Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Goldman Sachs,Agora Inc.,Rothschild Money Launderers Steal U.S.,EU Wealth USING RIGGED STOCK MARKETS OFFSHORE ACCOUNTS

Rich Zionists Attack US Voters For Not Supporting Ethnic Cleansing, No Taxes On Wealth

Goldman Sach’ Jewish President demands Social Security cuts.

Digging their hole ever deeper, Zionists in Israel who get lots of money from rich Jews using the US as their home base, are angry with US voters keeping Obama in the White House.  They also are plotting to yank away our Social Security and other social programs so they can have even more money.  The alliance of rich Jews in America with right wing Republican Christians who were bailed out by our Federal Reserve when they crashed our economic system is aimed at eliminating the very same social systems Israel is so generous with at home.  The frontal attack on the very basis of our society by greedy men (and women) while forcing us to pay a huge hunk of Israel’s military and social overhead costs is most disturbing.  They don’t intend to stop unless we stop them.

Israel is a classic National/Socialist state.  It has full spectrum support of the primary ethnic identity group while enslaving, removing and killing the huge underclass that outnumbers them.  The Jews in Israel pretend there is a ‘Palestine’ which has an ‘authority’ (sic) while having none, of course, while the people ruled by these cruel Jews have zero civil rights and a tiny minority of Palestinians have some but not the same by a long shot, civil rights as Jews.

They are all very worried that the US purse might close on them and are nakedly concerned that their huge overrepresentation in Congress is beginning to wane.  They know they need to have a chokehold on Congress so they can blithely vote money for Israel while cruelly cutting services to Americans to pay for this boon.

Here is a story in the Huffington Post about the gang that is conspiring to strip us of all our social systems so they can get much, much richer:  CEO Council Demands Cuts To Poor, Elderly While Reaping Billions In Government Contracts, Tax Breaks

During the past few days, CEOs belonging to what the campaign calls its CEO Fiscal Leadership Council — most visibly, Goldman Sachs’ Lloyd Blankfein and Honeywell’s David Cote — have barnstormed the media, making the case that the only way to cut the deficit is to severely scale back social safety-net programs — Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security — which would disproportionately impact the poor and the elderly.

As part of their push, they are advocating a “territorial tax system” that would exempt their companies’ foreign profits from taxation, netting them about $134 billion in tax savings, according to a new report from the Institute for Policy Studies titled “The CEO Campaign to ‘Fix’ the Debt: A Trojan Horse for Massive Corporate Tax Breaks” — money that could help pay off the federal budget deficit.

First, they offshored our jobs and now they don’t want to pay any taxes on this lucrative business they created.  Free trade means they get to import goods with impunity while not servicing our society in any way.  We saw this last Thanksgiving, the US public is still enamored with rushing to corporate big box import businesses to buy even more electronic toys but when they find themselves homeless, that 60 inch TV won’t fit in a cardboard box on the street.

The top 2% own nearly half the wealth in the country.  They lie about taxes complaining they pay a big share of it but that share is almost half of the proportion of wealth they hold compared to the lowest 30% who have hardly any wealth at all but pay little or no income taxes.  Here is the list of the creeps who are deseprate to cut Social Security rather than pay higher taxes.  There are a huge number of Jewish names on this list.  The gulf between rich Jews and poorer Jews is widening.  The majority of Jews voted for Obama and dearly love Social Security and Medicare.  Big time.  They want National Socialism in the US but at the same time, want it for Israel at our expense.

The tension between rich Jews who believe throwing over the financial cliff fellow Jews in America is growing quite rapidly.  There is rising alarm in the old precincts of the Jewish community over this overt push to destroy retirement plans of the overall Jewish community here. Eventually, this will swamp Jewish support for Zionism!  And about time, too.  When forced to choose between eating dumpster scraps and living on the sidewalks during one’s oldest years and supporting a paramilitary operation thousands of miles away, most Jews will want to live in their homes and be healthy, here.  And the choice is increasingly stark!  It is literally life and death here.

Israeli Jews, accustomed to controlling Congress so they can spend in Israel, have no idea how all of this is impacting their plans to continue milking US taxpayers for funds to run Israel!  Here is a revealing editorial from the right wing Zionists in Israel:  Israel is not a colonial outpost and it is not South Africa | Jerusalem Post – Blogs

Not only is there a population tilt the opposite of what it was in the most European of the colonial outposts and in South Africa, but many–perhaps most–Arabs of Israel appear to be better integrated and appreciative of the country’s benefits than wanting to become part of Palestine. The Arabs of Jerusalem are less well integrated in Israel by virtue of language and citizenship than Arabs living within Israel’s pre-1967 borders, but 35% of Jerusalem Arabs responded to a 2011 survey that they preferred Israeli citizenship to that of a Palestinian state; 30% preferred affiliation with Palestine, and 30% didn’t know, or preferred not to answer the question.

They are insane.  Israel brutally controls or outright rules all of Palestine.  They pretend the Palestinians run things but they are running tight, boxed in ghettos and have no power to do anything even farm or fish much less, run businesses.  The Palestinians outnumber the Jews.  20% are ‘citizens’ but only half citizens while 80% are considered stateless people.  This is most important because the Jews go mad with rage whenever anyone suggests the Palestinians are a ‘country’.

Of the tiny minority of 20%, only one third think it is better to be a half citizen than a stateless person.  Duh!  But the vast majority, two thirds, don’t want anything to do with Jewish rule.  So, only about 5% of the Palestinians want to be part of the Zionist State.  The Jew writing this clever editorial knows this so he hides this information so he can justify his own cruel desire to keep the vast majority of the natives ‘stateless people.’

When the Washington Post tried to be slightly fair in its coverage of the recent attempt at crushing Gaza by publishing  just one picture of a dead Palestinian toddler, the editor there was flooded with protests and demands from an army of Hasbara Jews:  Patrick Pexton: Photo of dead baby in Gaza holds part of the ‘truth’ – The Washington Post

But many Post readers saw it differently. Jewish groups and American Jews in large numbers wrote to the ombudsman and to Post editors, protesting the photo as biased.

Scared of the rage of these demented racists, the Post had to explain why they didn’t publish photos of dead Israeli toddlers: there are none!  This fact further enraged the Zionists.  They want Americans to see nothing, hear nothing.  Back to the odious Jerusalem Post editorial:
The United States Government may be close to a financial cliff. Israel is vibrant economically, politically, and militarily. Palestine, in contrast, may win a majority vote in the United Nations General Assembly, but is heavily dependent on others for financial assistance and the surreptitious supply of arms, and has been on the edge or over the edge of a civil war since the rise of Hamas.

They openly sneer about our nation falling off the fiscal cliff due to our many wars with Muslims and the constant bleeding of money via free trade and supporting Israel’s government!  Far from being grateful, these guys want to have us to slaves of Israel.  This idea that we are slaves and not citizens of the US is slowly dawning and the Democratic Party, once the home of Zionists, is waking up to this reality.

Control of the Democrats is fading slowly.  While the Apocalyptic Republicans embrace Zionists more and more and demand the same cuts of SS from the rest of us to fund their End of Times wars.

Here is today’s editorial whining about losing elections and losing power in Congress:  ‘Israeli-occupied’ Congress no more – JPost – Opinion – Op-Eds

Panic in pro-Israel circles is not yet warranted.

Overall, support for Israel in Congress will still be pretty solid – especially among Republicans. The GOP still has a comfortable majority in the House of Representatives, and remains as overwhelmingly pro-Israel as before.

But the trend, particularly among the Democrats, is troubling. What we witnessed at the Democratic convention, when delegates shockingly booed (and at least half opposed) the reinsertion of pro- Israel language into the party platform, may not be an aberration. Overt anti-Israel positions are increasingly common in the once-solidly Zionist party.

Here is a typical comment by readers of the Jerusalem Post:

Note the years of Israel Zionist propaganda pays off.  The writer confuses Judaism with Zionism.  Zionism was, at birth, openly European imperialist.  As Europe carved up the planet and established colonies everywhere to control foreigners and to basically steal all their natural resources and tax them heavily for this, the Jews thought they, too, should be allowed to do this.  Using hook and crook, they planned from day one to remove the natives and take over everything and run it totally for themselves.

This has nothing to do with antisemitism. It has everything to do with ethnic cleansing.  By the way, the end of the war with Israel was a total victory in many small ways for Hamas.  The Jews hammered Hamas on the West Bank, further enraging the 85% of the Palestinians who don’t want Israel invading the PA all the time to arrest people for being elected to office.  Despite arresting and torturing Hamas elected leaders on the West Bank, the citizens trapped in Gaza have much to celebrate today:  Ceasefire opens up deeper waters for Gaza’s fishermen.

I expect the Zionists to ignore this ceasefire and they will attack people who go fishing.  As per usual with them.  They just don’t care about other humans at all!  And they even casually mention in these editorial ‘Jews who are not Jews’ meaning, anyone whose mother wasn’t Jewish, like my own son, are not ‘real Jews’.  This racism is just amazing to experience and I had a lot of that during my marriage!  Insulting, vicious and personal, treating the ‘non-Jews’ like subhumans even when married?  Disgusting.


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