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Ghirardelli Broma:Chocomuseo Alain Schneider,thechocolatelife.con Clay Gordon promote fraudulent cocoa butter claim,Why ?

Ghirardelli Broma:Chocomuseo Alain Schneider,thechocolatelife.con Clay Gordon promote fraudulent cocoa butter claim,Why ?
by Tony Ryals

Before beginning this blog and my continued complaint and further documentation of the Chocomuseo chain in Peru,Guatemala,Nicaragua,etc.,of Alain Schneider and his girlfriend and their involvement in the Ghirardelli lie along with Clay Gordon the self promoting,'chocolate expert',who acknowledges involvement with myriad 'start up' companies that sound like stock fraud money laundering ops,I thought I'd provide this link from an ex member of his website who also feels their is something unethical and sleazy about Clay Gordon.

Why I left The Chocolate Life forum | Cocoa and Chocolate
by Samantha Madell
 14 Oct 2012 
 I joined Clay Gordon's discussion forum The Chocolate Life in mid 2008. In late 2010 I left The Chocolate Life forum because I was being asked to censor myself by Clay Gordon. As a consquence, I felt that The Chocolate Life was no longer a place where I could speak the truth and encourage high standards of honesty and integrity in the chocolate industry..........

Although Clay Gordon publicly prides himself on questioning and criticising chocolate manufacturers’ claims that “don’t match reality”, he responded very negatively to my questioning and criticism of Zokoko (despite the fact that my position was supported by strong evidence). Clay’s response to me, via email, was to state (in part):
“… TheChocolateLife is not a peer-reviewed scien-fucking-tific journal.”

“… you carry this chip on your shoulder of “scrupulously truthfulness” and wield it like it were a blunt instrument.”

“… You’re not wrong, but you’re not right either, and you fail – at least apparently – to consider anything from any perspective but your own.”

“… People in Australia might start wondering what your motivations are”
In saying these things to me, I felt that Clay betrayed both our friendship and his own integrity, and, by attempting to make me worry about what “people in Australia” might think of my motives, he implied that bluntly exposing the truth is somehow dirtier than attempting to profit by deceiving your customers.
Clay continued his criticism of me over 5 separate emails, listing my numerous personal and professional failings, and basically pressuring me to stop asking “awkward” and “difficult” questions – but, above all, to stop presenting facts in the blunt manner that feels as natural to me as breathing......
I anticipate that, sooner or later, someone will claim that Zokoko simply made an honest mistake by claiming that all their beans were certified organic. But here’s the thing: when you really care about organic production, and the health of cocoa growers and the environment – as I do – you don’t accidentally buy beans grown on a plantation owned by a large corporate chemical trader, where chlorpyrifos is sprayed quite openly, and then accidentally tell your customers that all the beans you buy are certified organic. So, just to be perfectly clear, I do not accept the “honest mistake” excuse.-Samantha Madell


Below,I will provide link to  my original article and blog post explaning why the Ghirardelli San Francisco chocolate company's,(now owned by Lindt & Sprüngli who deserve some criticism or legal action from consumers for maintaining this fraudulant claim), claim that they produce cocoa butter from the so-called 'broma process'  is a complete fraud and lie,you can see my recently rediscovered photo of the poster from the Chocomuseo Antigua,Guatemala  wall taken around Easter of this year  where Alain Schneider of France or Canada,or his girlfriend or both,we're not sure,lied about the Chocomuseo chain,(that he dreams of  turning into the Starbucks or MacDonalds of chocolate,ha),makes their own cocoa butter from the Ghirardelli 'broma process' ! In spanish the word 'broma' means joke.In this case the term should just mean fraudulant lie !


  Hi Marc,
I almost thought I'd never find the photo you sent me from Chocomuseo.Now that I have I only wish to thank you profusely.However I have a technical problem.I want so badly to transfer it to my website but I can't cut and paste it because of the format I believe.But I'll show how dirty they play.Had you not got this sooner after my complaint and post about them all would have disappeared and their lies about using the Ghirardelli 'broma process' with it.

Here is Alain Schneider's knew lie-con which is to claim what he does with his junk sugar
bar is exactly as I explained it should be done with honey,that is only the whole beans 52 % butter or fat content without adding an additional cocoa butter  from the hydrolic press or as he has previously lied,from the, HA HA, 'broma process'.

At ChocoMuseo we have our own factory. While visiting the museum, you will be able to see it, and observe how we produce chocolate right from the beans.

Our chocolate is made of organic cacao beans from the country where we are located. At ChocoMuseo, we use a handicraft manufacturing process, which is quite close to the industrial process that is described in the following diagram:

The main difference lies in the pressing, that separates the chocolate powder form the cacao butter. At ChocoMuseo, we do not need to achieve that step: Indeed, we do not add additional cacao butter to the recipe, and that's one of the reasons why our chocolate is so tasty!

Note that if you peruse my blogs from earlier this year about our cacao honey bars and basic chocolate confectionary chocolate made from only cacao-honey that I will provide links to at bottom,you will see that Alain Shneider's and his girlfriend's and whole unidentified gang of chocolate egotists and monopolists who NEVER created anything knew but always copy others,and obviously backers behind the scenes to set up phony and expensive  chocolate 'education' classes at expensive prices that in fact hide their own choclate making procedure so that they can lie about m,aking cocoa butter from the Ghirardelli 'broma process' which is a fraudulent lie by Ghirardelli and their Swiss owners that has been perpetuated by thechocolatelife's self proclaimed 'chocolate expert' and now by this plastic or processed sugar-chocolate corporation with Alain Schneider most obviosly at its titular head,who has spread the fraudulent lie and even claims that he makes his own cocoa butter in Peru and Guatemala and Nicaragua,etc, with the Ghirardelli 'broma process' while his corporate stock fraud suspect Clay Gordon eggs him on to tell the lie rather than correcting it ! Now he has chosen to pretend he never wrote and posted it on his wall in Antigua and that other than using sugar,(glazed I presume although he'll find a way to bs about that as well),that he does exactly what I explained we do at the Tostaduria Antigua,i.e.-use only the cocao or cacao butter that is in the bean which is approximately 52%.It interesting to note that while for unknowledgeable tourists his over expensive 'class' is a diversion,it is a diversion in more ways than one - because of those whom I've spoken to there is always a bait and switch and no one has ever seen a bar made from start to finish ! But they are made to believe they have.

Here is a quote from my article own cacao honey bars and natural confectioniers choclate  made from our simple 50% honey-50% cacao bean ground formula that now Alain Schneider claims to do wIth his sugar chocolate making.Actually while we at the Tostaduria Antigua  learned or dicovered or invented caoa-honey bars by NOT taking lessons from or copying U.S.or European sugar chocolate makers as did Alain Schneiider and his gang of self promoters ,internet ranking manipulaters and pseudo experts,I did however, out of curiosity, once buy some cocoa powder and cocoa butter and glazed sugar that are or have been the basic ingrediebnts they really use,and heated and stirred them togther,certainly not nor hours or days with a plastic stirring and heating 'machine' called a melanger or whatever that they laughably use,but I just stirred the three ingredients togather using a spoon.It tasted as good or as common as any sugar and processed cocoa butter and cocoa powder from Hershey's or Nestle's etc. - but that's just NOT what we do ! We invented a new simple method that while requiring unprocessed cacao rather than additional cocoa butter and finely ground poweder is simply cacoa beans ground with honey.It is more like a meal compared to Chocomuseo or Ghirardelli or Nestle or Hershey  processed sugar chocolate .And even though Chocomuseo has tried to hide it's original ie about making their own cocoa butter from the Ghirardelli 'broma' or 'joke' in spanish,process ansd now they lie about not using cocoa butter at all - but yet they make theire white choclate sugar confection still ! Are they saying they now buy convectional cocoa butter imported or otherwise made by the Durch press method invented and used since 1825 because you can't extract cocoa butter from any 'broma' proceewss as they and Ghirardelli lie about doingf - or just where do they now get their cocoa butter for that !?
Also my apologies for comparing Alain Schneider's and hius girlfriend's with Hershey's or Nestle's or even Ghirardelli's as this is probably an insuklt to the products of those companies.

I have also seen corporate 'dark chocolate' that even contained hydrogenated fat rather than all cocoa butter and it would be quite common to have 'dark chocolate' that while not having either milk or processed cocoa butter substitutes,often contain 65% or so cocoa butter rather than the truly 'natural' cacao we make at the Tostaduria Antigua that in keeping with te Mayan gods and nature has only a bit over 50% but also no less just as nature intended a whole cocoa bean 'powder' to cocoa butter ratio to be.And that way no one gets confused and 'accidentally' replaces real cocoa butter with a synthetic hydrogenated fat substitute.- Tony Ryals)

So Mark,if you still have the photo in digital form mayber tghere is still a way to put it directly on my site because it is much more powerful then having to provide a link to document his and his internet spamming gangs lies.They have complete control over tripadviser and all sorts of employees and related scamsters to spam it with praise for  themselves.Just google search 'chocomuseo' or chocomuseo antigua' and see for yourself their spamming ability.Because they are involved with thechocolatelife.con website with that con artist who claims to have been involved with myriad 'start up' companies which generally means money laundering penny stocks and because he is a main spammer about the Ghirardelli broma process lie for some reason they are a definite sleazy bunch.

In spanish  'broma' means joke........

 From Ghirardelli's own website with claim that Mr.Domingo Ghirardelli  discovers or invents a 'broma' process to separate cocoa butter from cocoa powder in 1865.:

1865: Around this time, someone in the Ghirardelli Company makes an important observation—by hanging a bag of chocolate in a warm room, the cocoa butter drips out, leaving a residue that can be processed into ground chocolate. This technique, called the Broma process, is now generally used in the manufacture of chocolate........
1998: Lindt and Sprungli Chocolate out of Switzerland acquires Ghirardelli Chocolate Company as a wholly owned subsidiary of its holding company.
(So does Ghirardelli 's owner,Lindt and Sprungli,have any responsibility for what so far appears to be a fraudulant claim that Ghirardelli Chocolate Company makes its cocoa butter from the Ghirardelli 'broma process' ? How many people may have bought their chocolate based upon this apparently incorrect assumption ? How much longer will Ghirardelli and Lindt and Sprungli maintain this lie on their website that misleads consumers to say the least ?)

below quotes from,(hee hee),'thechocolatelife' website:
methodology of the broma process

Now this is comical,you have to take the link and see and read it for yourself !:

kenneth mensah's Page - The Chocolate Life
kenneth mensah's Page on The Chocolate Life... Clay Gordon replied to kenneth mensah's discussion the broma process ebook for downloading. "PLEASE DO ...
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am a college student in my final year and as part of the curricula for the program, i have to under take a research project, my topic is extraction of cocoa butter using the broma process. i am stuck at the methodology (chapter 3) . so i would like y'all who know how to carry out the extraction of cocoa butter using the broma process to tell me step by step how to use the broma process to extract cocoa butter. counting on your co operation . my email is thanks in advance.
Permalink Reply by Clay Gordon on November 28, 2009 at 1:43pm

With respect to your question about how warm the answer is the warmer the better. The higher the temperature the more fluid the fat in the chocolate liquor will be. If you have a cabinet or room where you can control the temperature I'd start about 115F to see how that works and then increase by 5F increments to see how that affects things.

With respect to the fineness of the mesh. I would line a burlap sack with 2 or more layers of cheesecloth. The burlap will provide strength, the cheesecloth will strain the butter through while keeping the larger particles from seeping  out.-Clay Gordon

(P.S.:This self claimed chocolate 'expert', Clay Gordon,sounds like a shifty character in the first place to me as one who has been ripped off in 'penny stock' scams.He says on one site that he was a part in a number of unnamed 'start up companies' that he apparently isn't too proud of are he would have named them.'Start up companies' generally  is a nice way of saying penny stock pump and dump scams that generally require dubious underworld or Washington D.C. and or UK or Israeli connections to be part of the stock share money laundering activities they entail with shares that the corrupt U.S.SEC purposefully doesn't audit.I'm not saying this is true of the 'start up' companies he mentions or doesn't mention as the case may be but.... and he likes to hang out in Bangcock of all places.I want even ask why.)

Subscription -
Wall Street Journal Online - Dec 1, 2006
Order a reprint of this article now The Wall Street Journal DETAILS ... "The homegrown competition is getting a whole lot stiffer," says Clay Gordon, editor and ........

 One is tempted to believe that perhaps in addition to his chocolate business Mr. Domingo Ghirardelli  may have also been the proprietor of the first gay bath house in gay old San Francisco in 1865 and somehow got distracted and left his ground cocoa beans in the sauna.If you have ever lived in SF and realise that the temperatures that are being thrown about for this so-called 'Ghirardelli broma process' rarely or never occur in San Francisco and that with the normally incoming coastal fog in the Bay Area during the summer that leave one,in addition to the cold fog, a wind chill that is quite cold if you are not covered up, then you begin to see the 'cacao broma process' to be a particularly funny San Francisco type of joke.Although it has been disputed as to whether the great American writer Mark Twain ever said this line attributed to him,however erroneously, he or someone most certainly did more than once during their summer vacation in SF, -"The coldest winter I ever saw was the summer I spent in San Francisco." - This quote has been attributed to Mark Twain, but until the attribution can be verified, ...

The following is info gathered re the so-called 'broma process' or myth or lie that  I began investigating shortly after a Mr.or Monsieur Alain Schneider of Alsace,France and Choco Museo or Chocolate Museum fame  wandered into the Tostaduria Antigua and snickered when I explained that we weren't like any other chocolate bar maker particularly chocolate candy maker in Antigua or Belgium for that matter, because all we did were 'natural cacao' with honey,not sugared candy bars per se.In fact I have often said that Belgian chocolate makers would do well to come here to take lessons in our simple cacao-honey bar process.If his business that misuses and abuses the true definition of museum were really a museum and he had a true interst in cacao history rather being like his heroes  the cacao industrialists Mr.Hershey and Mr.Nestle who used the Dutch Houton cocoa butter fat-cocoa powder separation  process and industrial machinery to pervert the pre 19th century cacao beans for their financial gain and the cacao beans rape and degradation,he could easily verify that in 2005 when we began making simple light roasted and ground cacao beans mixed with honey, that neither removed nor added cacao butter to the bean nor separated the bean into its constituent butter and powder only to bring them back together again generally in worse condition than before they were separated at over 6,000 pounds per square inch using an industrial press,(and certainly NOT the Ghirardelli
 'broma process' he lies about),then he would have to acknowledge that we in at the Tostaduria Antigua in Antigua Guatemala and certainly not the industrial over kill states of Europe or the U.S. whose out of control industrialism is killing us all WERE THE FIRST TO MAKE A NATURAL CACAO-HONEY BAR FOR SOME STRANGE REASON. CERTAINLY BELGIAN 'CHOCOLATIERS FOR INSTANCE NEVER DID SO, OR AM I WRONG ?Have any Belgian or other chocolate bar  makers been doing simple bars with unprocessed cacao beans lightly roasted and ground  then combining honey only to sweeten the bars ? In searching the internet since 2005 I certainly haven't found any and we appear to be the first based on our 2005 staring date........

 ChocoMuseo Antigua Guatemala's Ghirardelli  'Broma' Process:A Joke ,a Fraudulent Claim or the Truth?
by Tony Ryals

 Real Natural Chocolate:Guatemala Cacao and Honey Bars,the 50% Solution
by Tony Ryals

I would also like to point out than another of Clay Gordon's thechocolatelife members,Emily Stone, who has a juvenile self promoting pseudo-chocolate authority website used mainly to self pet her ego and promote her friends chgoclate businrsses is Emily Stone of chocolateincontext,a website that could not be more out of context in regards to real issues and information about chocolate.She actually tried to steal and take credit for my research into pataxte or Theobroma bicolor and totally blew it,picking immature fruit and seeds from a tree and not even being able to grid the seeds and thinking for some reason they had to be 'fermented' which would only change their milk taste,she then said the seeds taste like 'unleavened matza' !Miss Stone should realise that cacao is Mayan and NOT 'Jewish' !Miss Stone purposely pretended not to realise that what she was told by me was that our main innovation in chocolatre or natural cacao bars was use of honey instead of sugar.Instead she said we were doing something 'funny' with chocolate,we putting cinnamon in it !We hardly ever use cinnamaon except with our Coban honey chile bars and further more if sdhe weren't so ignorant of Mexican and Guatemalan 'traditional' chocolate or cacao makers she would know that nothing could be more common than to put cinnamon in the heavily sugared 'traditional' choclate that they make for drinking purposes ! No it's honey and NOT CINNAMON THAT THAT OUR INNOVATION and this allows one to make a VERY edible bar that in truth is of higher quality than any sugar chocolate bar on the market instead of simply making a 'traditional' sugar honey bar as do CVhocomuseo ansd all of Clay Gordon's and Emily  Gordon's buddies chocolate WHOSE PRODUCTS THEY TOUT AS IF THEY WERE CHEAP PENNY STOCKS !
Because this is right out of Ripley's Believe It Or Not or Art Linkletter's old 'Children Say the Darndest Things' catagory I will provide link of Emily Stone's attempted rip off of my discovery of pataxte and realization that it could be a 'REAL' white choclate instead of the fat or cocoa butter sugar white choclate that is on the market today and is the only white chocolate known.,At the time I simply had found a cxouple of pataxts seeds in my  100 pound sacks of cacao and didn't have enough to grind and was stupid enough to tell her and her dishonest friends that include a Mr.Eichenberg who never even bothered to inform me he was starting a sugar chocolate bar business that Emily Stone was promoting !Note how another member of the sleazebag  Gordon Clay's group  says they found 'a bit of Pataxte here in Guatemala. Going to make Hot chocolate with it soon.' This is ALL because Iam the one who made my discovery and insights freely available to anyone coming to Tostaduria Antigua ! I am glad to say that not most of the people who buy our coffede or cacao are low life plagiarizers and theifs as are Clay Gordon's crowd ! I also provide a link to my rebuttal of Emily Stone'sa verbal plagiarism of my idea re pataxte as a real white chocolate for comparison that was written after she made a fool of herself and compared it to 'Passover matzo'! In light of Israel's involvement in and profit from the Mayan holocaust in Guatemala in the 1980's you'd think she'd be ashamed ! First link is from her website launding and  fawning overover Clay Gordon like he's the Second Coming.

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Here Emily Stone brazenly tries to steal my idea of using pataxte for a real white chocolate,lieing that,'  international chocolate makers have been buzzing about the possibility of making candy with theobroma bicolor, since the seeds are pure white.' and falls flat and because one of the men she presses herself on who makes sugar choclate bars can't quite 'get it up' that day to make white chocolate out of the unripe pataxte she comes up with so she comments,'Josh wasn't confident that he was the man to grind, conch, and mold our microbatch of pataxte after all. I popped a roasted, peeled, pataxte ...' Uh,well she didn't do it and ended up claiming it tasted like 'matza' without even grinding it to test its cocoa butter like properties.What does that say for her 'woman enough ? Huh ? I later spoke with Josh and I don't think he was TOO impressed by her either.In fact Emily Stone was only trying purposefully to create conflict bettween others by stealing my revelation and trying to get others to do the unethical work of testing pataste before I got enough seeds to do so myself.

Chocolate in Context: The Great Guatemalan Pataxte Experiment
23 Aug 2008 – "Pataxte" is a local name for theobroma bicolor, a largely uncultivated cousin of cacao, whose oddly ... It tasted vaguely like Passover matzo, which is to say that it didn't taste like much. ... posted by Emily Stone at 10:10 PM ...

Elaine Gonzalez's Comments - The Chocolate Life
22 Apr 2011 – At 11:03am on July 2, 2010, Gg said… I have found a bit of Pataxte here in Guatemala. Going to make Hot chocolate with it soon. Will post ...

Now here is my article written after Emily Stone tried to rip off my discovery and claimed
29 Apr 2009 – Cacao Chocolate Guatemala Maya Pataxte Theobroma Bicolor Theobroma Cacao Criollo Theobromine White ChocolatePataxte,(Theobroma ...


google 'chocomuseo clay gordon

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1 comment:

  1. Hello Tony,

    I'm Clara-Isabel Dias, one of the partners of ChocoMuseo (the one you mention as Alain's girlfriend). I came across your post and was caught by surprise.
    How could I ever imagine that a piece of information like the "Broma Process" could annoy a chocolate specialist in such a magnitude?!

    So to start with, please excuse us if our museum signs lead to a misunderstanding of the process and of our activity.

    What we meant was: "The broma process enables you (us) to get some cacao butter out of the cacao licor".

    We had no use for cacao butter at the time the signs were designed (we didn't add cacao butter to our chocolate nor sold cacao butter itself) and we thought it would just be fun for people to see butter actually drain from the cacao mass! That's the point of our museum: Enable the general public to understand what is behind chocolate (history, production process, botany...) in an attractive manner. And by the way, you are right too, ChocoMuseo is not a museum in the common sense of "a collection of artifacts". But as for knowledge spreading and popularization, I believe ChocoMuseo does pretty well.

    So we'll update our signs so that no one can think we mass produce cacao butter and powder with the broma process!

    Now I have to say that your post was outrageously aggressive and offending. I wish you had come to us to talk about your concern directly. We could have made tries together to see how far the broma process could go; we could have learnt stuff from you; instead you call us liars and TripAdvisor cheaters, and even link us to an epidemic in Central America - Please!!

    Finally, like you, we try to produce the purest chocolate, I mean without additives. We banned lecithin, vanillin, vegetal oils, well, we basically banned everything except 2 ingredients: cacao and sugar! Maybe you'd like to know that one of our long term projects is to replace regular sugar by unrefined whole cane sugar (panela)? My point is, I'm sorry to see you just attack us without seeing we could actually share stuff.