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Google 'filters' or censors term 'pedophile' and pedophiles from a word search for this website

 Google 'filters' or censors term  'pedophile' and pedophiles from a word search for this  website

Specifically I am complaining about the 'filtering' or mentioning of the words 'pedophile' or 'pedophiles' from my Google blog sites.I had a Google gmail account longer than I had a Google blog site however it is ONLY my blogs that have the word filtered or censored.Strange of course but you can do a Google search of 'wolfblitzer0 pedophile' and find other sites where I have posted on the subject pedophile and government protected individuals or others that have mentioned  my posts on my blogs and those DO come up in a Google seacrh but my Google blogs have been filtered or censored from the Google search so obviously the censorship is from somewhere or someone who can prevent my Google  blogs appearing on a Google search or web crawl and thus the censorship is from somewhere in Google BEFORE it is crawled or cached by Google search I guess.
On the other hand you can do a Google search of deceased pedophile  William Vahey or his Agora Inc and International Living endorsement in Nicaraqua and my post on his pedophilia activities   which is the very same tht mentions Agora Inc and International Living in the first place will appear but if you add pedophile it then disapperars from Google search ! So Google DOES have a cache but it IS BLOCKED ON WHEN THE WORD PEDOPHILE IS ADDED TO 'AGORA CIA VAHEY INTERNATIONAL LIVING'!The same is true for my psts regarding Agora Inc and probably CIA's Robert Baumer an ex Maryland Congressman who had to resign in the 1980's due to pedophile controversy!Probably true of anything I have posted on this blog re 'george Herbert Walker Bush White House pedophiles' as well or 'Barney Frank pedophile'.And yet they have all been crawled and cached by Google and can by found by the corect name and word searches as long as you don't add 'pedophile' but unfortunately that word is often the main reason for me posting about them in the first place !

I made this discovery of Google filtering out the word pedophile from google searches of my websites first in the case of Agora Inc.'s Robert Beauman a former Maryland Congressman who was first to retire do to pedophile controversy in the 1980's.Baltimore,Maryland is the  world headquarters of Agora Inc.,(founded byNational Taxpayers Union fonder James Dale Davidson who was a  Bill Clinton financial backer who later  accusedClinton in the murder of Vince Foster ),which definitely has CIA and probable Rothschild connections.Former British Lord William Rees-Mogg was a part owner and Davidson and Bill Bonner and Porter Stansberry are much more at home with snobbish and financially criminal British elite than with the American public.In light of Agora Inc.'s association with Baumer I felt it important to point out the American school teacher in alleged to have commited suicide after his child porno molestation computer files were exposed by his maid.If  I  'google' just 'agora inc nicaragua' my blog re agora inc and deceased pedophile and teacher William Vahey recommending Agora Inc.'s or the CIA's Nicaraguan beach resort and retirement community appears as cache number six.However if you add 'pedophile' to the search - 'agora inc. nicaragua pedophile it completely disappears from all google search..Note that wife of deceased pedophile William Vahey also has UK or British connections just as does the CIA-James Dale Davidson Agora Inc and their International Living in Nicaragua and elsewhere.Agora Inc's Porter Stansberry who bought advertyising on CNN,CNBC,Fox News,etc. to promote his gold touting scam with 'conspiracy theorist or CIA didinfo agent Alex Jones brags of being the only American to be editoir of Rothschild connected Fleet Street 'business' publication and Lord Williasm Rees-Mogg was an 'investor' in Agora Inc and a friend to the Rothschild financial military industrial machine..

Because this site made to place my own political and science rhymes was converted to mirror my wolfblitzzer0 site after it was shut down temporarily by Google a while back you can do a Google search  
' agora inc nicaragua pedophile politicalandsciencerhymes'and all blogs that mention of the word pedophile will be filtered or blocked by Google as well on this site.

  1. William Bonner - Agora Inc.
    He was instrumental in the creation of The Roberto Clemente Health Clinic in southern Nicaragua. Not long after purchasing and developing a 1,700-acre ...
  2. International Living - Agora Inc.
    All in places as diverse as Belize, Italy, Costa Rica, France, Nicaragua, Mexico, Portugal, Uruguay, England, Argentina, Ecuador, and well beyond. Join the more ...
  3. Agora's marketing tactics bring success, accusations
    The Baltimore Sun
    Apr 19, 2003 - Baltimore publishing company Agora Inc. isn't in the business of subtlety. ... Nicaragua that it markets to members in one of its many franchises.
  4. About Agora Financial
    Agora Financial has been a leading innovator in the financial advice industry for over 25 years. Featuring financial newsletter commentary, investing ideas, and.
  5. Agora, Inc. - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia,_Inc.
    Agora, Inc. is a Baltimore, Maryland-based holding company for over sixty .... cost and free medical care to the community of Limon 1 in southwest Nicaragua.
  6. wolfblitzzer0: Agora Inc.,Nicaragua:American School ...
    Apr 25, 2014 - Agora Inc.,Nicaragua:American School Pedophile William Vahey A CIA-US Government Protected Criminal Like Granada Granada Hotel Spa ...
    This is a google search of terms 'agora inc nicaragua pedophile wolfblitzzer0'.ONLY 3 results says Google and none for this website - only old indymedia posts !

    3 results (0.51 seconds) 

    Search Results

    1. Indymedia NL (Nederland) - Was Anders Behring Breivik ...
      Independent Media Center
      Aug 8, 2011 - dumping 'company' Agora Inc of Baltmore that his hero Ron Paul and ... Agora Inc.'s Porter Stansberry,suspect in the strange death of his own ...... inbred, pedophile Nazi loser”. ..... Solidarity Movement in Poland, while the former Nicaraguan dictator, ..... Tony Ryals e-mail:e-mail:
    2. portland imc - 2008.09.07 - Nazi Pope Benedict XVI,Sarah ...
      Independent Media Center
      Sep 7, 2008 - author: Tony Ryals e-mail: ... founder of the National Taxpayers Union and the Agora Inc. penny stock 'holding company'. ..... other countries such as Poland and Nicaragua. ..... promotes pedophilia
    3. UK Indymedia - Lord William Rees-Mogg, Agora Inc And.Bill ...
      Independent Media Center
      Nov 6, 2008 - Frank Carlucci,Patrice Lumumba and Agora Inc.Stock Fraudster Bill Bonner's Racist Attack On Barrack Obama Frank Carlucci:Agora Inc's Bill ...

FIND MY ARTICLE MENTIONING THEM APPEARS SECOND IN THE SEARCH.If on the other hand you add the word pedophile it totally disappears frtom the Google search even if you add the sites name = wolfblitzzer0 = to the search.Same applies to a Google search of terms wolfblitzzer0 pedophile.. I know that many of the people Ihave mentioned in this regard are very powerful politically and economically such as U.S.penny stock criminal British-Israeli Michael Zwebner who is connected to CNN Wolf Blitzzer,former PM Eghud Olmert and convicted rapist and Israeli President Moshe Katsav as well as the recent Agora Inc connected American international school teacher caught in Nicaragua who allegedly commited suicide as well as Agora Inc connected ex Maryland Congressman Robrt Beauman. Still this is ridiculous.

To verify what Iam saying you can take this google link to term search - wolfblitzzer0 pedophile - and see that while I have mentioned the term at least as much or more on this site than in my previous indymedia blogs posts,all wolfblitzzer0 mentions of pedophile are absent from a Google search .

bauman robert agora inc

  • Robert E. Bauman, JD - Agora Inc.

    Robert E. “Bob” Bauman, legal counsel to The Sovereign Society, serves on its board of directors and was the founding editor of The Sovereign Society Off.

  • ...................

    Note a Google search of -'wolfblitzzer0 pedophile ' even finds other sites refering to my wolfblitzzer0 site but not a single cache of an article from my Google blogger site mentioning 'pedophile- or pedophiles'.Why?
    wolfblitzzer0 pedophile


    If you add pedophile or pdophiles to search of  =   bauman robert agora inc -
    my website disappears from the Google search completely.

    bauman robert agora inc Pedophiles

    About 13,700 results (0.53 seconds) 

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