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9/11,WTC:Israel's NYC Mayor de Blasio Appoints W Bush,Dick Cheney.Rudi Giuliani CIA,Mossad Cover Up Artist Daniel Nigro To Scene Of The Crime He Buried His FELLOW FDNY Comrades Under

9/11,WTC:Israel's NYC Mayor de Blasio Appoints W Bush,Dick Cheney.Rudi Giuliani CIA,Mossad  Cover Up Artist Daniel Nigro To Scene Of The Crime He  Buried His FELLOW  FDNY Comrades Under

Did I leave out British 'intelligence' and the NAZIS or National Zionists ensconsed in positions of power in and through the decadent EU Machine ? Or BP or Dutch Royal Shell that may well still be majority controlled by the Rothschild finanancial military industrial crime family who may have been the biggest winners of all besides the City of London's and the Rothschild's archaic apartheid military religious police starte of Israel with its white European population still maintaining and carrying to the extreme that they are 'Semites' while engaging in a holocaust of real Semites?

Surely the new old FDNY fire commissioner and the new NYC Mayor De Blasio for that matter.knows full well about Menachem Atzmon and the Israelis of Shin Bet's ICTS International who 'guarded 'Logan Airport Boston on 9/11 or September 11.2001 and that Atzmon himself was already a felon convicted of laundering money for Benjamin Netenyahu and his Likud Party and thus should NEVER have been qualified to run a U.S.public company in the fisrt place whose shares were only used to defraud the American public and launder the profits offshore !And they knew who profited from the collpse of the WTC's two tower as well as from the fraudulent insurance claim that building 7 somehow 'miraculously' collapsed on its own.
I think it obvious that Daniel Nigro has happily profited and risen both carreer wise as well as financially on the dead bodies of his former comrades and by being the one who covered up the true causes of their deaths for the entire Zionist controlled war machinew that then lied us into the Afghanistan and Iraq wars and the destruction of America in another CIA coup.

The previous chief of department, Peter Ganci, died in the

World Trade Center collapse. ...

  1. De Blasio Picks New FDNY Commissioner -

    8 hours ago - Daniel Nigro, who retired from the FDNY in 2002, will succeed Sal Cassano, sources told DNAinfo. ... as the new fire commissioner, DNAinfo New Yorkhas learned. ... Mayor Bill de Blasio's office declined comment on the appointment. ... He retired from the department less than a year after 9/11, in 2002.

  1. New York Daily News ‎- 1 hour ago
    Nigro will be named by Mayor de Blasio at a ceremony on noon Friday at ... “It's the New York City Fire Department and it doesn't get any better than ... Nigro took over as Chief of Department in the aftermath of the 9/11 terror ...

FDNY Chief Daniel Nigro's statement on WTC7

gerrycan, how do you respond to this letter from FDNY Chief Daniel Nigro;

Maybe they are. There are many observations from fire fighters which differ greatly and talk about small fires, easily put out and also explosions and bombs going off etc ... but as usual, according to debunkers, 'those accounts are unreliable witnesses and must be wrong'. So you don't really seem to have much of a problem 'calling out FDNY, who do not support the 'Official Story'.

Are you implying that you know more about what happened on 9/11, as well as the logistics surrounding WTC7, than Nigro?

ColtCabana, Sep 8, 2013

Have you looked at the firefighter 9/11 truth movement?

Awesome, thanks Mick!

I wish this letter from Nigro would go viral against conspiracy the

Obviously, we're not going to get good visuals of WTC7 on fire. The only people allowed close enough to the buildings were the FDNY and they had much more important things to do that day then take pictures. Also, just because fires aren't raging near the windows, doesn't mean they weren't raging inside the building. The large amount of smoke, however, is evidence that fires were taking over the building which would confirm what the FDNY said.




Also, triforcharity on the JREF forums addressed Erik Lawyer.

 ColtCabana, Sep 8, 2013

Can you circle the flames engulfing the building as I can't see them? This is the building that is "fully involved in fire on all floors", is it?

I have a strange feeling that much of the picture is the pyroclastic flow which resulted from the collapse of WTC1. That is one of the problems with snapshots, they can be misleading.
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Yep, fair enough, there appears to be a lot of smoke coming from one side of the building but that does not constitute Nigro's account of "Engulfed in flames on all floors", does it?

What does that mean? Fire moves every 20-30 minutes through a building?

Keving Ryan moved to:

 So, Nigro is obviously lying then, right? This is where conspiracy theorists prove their arrogance; they think because they saw a few YouTube videos, that they are more qualified to know what happened than the people that, you know, were actually there. It's so cute to see conspiracy theorists dance around outright calling the FDNY liars, when in fact, you're saying through implication that they are.

He didn't call anyone a liar, just pointed out a contradiction, as well as the fact that the man was speaking predicatively about a report that had not yet been filed, and about which his assumptions were incorrect. Tell me, where is your fervent drive to defend the honor of firefighters when debunkers are referring to those who witnessed/physically experienced explosions as confused, traumatized beyond proper comprehension, or dishonest/attention seeking?

P.S Mick, lots of "Error 522"s atm.

 P.S Mick, lots of "Error 522"s atm.

Data center seemed to be having problems. Seems fixed now. Linode has been under DDOS for a few days.

 Grieves said: 

I wish my Kindle wasn't out of battery and I had my charger present. I'd look into the book The 9/11 Project: A Journalist's Perspective which has some great information regarding the funding. I'll try to get that information to you before the week is up.

Except Nigro doesn't think in this scenario, he knows. Again, my question remains; how did he know the building would collapse due to anything else besides the loss of its structural integrity?

That first link is entirely misleading. The third video down next to the quote that says "There's a bomb in the building - start clearing out..." isn't even out the WTC. It's about an elementary school where they thought a bomb was on the morning of 9/11. If they're misleading about that, then what else is the website lying about?

As far as the second link, there's a lot of "like an explosion.." quotes; do I really need to explain what similes and metaphors are? Also, I like how out of context Craig Carlsen's testimony is taken. Why don't they include his full testimony? (My added stuff is bolded)

That's pretty scummy, eh? Probable only happened once, right? Wrong. See what your website doesn't include from Janice Olszewski?

If these two quotes are taken out of context so poorly, why should I be bothered to read the others as presented? Your two links are faulty beyond belief.

Smoke coming from WTC7

Again, the FDNY reported fires on almost every floor. Just because they aren't raging out of the windows, doesn't mean they aren't raging in other areas of the complex.

The FDNY was privy to angles and access to WTC7 on 9/11 that you, me, nor the media were allowed to. If you want to call them liars, maybe take it up with them directly?

:) Not as shameless as some though... Bush, Cheyne, Obama, Kerry.... etc

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