FBI handler working with Bulger and his righthand man Stephen .... That office is led by U.S. Attorney Carmen Ortiz.
    Gerald Montanari, Former FBI Agent, Says Bulger Victim Predicted ...
    3 days ago - Retired agent Gerald Montanari told jurors in Bulger's racketeering case ... U.S. Attorney Carmen Ortiz speaks to reporters as FBI Special Agent ...

 For Prosecuting And Persecuting Aaron Swartz, The Muzzle Goes To U.S. Attorney Carmen Ortiz

 Last January, Aaron Swartz, a 26-year-old computer prodigy and an activist for open information, hanged himself in his New York City apartment. Swartz suffered from depression and was reportedly despondent over a criminal case that Carmen Ortiz had brought against him for downloading millions of academic articles at MIT without authorization...............

U.S. Attorney Carmen Ortiz
Credit AP Photo
U.S. Attorney Carmen Ortiz

Note the sleazy white bitch U.S.Attorney Carmen Ortiz (probably also with Sephardic Jewish roots and thus from elitist pro Israel Zionist and not humble or authentic Hispanic roots) anyway,not only gagged the 'mysteriously' deceased key witness Stephen Rakes from testifying at court but provided no police protection either ! This 'woman' who harresses a young man to his suicide over Constitutionally protected free speech issues for publishing MIT document over the internet while Zionist MITscum and normally 'liberal' bigmouth Noam Chomky sits silent just goes to show what kind of perverts who taken over the polise,eductional and justice sstem of a city that brags of being 'patriotic' towards the U.S.Constitution they sit quietly by and allowed to be raped !For those who don't know a 'Sephardic Jew' of Euro Spanish origen is still a white European  just like the majoritiy of white 'Geman Jews' who lie about being 'Semites' to justify the occupation and theft of Semitic Palestinians including Christians who they have murdered and dtolen heritage fomas well and who are more likely than Sephardic Jews to be related to the Jews of the Old Testament.Wealthy Sephardic Jews have even been called 'blue bloods' due to the lightness of their skin like all other Europeans.

Stephen “Stippo” Rakes, 59, had said that Bulger had forced him to sell his liquor store at a cut-rate price in 1984. Bulger’s Winter Hill Gang wanted to use the liquor store as a front for its criminal activities, and Rakes had been set to testify before he was cut from the prosecution’s list of witnesses.

His body was found on the side of the road in the suburb of Lincoln, Mass., at about 1:30 p.m. Wednesday, according to the Middlesex County District Attorney’s Office. Officials said an autopsy had revealed no signs of trauma. Investigators are awaiting a toxicology report to determine the cause of Rakes’ death, and police sources told New England Cable News that they are treating it as suspicious.

Rakes did not have a wallet or identification with him when he was found, NBC News affiliate WHDH reported, and investigators are looking into how he got to the roadside where he was found by a jogger.

One of many potential witnesses who said they had been wronged by Bulger, Rakes said in June that he was looking forward to facing down the gray and defanged 83-year-old Bulger from the witness stand, according to the Boston Herald.

“I’m not afraid of him anymore. I can’t wait to get on the stand and look him right in the eyes,” Rakes told the paper. “I come here to represent the victims that are afraid to come here. My friends. That’s why I’m showing up. And there’s not one. There’s not 10. There’s hundreds. And they’re still afraid.”

“They took everything from me. They don’t care about nothing,” Rakes told the Boston Herald. “At least I’m still alive. I’m still alive and I’m grateful for that.”

“The day I see him in a box, not breathing, will be better,” Rakes said in April, according to the Associated Press.

The former liquor store owner gave his story of how Bulger ripped him off at gunpoint in a 2001 interview with the Boston Globe, when Bulger was still a fugitive. According to the account, Rakes and his two daughters were at home in 1984 when Bulger and two of his associates, Stephen “The Rifleman” Flemmi and Kevin Weeks, knocked at the front door.

With Rakes’ 1-year-old daughter on Flemmi’s lap and a switchblade in Bulger’s hand, the gangsters tossed Rakes $67,000 dollars and told him they were taking over his store, according to the man’s account.

“There was not a damn thing I could do,” Rakes told the Globe. “There’s nothing you can do because they’ve got guns and they’re willing to kill anybody. Life is nothing to them. You’ve got something they want, they’ll take it. And that’s just what happened.”

In the years afterward, Rakes said he never knew when he might see Bulger’s face again.

“I was always afraid they were going to pull up some day and just shoot me,” Rakes told the Globe in 2001. “Every day I look over my shoulder. I trust absolutely no one.”

Weeks gave a slightly different version of the shakedown story when he testified in Bulger’s trial, saying that it was Rakes who was trying to pull a fast one on them when the gangsters showed up at his house armed with guns.

“We didn’t go to him to buy the store. He came to us. It wasn’t your regular extortion,” Weeks testified. Rakes had backed out of a deal to sell the liquor store for $100,000, Weeks added.

That’s a load of nonsense, Rakes told the Associated Press after Weeks’ testimony.

“Kevin continues to lie, as usual, because that’s what he has to do,” Rakes told the wire service. “My liquor store was never for sale – never, never, never.”

Rakes was convicted in 1998 of lying to a grand jury about the extortion, saying he was afraid to tell the truth. He ultimately cooperated with law enforcement and avoided going to prison. He won a $28 million judgment against Bulger with his ex-wife.

“I can assure you my ex-husband did not commit suicide,” Rakes’ ex-wife Julie Dammers told the Boston Globe. “We have more questions than answers.”

The news of Rakes’ sudden demise had the Moakley Federal Courthouse on the waterfront in South Boston chattering on Thursday as Flemmi made his first appearance. He is back on the stand Friday.

“I was going by his house – I gotta know why he hasn’t come to court, why he hasn’t talked to me. I got a gut feeling, really sick feeling about it,” Stephen Davis, whose sister Debra Davis was allegedly killed by Bulger, told WHDH on Thursday.

But the man who says he’s all too familiar with Bulger’s methods says Rakes' sudden death bears echoes of the bad old days.

“I figure it’s murder,” Davis said.

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Cardinale, who helped expose the connection between the FBI and Bulger and Flemmi, who were prized FBI informants during their reign of terror in Boston’s underworld, said he did not believe Rakes’s death had any connection to the ongoing prosecution of Bulger.
“All I can say is I seriously doubt it has anything do with any part of this case,’’ Cardinale said. “That’s my sense.’’
Rakes has been a constant presence at the US District Court in South Boston where the 83-year-old Bulger has been on trial for the past six weeks, a trial that took place only after Bulger was captured in California two years ago after spending 16 years on the run.
Rakes, who was on the witness list of US Attorney Carmen Ortiz, was told Tuesday that prosecutors did not plan to call him to testify, a decision that Steve Davis said had devastated Rakes.
Davis said Rakes perceived the decision by Ortiz’s office as robbing him of the opportunity to refute claims made during the trial by Kevin Weeks, Bulger’s former protege, that Rakes had sent his sister, Mary O’Malley, as an intermediary to Bulger and Weeks, asking if they were interested in buying his liquor store.
Weeks testified that they agreed on a price of $100,000, but when Bulger, Weeks and Flemmi, tried to close the deal Rakes demanded more money.
“He [Rakes] tried to shake us down,” Weeks said on the witness stand during Bulger’s trial.
At that point, Weeks said, the three gangsters grew infuriated and pulled a gun in front of Rakes’s small children at his home in South Boston, threatening Rakes unless he sold the store.
But Rakes told a vastly different story, saying the gangsters approached him in what amounted to a hostile takeover. They told him to take the money or he would be killed.
A US attorney’s spokeswoman declined comment on Rakes’s death.


 Aaron Swartz Prosecutor Carmen Ortiz Admonished In 2004 For Aggressive Tactic

WASHINGTON -- U.S. Attorney Carmen Ortiz, under fire over her office's aggressive prosecution of Internet activist Aaron Swartz, was admonished by a federal appeals court in 2004 for advocating a harsher jail term for a defendant than she had promised him in a plea-bargain agreement, according to a court document.
Ortiz, a potential candidate for Massachusetts governor or the federal judiciary prior to Swartz's January suicide, has come under congressional criticism for allowing Assistant U.S. Attorney Stephen Heymann to pursue an aggressive Internet fraud case against Swartz. A court decision from 2004 revealed that Ortiz, while an assistant prosecutor herself, also used an aggressive tactic. A Justice Department spokesman wasn't available to comment.
The appeals court document was brought to light in an anonymous letter to members of Congress involved in the House Oversight Committee investigation into the Justice Department's handling of the Swartz case.
Swartz committed suicide two years after he was arrested on federal hacking charges. Prosecutors had told Swartz they would recommend a seven-year prison sentence if he did not plead guilty to a felony and agree to serve six months behind bars. The charges against Swartz accused him of violating a terms of service agreement with the online database of academic articles, JSTOR. Swartz downloaded millions of articles quickly, rather than a few at a time. JSTOR had opposed Swartz's prosecution.
The case has become a flashpoint for Internet activists seeking to reform outdated hacking statutes and for critics of the criminal justice system seeking to curtail abusive prosecutions. Several lawmakers have questioned Attorney General Eric Holder over the Justice Department handling of the case.

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