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Sandy Hook,Newtown,CT.'s Jewish Zionist Criminals Keep It Up With Israeli Controlled U.S.Government Encouragement

Sandy Hook,Newtown,CT.'s Jewish Zionist Criminals Keep It Up With Israeli Controlled U.S.Government Encouragement

Sandy Hook — 30 June 2013
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Newtown’s Zionist Jews Resurface, Once Again
The arch-thieves and crooks of Sandy Hook have re-surfaced once again, showing their wretched mugs before Congress in an attempt to cheat and extort. Make no mistake about it they are cheats and fraudsters to the most extreme degree, including that pathological liar, Nelba Marquez-Green as well as that most extreme anti-American mole, Zionist agent Nicole “the spy” Hockley. What is their common characteristic? They are all Jews.
Hockley, the latest ringleader, is particularly reprehensible. Watch her: you can see this Rothschild asset, well-paid for her role and a spy and operative, lying through her teeth, literally.
They are no the only ones. The news anchors also do the lying for them: it’s their job:
“They wanna see gun legislation that could pass that would protect other children.” Editor’s note: what other children – all the children of Sandy Hook were effigies, figments of imagination.

See also that filthy liar Neil the Crook Heslin, attempting to solicit even more illicit funds, the wicked fraud:
Who can be found in the video? They are all enemies of the nation. Let’s reveal these moles, every one of them:
Seen, here are arch-fraudsters, from rear forward, Mark Barden, Bill Sherlach, Neil Heslin, Francine Lobis-Wheeler, and in front, the ever-present Zionist mole Nelba Marquez-Green. What do they have in common? They are all Jews. What else do they have in common? They are all filthy liars.
Heslin and Sherlach are on hire by the cabal to drive home new legislation essentially neutering the 2nd Amendment. Both are relentless in attempting to undermine the American people, surely for the advantage of the Israeli entity. They are rabid Zionist Jews. What else would be the motivation, merely a few thousands of dollars?
See another Jewish male, Mark Barden, surface, here. Like Heslin, he faked the death of a child and may not even have a child for all anyone knows. Heslin is a huckster estraordinaire and is continuously in trouble with the law, for instance, for writing stiff checks. No matter, says Heslin, “I have good lawyers, now.”
Next to Barden is Rothschild and Rockefeller agent, Zionist asset Nicole Hockley.
The camera first pans to these two: Barden has been busy in the Synagogues, stoking the flames of “gun control.” No one else will listen to the liar:
“It’s kind of amazing to think that this Friday will be six months, um…
it’s been the longest six months of my entire life…
but also the shortest. Time has been
completely irrelevant.”
Editor’s note: Hockley, shuts eyes when initiates lies and also when saying “six months.” Pin-sharp nose is common in liars and appears to become increasingly sharper with increasing lies. Also, clearly, she is lying directly through her teeth. 
Barden may appear innocent enough. He is not. For the goal of Eretz Israel he seeks to completely destroy the 2nd Amendment. Thus, he must be thoroughly exposed. Moreover, there is no one named Daniel: at least no one in existence in his current family. Thus, like the others he faked the death of a child, which means his is an arch-fraudster to the extreme.
Note: Francine Lobis-Wheeler, another Jew, was left out of the caption.
Now for the fraudster-in-chief, West Virginia Democrat Joe Manchin: “It might cost you your life…
and that is the smallest price I can pay and maybe save somebody.”
It may not cost you your life, but it surely will cost you your seat, as you are destroyed in a landslide victory (voting machine corruption excluding) for your high crimes against the Constitution.
Then, too, there is that hostile one, terminal huckster and Sandy Hook fraud supporter, Democrat Chris Murphy, who whenever he opens his mouth spews only lies. See those beady eyes, like Manchin. It’s a sign of low soul power as well as greed.  See the psyops prop, the green ribbon, which presumably represents the Zionist Greenberg family,which through the use of crisis actors played an essential role in the scam, Michael Greenberg even sending his daughter into the foray, Jennifer Sexton-Greenberg, who played Laura Phelps.
Thus, once again it is proven that Sandy Hook was a Zionist plot orchestrated by world Jewry as an attack against this Christian nation.

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