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NY Zionist Senator Seymour Lachman:Sandy Hook Investigator Jonathan Reich Remains Disappeared by Police State,Phoney Families Awaiting Obama Bribe-Payoff From Fund Raising Scams

NY Zionist Senator Seymour Lachman:Sandy Hook Investigator Jonathan Reich Remains Disappeared by Police State,Phoney Families Awaiting Obama Bribe-Payoff From Fund Raising Scams

As this avon.patch article about the arrest of Jonathan Reich aka Scotty Walker for questioning the claims of Sandy Hook medical examiner and con artist Wayne Carver III note Reich  himslef must come from a very pro Israel Jewish family or he would not have been encouraged by them to travel to Israel with other young Zionists as  is documented by the vague complaints made about him on said trip by fellow female travelers.:

 Suspect Made Harassing Calls Prior to Newtown-Related Incidents ...
May 24, 2013 - Woman tells police that suspect Jonathan Reich, 22, who was "radical" in ... beliefs, also harassed her and her roommates on a school trip to Israel. ... Reich referenced a Jewish victim of the Sandy Hook Elementary School ...

Scott Walker aka Jonathan Reich is a strange and mysterious charcter in the Sandy Hook incident that has involved an unusual amount of Jewish or Zionist 'victims' or actors as the case may be.And Reich aka Walker has obvioiusly from his now disappeared youtube site been at the forefront of aggressively and in my opinion a good journalist in questioning but NOT threateningly various characters involved.And those that he has questioned on his former youtube account were public figures who in fact owe the American public the truth about such a presumeably tragic act of homicide as is alleged to have been committed by the alleged perpetrater Adam Lanza.
Instead all we have gotten are lies from sleaze like Veronuique Pozner and her husband Lenny who show more interest in raising money for themselves and the state of Israel and forcing anti-gun legislation than in
telling us the truth.Even Governor Malloy with his UK Rothschild connections lies for her about seeing Noah's dead body that no one else has seen and both take the counsel of far right Russian Jewish  mafia crime family Chabad Lubavitch.

As it turns out Jonathan Reich himself who was arrested in great part due to complaints of fraudulent Connecticut Medical Examiner Wayne Carver III  has Zionist skeletons in his Jewish closet as well and his family is well connected which may or not explain why he has used the pseudonym Scott Walker.All in all like I said,I still greatly respect him for his efforts in persuing the truth and don't know if it has been the police state alone that has silenced him oe family pressure because as the viseo below will show his well connected family is also vewry politivcally connected to Zionist Jews in NY such as Senator Lacman who lobbies to free American traitor and Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard,etc..

Attorney David Reich ,relative,(father?),of missing Sandy Hook investigator Jonathan Reich has high level Zionist pro Israel connections including to NY Senator Seymour Reich.:

NY State Senator Lachman Appeal for Pollard Clemency
Sep 6, 2000 - fairness and equity of Jonathan Jay Pollard's ... CONTACT: David Reich 
718-449-1443 ... News from State Senator Seymour P. Lachman 

David Reich - New York City Campaign Finance Board: The 2003 ...
DAVID REICH. Democratic. Party Enrolled In: Democratic. Occupation: Attorney - Chief Counsel to State Senator Seymour P. Lachman since January of 1999.

  1. Newly released NYPD 9/11 pictures of WTC collapse taken from ...
    Feb 10, 2010 - Newly released NYPD 9/11 pictures of WTC collapse taken from ...
    Mayor Bloomberg eats a hot dog from Grill House with State senator Seymour 
    Lachman (r A century ...

  1. NY State Senator Lachman Appeal for Pollard Clemency

    Sep 6, 2000 - fairness and equity of Jonathan Jay Pollard's ... CONTACT: David Reich718-449-1443 ... News from State Senator Seymour P. Lachman

    Jonathan,David,Toby Reich connected to same address in Flushing Hills,New York.

    1. Scott Walker aka Jonathan Reich (With Updated Link) - YouTube
      Jun 11, 2013 - Uploaded by Merry Mary
      Some interesting info found when researching the family ofJonathan Reich ...

 Jonathan Reich aka Scott Walker call to office of Sandy Hook Connecticut Medical Examiner Wayne Carver III that alegedly was cause of the  bogus criminal charges against him and arrest.

Some Sandy Hook Victims' Families Still Angry Over Fund

July 06, 2013|By DAVE ALTIMARI,, The Hartford Courant
Some family members of the 26 victims, including 20 first-graders, killed in the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre say that the protracted battle with the foundation overseeing an $11.4 million fund over how the donations will be dispersed has left them victimized once again.
In a meeting with The Courant this week, members of 12 of the families agreed to speak about their frustrations on the condition that their names not be published. The group has been battling with the Newtown-Sandy Hook Community Foundation Inc. for months over the dispersement of the fund.

The family members say the group has ignored their pleas to bring in an independent party to oversee the process.
The foundation has maintained it was never intended to be a victim's compensation fund and that the $7.7 million that will go to the 40 families is more than fair, while family members say they have lost all trust in the board which raised money on the blood of their dead children.
"From the beginning we have wanted an independent person brought in to take it out of the community so we wouldn't have to worry about running into someone at Big Y who was deciding what to do with the money,'' a family member said.
"It is massively insulting to the families that since day one they have asked for our advice and then completely ignored it every time, making us victims all over again,'' a family member said.
The stalemate came to a head at a meeting two weeks ago where about 20-30 family members met with the foundation. The meeting ended with at least two mothers running from the room crying and no resolution.
In fact the foundation is prepared to move ahead with a public hearing scheduled for July 11 at 8 p.m. on how to distribute the $7.7 million to the 40 families, which includes the 26 who died, 12 students who survived Adam Lanza's shooting spree on Dec. 14, and the two teachers who were injured.
The rest of the fund will be kept in a separate community fund to be distributed at some later point by a separate committee of town officials. That money Foundation members say is for the long-term needs of Newtown, whatever those may be.
"The easy thing to do is just give the money to the victims and close the account. That's the easy thing but not necessarily the right thing," foundation President Dr. Charles Herrick said. "In the short-term, I don't pretend to believe that anyone is happy but in the long-term, I hope the families will see it as the right decision to reserve money for the community's future needs."
Gov. Dannel P. Malloy, who within days of the shooting recommended that the United Way bring in an independent third party to distribute the fund, said Friday that it's not too late to salvage the situation. The United Way raised the money and turned the fund over to the foundation.
"Sometimes people with the best of interests can back themselves into retractable positions that aren't helpful,'' Malloy said. "This situation was avoidable and still could be addressed. The families request should have been met and this has now led to the unfortunate situation where it hurts the individuals that they are supposed to be helping.''
Foundation members point to the fact the attorney general's office reviewed some of their records and determined that they were honoring not only their by-laws but also donor intent that money go to the community.
But the families say the attorney general only reviewed about 3 percent of the total donations made to the fund and that it has changed names several times and was originally called the Sandy Hook School Support Fund and that the word "community" didn't appear in the name until months after the massacre.
Several families said they even directed people to donate money to the fund in their obituaries or Facebook memorial pages they established after the massacre which were visited by millions of people. Some said the foundation should release more information on who donated and for what purpose.
One of the sticking points is how the foundation came up with the $7.7 million figure in the first place. Originally the number was $4.4 million but that was quickly upped to $7.7 million with the rest going to a "community fund" for the long-term use by the town.
Family members have questioned why all of the funds weren't turned over to the distribution committee headed by former federal judge Alan Nevas to decide how to distribute them. While they stop short of saying they think all of the money should go to them, they do question why the Foundation believes so much money is needed for the community.
The families said there has already been plenty of money donated to the community through numerous charities. The Sandy Hook Elementary School PTA has "more money than they know what to do with," there are numerous funds established for a memorial and the federal government recently gave the town a grant for mental health counseling.

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