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Salah Abdeslam or a Mossad double?

"During a street side news report by the notorious Sky News (see: Scrutiny of the Tunisia “terror’ Attack) after the Paris attacks, a dead ringer for the alleged terrorist and subject of a 'massive manhunt' Abdeslam Ben Salah casually strolls in front of the camera and gives us a little smirk."

Abdeslam Salah Goes on Camera

Salah Abdeslam. It is possible that there is an Arab Salah and a Mossad body double?

Salah Abdeslam was stopped and let go by police, 3 times.

He is now believed to be on the run in Europe.


In 2010, while a trainee state rail mechanic, Salah was jailed for armed robbery.


His accomplice at the time was Abdelhamid Abaaoud (Abou Omar el-Belgiki), now suspected of being the 'mastermind' of the Friday 13th attack in Paris.

Salah's friend Nabil told reuters that Salah Abdeslam and his brother Ibrahim were "regular guys who enjoyed a laugh."

Salah's friend Hicham said that the brothers played cards and talked about football, but "never Islam or anything jihadist."

Neighbor Sheraz Sheik said of Salah: "He was a really nice guy.

"He was really well dressed, wearing designer clothes, no beard. A really smart guy, he'd gone to school and was really intelligent.”

The brothers opened a bar in their hometown two years ago, called the Cafe Des Beguines – named after a Christian monastic order – which served alcohol.

Ibrahim Abdeslam would openly drink alcohol, contrary to Islamic rules.

In 2015, the authorities served the bar with a notice saying they would shut down Café Des Beguines in August because 'the premises have been used for the consumption of banned hallucinogenic substances,' and alleging the dive bar was being used as a place to score drugs.

However, the Abdeslam brothers were never even brought in for questioning and they sold the bar in late September 2015.

Salah Abdeslam was on a countrywide list of about 800 suspected radicals, but, the authorities appear never to have interrogated him.


So, either Salah was blackmailed into working for the CIA-Mosad, or he has a CIA-Mossad double.

Mohamed Atta had a Hebrew speaking double.


Abdelhamid Abaaoud, Moroccan Jew?

Salah's friend Abdelhamid Abaaoud (Abou Omar el-Belgiki), is now suspected of being the 'mastermind' of the Friday 13th attack in Paris.

Abdelhamid Abaaoud was privately educated at Saint-Pierre College and was spoilt by his parents. 

He was a nightclub-loving playboy.

Like Salah Abdeslam, Abdelhamid Abaaoud grew up in the Molenbeek suburb of Brussels, not far from the HQ of NATO.

Abdelhamid Abaaoud became a petty criminal spent time in prison.

The security services recruit people in prison.

In Autumn 2014, Abdelhamid Abaaoud died.

The family received reports that he had been 'martyred' while fighting for IS.

At this point, a Mossad double, perhaps a Moroccan Jew, may have stepped in.

A Turkish woman has said of the family of Abdelhamid Abaaoud: 'The family weren’t religious at all.' a Turkish woman tasked with keeping an eye on their now-empty house told me yesterday.

According to a friend, the young Abdelhamid Abaaoud, would smoke cannabis liberally and drink whatever alcohol could be found.

Body doubles - Victoria Beckham, Gordon Ramsey, David Beckham and Ricky Gervais 

Abdelhamid Abaaoud attended one of the most exclusive colleges in Brussels, Saint-Pierre College, but he was expelled.

A former classmate says: 'He was a little jerk.' 

He bullied classmates and teachers and was found with stolen wallets.

Abdelhamid Abaaoud's father set him up in a clothes shop, near his own. 

Abdelhamid Abaaoud bought an Audi A4.

Like the reportedly gay King of Morocco, Abdelhamid Abaaoud loved Brussels' bars and nightclubs.

No one can remember him having a serious girlfriend.

Among his friends were the brothers Salah and Ibrahim Abdeslam.

Abdelhamid Abaaoud was sent to jail.

A Turkish neighbour says of Abdelhamid Abaaoud, after he came out of prison: "I could hardly recognise the Abdelhamid I knew all his life.

"He had been smart and clean-shaven, but he came out with a beard and long hair, and he had exchanged his jeans for traditional Arab Muslim robes. 

"Before, he was always laughing and joking. But he hardly smiled and spoke very quietly and seriously."

Perhaps the Abdelhamid Abaaoud who came out of prison was a mind-controlled asset of the security services.

Or perhaps he was a Mossad body-double.

In the 13 November 2015 Paris attack, one of the 'patsies' was Salah's brother, Ibrahim Abdeslam.

Ibrahim's former wife says says of Ibrahim:

1. He never went to the mosque.

2. He was not opposed to the West.

2. He was a jobless layabout who smoked cannabis 'all day every day'.

3. He had spent time in prison.

Ibrahim, 31, lived in Brussel's Molenbeek district, where the CIA reportedly recruits its patsies.

On 13 November, Ibrahim 'blew himself up' outside the Comptoir Voltaire cafe in Paris.

dailymail / Paris bomber Ibrahim Abdeslam 'smoked cannabis every day' but 'had no gripe with the West', says former wife.

Anders Breivik

Breivik's double



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1961 massacre in Paris.

The French government invented the word 'terrorism'.

The French government, after the fall of King Louis XVI, invented the word 'terrorism' to describe its own activities in killing its opponents.

In February 1894, Frenchman Emile Henry tossed a bomb into a Paris restaurant.

Parisian members of the Cagoule at a party celebrating the terrorist organisation's activities, December 3rd, 1937

Between 1935 and 1937, La Cagoule (France's fascist Comité Secret d’Action Révolutionnaire) carried out assassinations, bombings, sabotage of armaments, and other violent activities, "some intended to cast suspicion on communists and add to political instability."

"Cagoule activists committed several anonymous bombings, notably in Paris."

Terrorism in France.

In 1943, France's fascist Vichy regime founded the Milice, a terrorist force which hunted down and killed opponents. 

1961 massacre in Paris.

In 1961, "unarmed Algerian Muslims demonstrating in central Paris against a discriminatory curfew were beaten, shot, garotted and even drowned by police and special troops. 

"Thousands were rounded up and taken to detention centers around the city and the prefecture of police, where there were more beatings and killings.

"How many died? No one seems to know for sure, even now. Probably around 200."

Massacre in Paris: the Media kept quiet.

From the 1950s onwards there was trouble in the French colony of Algeria.

French settlers in Algeria set up the OAS (Organisation de l’armée secrète) and committed terrorist atrocities in Algeria.

The CIA is said to have helped create the OAS. 

"The OSA grew out of NATO's 'stay behind' paramilitary groups, known collectively as Operation Gladio." 

"In March 1962, over 100 bombs a day were detonated by the OAS ... with targets including hospitals and schools."

The OAS "engaged in indiscriminate killing sprees - against cleaning-ladies on 5 May; on 15 March 1962 - against six inspectors of the National Education Ministry.."

After France decided to withdraw from Algeria, the OAS committed terrorist atrocities in France.

1961 train bomb.

In 1961 the OAS planted a bomb on the Paris-Strasbourg train line, derailing a train and killing 28 people. 

The 1961 train bombing was designed to prevent De Gaulle from signing the Evian accords that ended the France-Algeria war. 

Jean-Marie Le Pen (above left), the founder of France's Front National party, says that the Charlie Hebdo attacks may have been the work of certain Western intelligence services.

Jean-Marie Le Pen says that the attack could have been the work of American or Israeli agents trying to start a civil war between Islam and the West.

Jean-Marie Le Pen says French terror attacks were work of Western intelligence.


There is a French link to Klaus Barbie.

Klaus Barbie was head of the Gestapo in Lyon in France.

He tortured  and sexually abused children.

He was popular with the fascists in France and popular with the CIA.

He was recruited by the CIA who eventually took him to Bolivia to help run the brutal pro-CIA narco-state.

Barbie became a key figure in the CIA's running of the trade in cocaine.

According to American journalist Peter McFarren: Barbie "played a decisive role in the growth of the cocaine trade in Bolivia, Peru and Columbia.

"He was the liaison between these kings of cocaine and the government, military and mercenaries."

How Nazi butcher Klaus Barbie helped kill Che Guevara and unleash global cocaine scourge - Mirror Online

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