Tuesday, July 9, 2013

rothschild,goldman sachs, greece

rothschild,goldman sachs, greece http://www.storyleak.com/greece-goldman-sachs-rothschild-help-economy/ Greece Hires Goldman Sachs, Rothschild to Help Economy Read more: http://www.storyleak.com/greece-goldman-sachs-rothschild-help-economy/#ixzz2YZsbodU1 Who better to help Greece escape financial turmoil than Wall Street mafia head Goldman Sachs and the international banking elite family known as the Rothschilds? According to an official statement as reported by Reuters, Greece’s bank rescue fund has turned to the banking mafia duo in order to sell off two Greek banks (Proton and Hellenic Postbank) that were all but decimated by the economic turmoil in the nation. And who better to help sell these banks and help Greece to get back to a stable economic than Goldman Sachs, who actually was very helpful in helping to wage financial warfare on the Greek people through hiding Greece’s slimy debt. But that, of course, is just seasoning on top of the ironic yet horrific dish cooked up by this rescue fund in choosing the very origin of the modern banking mafia through turning to the notorious Rothschild family. From funding mega wars to originally making their massive wealth through outright deception following the Battle of Waterloo, electing any Rothschild to act as a Greek adviser is a choice that goes against the interests of the Greek people. But then again, that is the way of the international banking cartel. As we saw with the Cyprus incident, the wealthy bankers and connected corporate moguls pulled their voluminous amounts of cash from their accounts within the nation before the government went in and took finances from the savings of the people in order to pay for the country’s mega bailout. Even Cyprus President Nikos Anastasiadis was found to be on the list of individuals who withdrew their finances before the government-backed theft began. According to Reuters on the partnership between the Greek bank rescue fund and the corrupt banking tag team Goldman and Rothschild in an article that has received virtually zero attention: “Greece’s bank rescue fund has hired Rothschild and Goldman Sachs as advisers on the sale of lenders Proton and Hellenic Postbank (TT), which are most likely to be bought by bigger Greek banks, officials told Reuters on Friday.” Read more: http://www.storyleak.com/greece-goldman-sachs-rothschild-help-economy/#ixzz2YZqmCJ2F

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