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Hitler and Obama:U.S.,EU,Germany's(or Israel's),Angela Merkel Support Ukraine's Nazis(National Zionists)

Hitler and Obama:U.S.,EU,Germany's(or Israel's),Angela Merkel Support Ukraine's Nazis(National Zionists)

Just try and say 'Socialist' as supposedly in Nazi or National Socialists with a 'Z' and you will realize that you  were lied to by Zionist controlled television all your life . National ZOSIALISTS ? And for yhose who are unfamiliar with and can't speak German just look up the word in 'Google translate'.The world in German as in English the Socialist with an S - NOT A Z ! We have been had as usual by the fascist Zionist media that has controlled the NY Times for over a century bringing us Jew 'news' or propaganda Not real news !

There actually was a real National Zionist Party created by a white Eastern European Euro Trash  scumbag long before Hitler who founded a National Zionist Party.
And  some believe grandmother  Hitler's father Shickelgroover out of wedlock .In fact the Nazis that included high level Jews or Estern Europeans who erroneouly claim or believe they are the 'Chosen Semites' but who or not Semites at all .
And let's not forget one of Obama's slimy Kenyan brothers was the result of a  Lithuanian 'American' Jewish whore fucking a British allied   Kenyan fascist and some believe that may well also be Barack Obama AKA Barry Soetoro's whore mother as well - NOT CIA'S Ann Dunham !

  1. Who knew? Obama has a Jewish brother - WorldNetDaily
    Jan 6, 2014 - A baby photo of Mark Obama Ndesandjo with mother Ruth ... Ann Dunham, and the Jewish mother of Mark ObamaRuth Baker. ... as he claims, thepresident has failed to be in touch with his brother for several months now.

    Aug 18, 2013 - Barack Obama's Jewish BrotherMark Obama Ndesandjo, 'lost his job after 9/11' ? ..... [39] However, it may have been “Ruth Beatrice Baker.

The Eastern Ukraine protest movement is accused of “unleashing a neo-Nazi wave against local Jews”.
Ironically, the Eastern Ukraine federalists –which include members of the Jewish community– have been the object of terrorist acts conducted by the two US-EU supported neo-Nazi parties (Svoboda and the Right Party), which according to the Western media are described as “ultra-conservative”. On April 19, in Slavyansk, Right Sector militants were involved in the killing of innocent civilians. The Right Sector –which is part of the government coalition–, overseas together with Svoboda, the civilian National Guard. The latter is supported by US-NATO.
The Ukraine’s National Security and National Defense Committee (RNBOU) which is controlled by Neo-Nazis plays a central role in military affairs. In the confrontation with Moscow, decisions taken by the RNBOU headed by Neo-Nazi  Andrij Parubiy and his brown Shirt deputy Dmytro Yarosh  –in consultation with Washington and Brussels– could potentially have devastating consequences. ” (Michel Chossudovsky, March 2, 2014)...............................

Did Hitler have any Jewish origin?
 After the war Hitler's former lawyer, Hans Frank, claimed that Adolf told him in 1930 that one of his relatives was trying to blackmail him by threatening to reveal his alleged Jewish ancestry. Hitler asked Frank to find out the facts. Frank says he determined that at the time Maria Schicklgruber gave birth to Alois, she was working as a household cook in the town of Graz. Her employers were a Jewish family named Frankenberger, who had a 19-year-old son. The son, according to Frank, was Alois's father and Hitler's grandfather--which would make the man who inspired the Holocaust one-quarter Jewish.


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