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Could Adam Lanza drive a car ? Police,Media lie about Chrisopher Rodia's car being Adam and Nancy Lanza's !?

Could  Adam Lanza  drive a car ? Police,Media lie about Chrisopher Rodia's car being Adam and Nancy Lanza's !?


Update January 16,2012:

I came across this information about the,'off-duty tactical squad police officer from another town'
who was encountered by local Newtown police in the woods in back of SandY HOok Elemetary School,Newton,CT.on December,14,2012 the day of the shooting,from a comment posted on so it is worthwhile checking their site now and then.

A man with a gun who was spotted in the woods near the school on the day of the incident was an off-duty tactical squad police officer from another town, according to the source. - The Bee,Newtown,Connecticut


Since posting the below I did find a clain from the Hartford Connecticutt Courant newpaper claiming Adam Lanza obtained a drivers license in 2010.Still not anyone who claims to have seen him driving around Newtown or anything though.:,0,359337.story

Other units are tracing the history of the guns used in the attack, while others are interviewing school personnel and students and others are probing the background of the shooter. Lanza had no job, never used social media, seemingly had no friends and rarely if ever had any contact with his brother or father. He did obtain a driver's license in July of 2010, three months after he turned 18, listing him as 5 feet 10 inches tall, with blue eyes and not an organ donor.

I did a google search of msm news followed by a blog search and the most interesting so far is from although the poster of the very good info about the mainstream media and police misidentifying a car belonging to a Christopher Rodia who may have a criminal past inthe area as that belonging to Nancy Lanza is outright shocking.If so where is Nancy Lanza's car and why are police and media purposefully and collectively lying about real car ownership ?

my recent comment to

Whether or not anyone ever saw Adam Lanza target practicing with his mother or can attest to what a good shot he was I don't know but I have been thinking for a while now that if no one hardly ever saw him in public then it's doubtful they ever saw him drive a car.No one has ever said his mother also took him to take driving lessons and even his presumably affluent brother who had a good job at Erst and Young is supposed to have taken a bus back to New Jersey from the Ernst and Young office in NY City after learning he had been named as the shooter.So how to veify if Adam could even drive a car and playing video games - violent one or not - is certainly not very good practice for the murders he id accused of having commited.
Also although you are very correct re Jimmy Savile and the perverts of BBC as well as the White House pedophile scandal and Franklin Bank connection,I see so far no proof whatsoever to connect any pedophile incident to the occurence at Sandy Hook although I keep an open mind.
But as I have wriitten I see a very clear connection betwween Nancy Landa's employers John Hancock and Peter Lanza's GE Capital and Ernst snd Young and the far right elites including if not particularly Zionists and Israel if we consider the fact that the murdering 9/11 goons of ICTS International of Logan Airport 9/11 infamy were also clients and bebneficiaries of John Hancock hedge fund investments that no ddoubt led to finacial loses for the sucker clients Hancock placed money for in those 'investments'.
And ICTS criminals particulary Menachem Atzmon are still at large and protected by UK government,the Dutch Queen bitch Beatrix,Angela Merkel and the Rothschild crime family whose financing backed them as well.


Now back to the car mystery and where is Nancy Lanza's real car ?!And how could police and main stream media confuse her car with someone named Christopher Rodia's and not get it right after over a week !?

Before the abovetopsecret post I came across doing a google search of mainsteam news and blogs,I came across the most aburdly titled Time article that if anything shows their desre to jealously control the news and fill it with their own 'spin' or disinfo .Do the editors of Time have something to hide as well ? After all CNBC is owned by GE and GE is GE Capital and Ernst Young that employs both Peter Lanza and his supposedly 'good' son Ryan Lanza,etc..

A google search of words 'adam lanza car license' finds first this Time article appropriately or inapropriately enough titled,'Sandy Hook Shooting:The Speculation About Adam Lanza Must Stop',as if they are a court tat has already found him 100% guilty and that he acted alone and that's that !And not because of my search terms, 'adam lanza car license',you find a comment regarding that subject BUT it is not in Time's stupid article at all but is a comment  posted by a reader who unlike 'Time' really wants to know and have revealed the whole truth and nothing the truth !However I found also posts regarding the automobile license plate of Chritopher Rodia whose auto appears to be the one claimed,(erroneously ?),by the police and press to be that of his mother and supposedly the car he drove to Sandy Hook school.Actually I like the website more than abovetopsecrets and they appear to have been discussing the automobile controversy first and with more feee flow of thought so I will pst the first page of their discussin with link before

Sandy Hook Shooting: The Speculation About Adam Lanza Must Stop

TIME-Dec 21, 2012
Did Adam Lanza even have a driver's license? Is this the first time he drove a car? Is there any red-light camera footage of his being behind the ...

Sandy Hook Massacre - Some new leads
31 posts - 8 authors - yesterday
So we have Adam Lanza driving to the scene in a Honda Civic that can be ... Did Adam even have a driver's license in the state of Connecticut?

Sandy Hook Massacre - Some new leads
Some more information to play with..

The Car?

So we have Adam Lanza driving to the scene in a Honda Civic that can be seen in the video clip of police removing an AR (Many say shotgun but the MSM is still reporting AR) from the trunk
[link to (secure)]

and can also be seen leaving on a trailer here:
[link to]

The car was originally reported to be his mother's, and still is by the mass media. But in the police scanner recordings you can clearly hear the car being matched to a Christopher Rodia. So now we know it was not the mother's car Lanza drove to the school before this massacre.. But it was Chris Rodia's Civic. So who is Chris Rodia?

Police scanner confirming car is Rodia's
[link to (secure)]

Chris Rodia
19 Volmmer Ave.
Norwalk, CT
[link to]
Christopher A. Rodia is a 42 year old from Norwalk CT currently living in Miami, FL. He has quite a list of previous drug and burglary charges.. seems to be big on stealing leaf blowers since he is currently awaiting trial for atleast his 5th count of stealing a leaf blower. He had an active arrest warrant on October 8th. One of the more recent times he has been in the news was for stealing copper wire from a construction site with his 19 year old niece,Cassandra Scire. He was also found to be in possession of a large unmarked bag ofOxycontin at the time. The 2 lived together on Volmmer with a large group of extended family.

[link to]

Cassandra Scire
19 Volmmer Ave.
Norwalk, CT
Cassandra Scire, 19 from Norwalk CT is the niece of Chris Rodia. She was charged as accomplice in the copper wire theft. Family members (Richard Scire) confirmed the relationship in comments on the above news article. There was much talk of her being a "crack babie" and being mentally handicapped. A family (JAKE GREEN) members comment claims "Rodia 'tricked' her into being part of the theft" and "had told her they were just going to walgreens". Another family member claimed Rodia to be a "manipulator" and called him a "bum".

comment by richard scire:
[link to]

comment by jake green:
[link to]

I started with Cassandra's facebook and started trying to find connections through her family and friends. The Scire and Rodia families appear to be close with eachother, but I also found another family they are close with.. the Lanza's. There are many ties between family members facebook accounts.

A couple thoughts this far..
So Chris Rodia, career petty thief who can't seem to stay out of jail and is stealing copper wire to support a drug habbit (oxycodone), currently living in florida on the run from CT warrants, has a brand new looking Honda Civic registered to him in Connecticut that is being used by Nancy Lanza?
Let me note that he, himself does not have any direct association with the Lanza's on facebook.

Another thought is that this guy has a history of taking advantage of mentally challenged children. "Manipulating them to do crimes". See where I am going with this?

Now at this point I ran into a couple other interesting characters. The Uzar's..

George Uzar, Jr.
19 Volmmer Ave.
Norwalk, CT
24 Granite Dr.
Norwalk, CT
Phone: 203-981-3931
[link to]
[link to]

I ran into a very interesting find here with George.. I first found a news article relating to him as living at the same 19 Volmmer address at the same time as Chris & Cassandra. He seems to be a complete nut case (read his twitter lol) and is constantly in and out of jail. He has a website that sells Nazi Flags and Weapon accessories called CrazyWhiteBoyStuff:
[link to]
He also owns 2 porn sites linked to the Volmmer website according to whois results.

He was referred to as Cassandra's brother in comments on the news site. The first article I read was about him getting robbed and chasing the robbers down in his car and ramming them. The police investigated him and found him to be in possession of marijuana and mushrooms. Article below.

[link to]

Another article about him reckless driving and being arrested after ramming another car.

[link to]

The most shocking find about him was the link to his parents Allison and George Sr. who shared the same 24 Granite Dr. address.

[link to]

Allison Uzar
24 Granite Dr.
Norwalk, CT

Allison seems to be doing well as Pharmaceutical Analyst for the company Perdue Pharma, a pain medication manufacture that produces Oxyxontin among other prescriptions. She seems very upper class with a Masters degree from Boston College. She DOES NOT fit into the picture especially with her husband George Sr. The last article I can find about Allison is her purchasing a house this year at 465 Newtown Ave, Connecticut earlier this year.
[link to]

George Uzar, Sr.
24 Granite Dr.
Norwalk, CT

George Uzar, Sr.. Somehow extended family of Christopher Rodia who, as we go full circle, owned the car Adam Lanza reportedly took from his mother to travel to the massacre. George is currently serving a long prison term for manufacturing automatic assault rifles. The mayor quoted "'Scary' Amount of Firearms Found in Raid on Norwalker's House". He was manufacturing fully automatic rifles and selling them to members of the Latin Kings. Apparently he snitched because he was arrested then a few days later the whole rest of the organization went down. Articles to his weapon manufacturing below. His son George Jr. was also arrested when the house was raided because of marijuana and a stashed .38 pistol.

[link to]

[link to]

[link to]


^Take it as it is and put it all together for me.. I just spent 5 hours doing research and typing this whole rant up. I believe all of this information to be accurate as I tried to verify everything. Thanks GLP! /discuss.

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Sandy Hook Shooting:Suspect Car Linked to Christopher A Rodia and Drug Family of Norwalk

by Scott Creighton (H/T curious canadian)
UPDATE: I wish to make this perfectly clear in response to a comment on the ATS thread: I have not said that Chris Rodia killed anyone. What I have said is it looks like this was his car at the scene of a mass casualty event apparently with weapons in the trunk. If accurate, this information is clearly understood by the police command structure in the area and is being suppressed for some reason.
If you look at the pattern of all of the staged FBI foiled terrorist plots, they always involve a confidential informant who handles the patsies right up til the event. Those CIs are almost always in trouble with the law, charismatic people who can manipulate weaker people.
This certainly fits that bill. Whether or not Chris was the shooter is impossible to determine based on the information we have.
But what can be determined is the fact that the developments in this case (big H/T to those at ATS and GLP) seem to follow an established pattern.
Perhaps someone should contact that man who stated he saw a guy in handcuffs in the back of the police car who had been led out of the woods and show him a picture of Christopher Rodia. That might put him at the scene. But again putting him at the scene  doesn’t him the shooter. Nor does putting his car there. His task may have been to get the patsy there to be set up for an arrest without having been told the event was going to go live. Who knows. All I am saying is, it looks like that car does not belong to Adam’s mother and the fact that it belongs to a guy who appears to be getting special treatment from the judicial process is very suspicious to me.
UPDATE: A reader, mangrove, found this view on Bing’s earth view thingy. Seems like it could easily be the same car. I know there had been some question if the Google Earth app had the right home picked out. Seems like the same one posted on Bing.
UPDATE: Not completely telling, but when pulling up the 19 Vollmer Ave. address associated with Christopher Rodia on Google Earth, you see what appears to be a black car, similar in shape to the Honda found with the gun in the trunk…….
UPDATE: The mayor of Norwalk Connecticut, the city where Christopher Rodia seems to be getting a “get out of jail free” card, is Richard Moccia who is a member of Bloomberg’s “Mayors Against Illegal Guns Coalition”
“Mayor Moccia is a member of the Mayors Against Illegal Guns Coalitionan organization formed in 2006 and co-chaired by New York City mayorMichael Bloomberg and Boston mayor Thomas Menino.”
Suspect’s car registered to a Chris Rodia who’s family deals drugs in Norwalk and who is currently facing 7 felony charges including two narcotics charges himself. And Lt. Vance doesn’t mention anything about it?
Is this the missing motive of the Sandy Hook shooting?
Over at Above Top Secret, their “Who is Christopher A. Rodia” [edit: thread started by Ladyk74 ] thread is hopping. It all seems to stem from a video of the “unedited” version of the Newtown Police and Fire Radio Traffic from the day of the shooting. The video was posted on Dec. 14th 2012 by Radioman911TV. He has posted 3 videos total, all in the past month.
Christopher Rodia
Christopher Rodia
At the 30:11 mark of the video in question, you can hear someone reading the license plate of the suspect’s vehicle: “872 YEOpossible suspect vehicle“. 20 seconds later the answer comes back “operator Rodia, R..O..D..I..A , Christopher A. (scrambled) 26th, 69
The audio is heavily scrambled during that part of the recording but you can make out Christopher Rodia’s name and what appears to be part of his birth date.
This is very interesting because if that audio file is indeed unedited, then that is the black car they claimed was the suspect’s vehicle and the same car they showed a video of someone pulling a long gun out of the trunk later that evening.
Car driven by Connecticut school shooter Lanza is towed from Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown,

So who is Christopher A. Rodia? Well, the good folks over at ATS found some interesting info on the guy. Turns out he’s a low-life career criminal with at a drug possession charge back in January and a forgery charge pending from Dec. 2011who was recently busted stealing copper out of new home construction sites while carrying some narcotics on his person. He was busted with a 19 year old girl. Lovely guy huh?
The man, Christopher Rodia, 42, was charged with 3rd degree larceny, conspiracy to commit larceny, criminal mischief, possession of narcotics and failure to carry prescription drugs in a prescribed container.
The woman, Cassandre Scire, 19, was charged with 3rd degree larceny, conspiracy to commit larceny and criminal trespass.
Each is being held on a $2,500 bond and their court date is set for August 7th, 2012.” News 8
But check this out… he was facing 7 felony charges including two narcotics charges, and he was apparently released from custody just a few months ago on his own “promise to appear” (?) Really?
It gets worse though. Chris Rodia has a construction contractor (carpentry and roofing) brother Dennis who just recently died and his mother’s name is Lilli Rodia.
“Survivors in addition to his mother (Lilli) include a long-time friend ,Donnella Bryan; a step-mother, Diane Rodia of Norwalk; two sisters and their husbands, Michele & Todd Turner of Norwalk and Mary & Matthew Pisani of North Haven; a brother Chris Rodia of Norwalk;” The Hour
Notice that his brother was a roofer and the crime Chris Rodia was charged with was stealing copper roofing off of a construction site. Coincidence? No.
“A Norwalk man and woman were caught in the act Saturday night ofstealing copper gutters from a house under construction on Stony Brook Road, police said.” Westport News
Dennis Rodia
Dennis Rodia
His brother and his mother have a long history of narcotics trafficking in the area. In fact, his brother was arrested with heroin and cash back in Feb and then Dennis and dear old mommy were arrested in March for trafficking drugs not a month later.
“According to police, when the officer approached the car he noticed a six-pack of unopened beer, and large sums of money scattered on the back seat. Upon further inspection, police say, there was also a roll of money on the center console of the car and Rodia was leaning over, seemingly, in an attempt to hide something. The amount of cash discovered in the vehicle was not given.
Police say, the car was searched and both men were arrested after finding two silver cans containing a total of 40 bags of heroine, 21 Oxycodone pills, 40 pills derivative of Oxycodone in a prescription bottle in neither persons name, and drug paraphernalia.” Norwalk Patch Feb. 17th
“Dennis Rodia, 44, and his mother Lilli Rodia, 67, of 1 Gregory Blvd., Norwalk, were charged with possession of narcotics, possession of narcotics with intent to sell, illegal possession of narcotics within 1,500 feet of a school and possession of narcotics with intent to sell within 1,500 feet of a school.
The two are being held in lieu of $100,000 bond. If they are not released will be arraigned at state Superior Court in Norwalk Thursday.” The Stamford Advocate
Here’s the court docket for his mother:
There are so many questions here it’s hard to put them all together:
  1. How did a career criminal facing 7 felonies get to walk out of court with a “promise to appear”?
  2. How did Dennis get back on the streets of Norwalk in less than a month after being busted with 41 bags of smack and all kinds of Oxycontin?
  3. How is this guy’s car found at the scene supposedly with a shotgun or rifle in it and it isn’t even mentioned by the local cops or the media at large?
  4. Was Chris Rodia the guy found hiding in the woods because he was fucked up and stayed too long and the police cars were all around his escape vehicle?
There are a lot of questions to be answered here but as we have seen before, Lt. Vance doesn’t appear to be the one to ask: in the video below, Lt. Vance is asked a question about whether or not Adam Lanza’s mother actually worked at the school and he inexplicably starts to answer a question about the guy they may or may not have arrested in the woods behind the school. Does it sound like Lt. Vance is running on a tight script?

There is so much to this development, I’m still looking.
But it is worth noting that often times when running a psyop, the Feds get someone who is facing serious time to do their little dirty work for them. In this case, an obvious drug addict facing 7 felony counts who’s mother is facing 6 herself. Could that be motive enough to do something like this?
Is that the missing motive everyone has been looking for?


Who is Christopher A Rodia? , page 1
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Topic started on 21-12-2012 @ 10:17 PM by Ladyk74
In the below audio, the scan­ner record­ing at about 30:24, the police offi­cer reports that he has a pos­si­ble sus­pect vehi­cle and lists off the license plate.

The name of the man who the car belongs to is Christo­pher A. Rodia

There is a Christo­pher A. Rodia in Connecticut, born in 1969. If you google his name you will find an article from February 2012 about him stealing copper

UPDATE- This is getting better by the minute!

At 30:20 the police offi­cer reports the license plate of the vehi­cle.

"872 YEO"

Shortly after this they say it is registered to Christopher A Rodia


But wait, check out the car presented to us as Adam Lanza's car:


The shooter has the same plate as Christopher A. Rodia???

"872 YEO"

Dec. 16, 2012: The car driven by Connecticut school shooter Adam Lanza is towed from Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn.

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reply posted on 21-12-2012 @ 10:20 PM by ratboy

Thank you for reposting. I hate to repaste what I typed again but here are my thoughts and concerns and questions:

If this car belongs to this accused felon, then be sure to watch the results of his current court charges. Sounds movie-crazy but I am sure you can get a certain felon to agree to drive or assist another person to commit a crime in exchange for a slap on the wrist. Even if he is charged to a fuller extent he may be released early in exchange for his help in order to make it appear everything is on the up and up. So watch what his sentences are and how long he actually serves. Way out there I know but if this plate belongs to this guy instead of the alleged shooter, well then it is already way out there. Has it been fully confirmed the plates belong to this guy though?

EDIT: DISREGARD THIS PARAGRAPH AS THIS IS A DIFFERENT GUY If this is the same guy that was supposed to go to his childs class to help with making a gingerbread house, then he would have been a way into the building (is this the same guy and has it been confirmed if there was really a class making gingerbread houses anyway?). There have been conflicting reports of how the shooter gained access to the building - well here is another potential option. END EDIT

Was the purple vans plates ever released over the radio and who that van belongs to? There were reports of it in the parking lot and then a purple van later found by police over the radio but there seems to be no closure on this.

If the plates are this guys and the purple van is legit you have a driver and those making sure everything happens or you have those that performed the deed and dropped off a possible patsy or a combination. If the plates end of being the alleged shooters and there is legit closure to the purple van, then maybe all is as reported. Up until this thread about the plate I have been on the fence but if this car is the car the shooter arrived in and it belongs to this other guy, well then it is wide open.

reply posted on 21-12-2012 @ 10:24 PM by Katharos62191

reply to post by Ladyk74

I was following your first thread. It was full of great info. Just wondering why it was closed for staff review & then deleted? Great thread, hope this one stays!

reply posted on 21-12-2012 @ 10:33 PM by jaynkeel

reply to post by WanDash

That is some awesome news right there, . I am sure many people will appreciate that.

reply posted on 21-12-2012 @ 10:42 PM by unknown known

reply to post by ratboy

So the license plate of the car that Lanza was supposedly driving is not the license plate of Christopher Manfredonia?

I was only on the first page of the thread but I think that was some substantial evidence in linking a second shooter/accomplice.

reply posted on 21-12-2012 @ 10:48 PM by muzzleflash

reply to post by unknown known

The actual police audio they run the Hondas plates and it has nothing to do with Lanza.
It belongs to Chris Rodia. Apparently a life long criminal type.

The rifle or shotgun removed from car was the Honda in question, Rodia's.
At least it looks that way currently.

This thing is mutating every minute so stay tuned for the next mind blowing revelations.
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