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Thailand,CIA:Coup?:Malaysia Flight 370 Victim Of CIA-Thailand Military 'Exercise'?

Thailand,CIA:Coup?:Malaysia Flight 370 Victim Of CIA-Thailand Military 'Exercise'?

Thailand Coup ?:Maybe it's just an 'exercise'.............


General Prayuth Chan-ocha (above left with 'his American boss' Gen. Ray Odierno) has taken over in Thailand........

When I was last in Thailand I was led to believe that Thailand is essentially feudal and that at the top of the pyramid we have the King, the generals, certain business leaders, certain mafias and the CIA.

Allegedly, the drugs trade and the sex trade are protected by the 'powers-that-be'.

Thailand is strategically important and is caught up in the struggle between the USA and China.....................

he CIA reportedly takes an interest in Asian heroin. 

According to an article at ZNet, the CIA has encouraged the Heroin Trade

"In one of the CIA's more foul operations, its agents used its Air America airline to fly out Golden Triangle heroin. 

"The drug was sold to corrupt... Thai politicians who then peddled it to GIs in South Vietnam and a booming population of addicts in America." ..........

AIDS is now the main cause of death in Thailand. In Thailand's villages they are not dying so much of heart attacks as of AIDS. 

There are more than one million Thais in the sex industry and more than two million Thais with HIV...........

Bangkok is now regarded as the CRIME CENTRE of Asia. 

In Thailand's capital city, the Russian mafia deal in extortion, the Germans and Australians export women, the Chinese deal in the small arms trade, the Korean mafias go in for kidnapping, the Japanese.... 

Turf wars have led to shootings. 

In the year 2000, on the road from the airport, gunmen from Macau's 14K triad executed 3 Shui Fong members. 

On September 15th 2000, seven hitmen ran into a Bangkok flat used by a top Indian mafia boss. The boss's lieutenant was killed instantly. The don was critically wounded. 

Around the same time, a Pakistani gang leader, wanted for robbery and extortion, was gunned down in Bangkok. .....................

In March 2001 a bomb wrecked a Thai Airways plane at Bangkok's international airport. Police suspect the attack could be linked to prime minister Thaksin's pledge to crack down on drug smuggling. 

(In September 2001 the entire board of Thai Airways resigned. Prime Minister Thaksin had said the airline "sucks" and that if he had any choice he would not fly with it. Mr Thaksin had a narrow escape when a Thai Airlines plane exploded, killing one crew member. In September 2001 two Thai Airlines flights were delayed by bomb scares.) ............................

In Bangkok and in Pattaya in Thailand, 'Al Qaeda' operatives often meet with their CIA and MI6 'liaisons'. 

(Reported CIA and MI6 links to al Qaeda.

Bangkok was the site of one of the CIA’s secret rendition prisons. 

For many tourists, Thailand means prostitution...............

MH370 accidentally shot down in a US-Thai military exercise'
Daily Bhaskar-May 18, 2014

See realtime coverage

Army declares martial law in Thailand; government wasn't informed, aide says

CNN - ‎25 minutes ago‎
Bangkok (CNN) -- The Thai army declared martial law throughout the country Tuesday in a surprise move that an aide to the embattled Prime Minister said the government didn't know about beforehand.

Flight 370

In this March 31, 2014 file photo, a shadow of a Royal New Zealand Air Force P-3 Orion aircraft is seen on low cloud cover while it searches for missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 in the southern Indian Ocean.

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Emirates 24/7-14 minutes agoShare
... ideas ranging from diversion by the CIA to an accidental shoot-down. ... author Nigel Cawthorne said there had been a joint Thai-US military ...

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