Thursday, April 11, 2019

Rep. Ilhan Omar,9/11:Trump covers up for Israel,W Bush,CIA,Netanyahu,FBI -  Just Like Obama

Update:Trump uses video of planes hitting WTC on 9/11 to somehow pretend Omar is to blame !
All the while he pretends not to know the planes  themselves  originated or switched at an (Logan Airport,Boston),that was guarded by Israelis VERY CONNECTED TO HIS PAL ISRAELI PM NETANYAHU ! Of course Trump lied about Arabs dancing while the WTC was being attacked when it was in fact Israelis who were celebratinng before being arrested and then simply released without charges.)

1 hour ago - In latest controversy, congresswoman describes 2001 attacks as ‘some people did something,’ drawing fire from political opponents. WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump weighed in Friday on the most recent controversy involving Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar, retweeting video ..

Conservatives bash Ilhan Omar for reference to 9/11 as  'something' that 'some people did' - (quote from CIA controlled USA Today(who of course never printed the fact that Israelis guarded Logan Airport on 9/11 just like all the rest of Jewish Zionist owned and controlled 'U.S.' news media)

Yes Congresswoman Ilhan Omar is correct in saying 'some people' did 9/11 and yet she's immediately attacked even though she names nobody.Does her Zionist pro Israel controlled media attackers who are themselves hate mongerers in the employ of Jewish Zionist bosses and owners and censors of our former U.S. media have never even repòrted the fact that Israelis who know present Israeli PM Bibi Netanyah, (most particularly Menahem Atzmon resonsible for Boston airport security on 9/11 who was convicted in Israel of money launderer who was coincidentally laundering that money for Netanyahu's Likud  Party when he was caught),just coincidentally just happened to be the owner of the company ICTS International that was responsible for security of  Bston Logan Airport on 9/11 where the two  planes,flights 11 and 175 originated from! And they claim to have no video surveillance that would even confirm Egyptian Mohamed Atta and his SAudi gang even boarded or explained how alleged 'Islamic' terrorists were able to slip through Israeli security in Boston when they have never done so in Israel!

Jul 18, 2007 - WTC,9/11,Boston Logan Trial:Israeli ICTS 'Security';Frank,Kennedy, ..... Menachem Atzmon of ICTS International has had direct familiar and ..

'Conservatives',(as they are erroneouslly called when in fact they are far right generally white fascists or Zionists), bash Ilhan Omar for refering to 9/11 as  'something' that 'some people did' - (quote from CIA controlled USA Today who of course never printed the fact that Israelis guarded Logan Airport on 9/11 just like all the rest of Jewish Zionist owned and controlled 'U.S.' news media)
The threats and intimidations received by Omar for not quoting the official W Bush- Dick Cheney dogma that Saudi Osama bin Laden (and thus Moslems) and one Egyptian and 15 or so Saudis,is also yet another warning to all of us who have questined and CONTINUE to question the official government story about what happened on that infamous day ! Did these Saudis really board  those Israeli guarded  flights 11 and 175 out of Boston to strike the WTC recently leased and heavily insured towersis really another threat against anyone at this late date who still questions the governments official story ! Luckily  Trump's pal Larry Silverstein and his Israeli-Australian partner Frank Lowry had just leased and insured the WTC against terrorist attack thus  generating immediate 'windfall' profits for themselves.And for that reason  carpet bomb and invade Iraq and occupy Afghanistan ! It seems absurd to me that Islamic terrorists would specifically select an airport guarded by Israelis(much less Israelis Menachem Atzmon,, so connected to Mossad,Shin Beit as well as to Netanyahu and Ehud Olmert and their corrupt Likud Party and money laundering) who generally hate Moslems so much they would probably select innocenrt much less terrorist minded Moslems for scrutiny 

Story image for omar rep from USA TODAY

Conservatives bash Ilhan Omar for reference to 9/11 as 'something ...

USA TODAY-12 hours ago
WASHINGTON – Rep. Ilhan Omar again sparked outrage and sharp criticism with a comment, this time for referring to the 9/11 terrorist attack ...

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