Saturday, January 14, 2017

Israel Mossad Looking For More Money Launderers To Defraud Americans,Others Around The World - Jewish Zionists Like Martin Skreli Prefered,7340,L-4907167,00.html

Can you manage the Mossad's money?
The Mossad is sending out a public job notice that it is looking for an accountant with a special set of skills - English speaking, a law degree, and someone with the ability to 'conduct operations' and 'work in the field'.

The Israeli Mossad spy agency has posted job advertisements looking for an accountant.

The job description calls for an accountant who is willing to work “in a challenging position which combines unusual field work.”

Anyone – male or female – can apply. But the Mossad isn’t looking for just any accountant – they want someone who can conduct “operations” and “work in the field.” What this could actually mean is anybody’s guess.

Mossad emblem
Mossad emblem

The spy agency would prefer the applicant to have at least three years of accounting experience, and would prefer someone who has worked at companies such as Deloitte, Global, Ernst and Young, KMPG International, or PWC.

Additional preference would go to people with a law degree, along with having either an economics background or a background in mergers and acquisitions. They must also be able to speak English at a very high level, with additional languages a plus.

The candidate for this accounting position needs to be able to work both independently and in groups, and be able to handle many different projects at the same time. Additionally, the candidate must be open being sent abroad.

This isn’t the first time that the Mossad has put out public job notices, previously calling for chemists, clinical psychologists, and even tailors.

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