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Trump wants nuclear arsenals slashed, calls Nato 'obsolete',

Trump wants nuclear arsenals slashed, calls Nato 'obsolete',

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Donald Trump wants nuclear arsenals slashed, calls Nato 'obsolete', Brexit 'a great thing'

LONDON (REUTERS) - US President-elect Donald Trump said he wants arsenals of nuclear weapons reduced very substantially as part of any nuclear deal with Russia, The Times newspaper reported.
When asked about the prospect of a nuclear arms reduction deal with Russia, Trump told the newspaper in an interview: "For one thing, I think nuclear weapons should be way down and reduced very substantially, that's part of it."
In other comments, he hailed Brexit as "a great thing" and backed a speedy trade agreement with Britain, in an interview with The Times newspaper.

"Brexit is going to end up being a great thing," Trump said of Britain's referendum vote last June to leave the European Union.
The president-elect also backed a trade deal with Britain which he said would be "good for both sides".
"We're gonna work very hard to get it done quickly and done properly," said Trump, confirming he will meet British Prime Minister Theresa May soon after his inauguration on JanTrump labels NATO 'obsolete' in newspaper interview .
In the interview, Trump also called Nato "obsolete", complaining that the pact had "not bothered about terrorism".
"Nato has problems. It's obsolete because it was first designed many, many years ago," Trump also told the Monday editions of German tabloid Bild.
"We're supposed to protect these countries, but many of them don't pay what they ought to," he went on, harking back to a familiar theme from the US campaign trail.
"That's very unfair on the United States."

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