Tuesday, May 6, 2014

CIA 'Pulls Back'In Afghanistan,Stores Arms In Occupied Texas,Boko Haram(CIA)Kidknaps Young Girls In Nigeria,Continues Covert War In Ukraine Using Saudi,Israeli,CIA Created Al Qaeda In Syria and Around The World As Needed

I doubt Seriouisly that They'd Pull Back From Their Opium and Heroin crops in Afghanistan that help them pay in part for their world wide campaign of terrorism and destabilization though......They even use traffic cocaine using Guantanamo as a trampoline for New York based Russian Jewish mafia's Gulfstream planes
even though it is supposedly under the control of the U.S.military and has a DEA at the Guantanamo airfield !

Exclusive: CIA Falls Back in Afghanistan

Daily Beast-10 hours ago
KABUL, Afghanistan—The CIA is dismantling its frontline Afghan counterterrorist forces in south and east Afghanistan, leaving a security ...
RT (blog)
  1. Afghanistan's Elections: Who's Who, “Intelligence Assets” Contend ...

    Center for Research on Globalization-Apr 7, 2014
    He's a CIA asset. ... He's suspected of involvement in opium trafficking. ... Afghanistan produces enough for over 90% of world heroin supply.
  1. Narcotics boom, West's legacy for Afghanistan: Activist

    Press TV-Apr 7, 2014
    The major legacy of the West's war in Afghanistan has been a ... years is a 40-fold increase in opium cultivation and the explosion of the heroin ...

Arms Cache Most Likely Kept in Texas by the CIA

New York Times-by Charlie Savage-May 4, 2014
From the facility, located somewhere in the United States, the C.I.A. has stockpiled and distributed untraceable weapons linked to preparations ...

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