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Libya's CIA Terrorist General Is A U.S. Citizen Supported by Israel,UAE,Egypt

Why doesn't Trump yell at CIA for aiding and abetting and inviting mass murderers such as Khalifa Haftar  into the U.S.through our airports ? Did he already forget 9/11 and  how CIA trained terrorists of Al Qaeda tok over even Israeli guarded Logan Airprt of Boston which means either the CIA trained them very good   they make U.S. 'good citizens' ? Why was  WAS Libyan General and war criminal  Khalifa Haftar allowed in the U.S. to live near CIA headquarters coincidentally in the first place and how did he reeceive his U.S. citizenship so easily ?

Libya's Haftar 'provided with Israeli military aid following UAE-mediated meetings with Mossad agents' - .alaraby

Story image for libya Khalifa Haftar israel EGYPT saudi from Middle East Monitor

Haftar attacking Tripoli with Egyptian, UAE and Saudi arms, Libya ...

Middle East Monitor-Apr 6, 2019
Libyan Brigadier General Mohammad Al-Qunidi, who is chief of the military intelligence loyal to Prime Minister Fayiz Al-Sarraaj, has said that ..

Jan 31, 2018 - The United States is supporting UN-mediated dialogue in Libya in the hopes of ... distance itself publicly from Khalifa Haftar, a rogue warlord, former CIA asset, ... have documented Israel's role in boosting Haftar's militia forces, ...

March, 2011, the well-connected,(Jewish) French philosopher Bernard-Henri Lévy arrived in the city and took it upon himself to make sure that the rebels got aid. In Paris recently, I asked Lévy why he’d adopted the Libyan cause. “Why? I don’t know!” he said. “Of course, it was human rights, for a massacre to be prevented, and blah blah blah—but I also wanted them to see a Jew defending the liberators against a dictatorship, to show fraternity. I wanted the Muslims to see that a Frenchman—a Westerner and a Jew—could be on their side.”.......... -

Libya's Haftar 'provided with Israeli military aid following UAE-mediated meetings with Mossad agents'

Khalifa Haftar, the military commander who controls the east of the Libya, has reportedly been receiving Israeli military aid following meetings with Israeli intelligence that were allegedly mediated by the United Arab Emirates.
A high-ranking military source in Haftar's forces told The New Arab on Monday that the controversial UAE-backed military strongman has held secret meetings with the Israeli agents over the past two years.
"Coordination between Haftar and Israel has been ongoing, he held talks with Mossad agents in Jordan in 2015 and 2016," the source, who spoke on the condition of anonymity out of fear for his safety, said.
"The meetings, which appear to have been mediated by the UAE, were held in strict secrecy," he said, adding that he has seen documents that reveal Haftar met with Israeli intelligence agents going by the names Ackerman and Mizrachi...............

3 days ago - ... security along Libya border · / Russia disowns Libya's General Haftar ..... Former Libyan leader, Muammar Gaddafi [US Navy photo/Wikipedia] ... Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu likely benefitted from a deal his ... impact Netanyahu's re-election bid in the upcoming general election on 9 April.
Jul 3, 2018 - Sources close to Libya's strongman, General Khalifa Haftar said that he had an extended meeting with an Israeli intelligence officer earlier this ..

Libya’s Haftar had lengthy meeting with Israeli intelligence officer

Libyan General Khalifa Haftar [KalifaHaftar/Twitter]
Libyan General Khalifa Haftar [KalifaHaftar/Twitter]
Sources close to Libya’s strongman, General Khalifa Haftar said that he had an extended meeting with an Israeli intelligence officer earlier this month in the Jordanian capital, Amman, to “deepen security coordination between him and Israel”.
The source, who preferred not to be named told al- Araby al- Jadeed newspaper Monday that “Haftar has asked that the Israeli security forces intensify their presence in southern Libya to cut off French and Italian desire to control the region”.
The source added that Haftar promised the Israeli officer that he will provide safe centers for Israel especially in Sabha, which is in the middle of the Libyan desert.
Western media sources have previously revealed that Israel has provided intelligence and possibly military support to Haftar over the past years.
According to the source, Haftar contacts the Israelis through various channels, including the Israeli-Canadian security advisor, Ari Ben Manachi and the Likud party member, Oren Hazan of Libyan origins.
The source explained that although Egypt supports Haftar cooperation with Israel because it does not want Libyan arms to be smuggled into the Sinai Peninsula, however it does not want Haftar to communicate directly with Israel.
Algerian media sources have previously reported that Algeria had sent a strongly worded letter to Haftar in which it warned him of supporting the construction of an Israeli intelligence base in southern Libya.

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