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9/11,Notre Dame France:Israelis Say French Deserved It

I as an American have complained on internet as well as directly to my own government regarding Israels involvement in 9/11,particularly thei role as ICTS International in 'guarding' Logan Airport on September 11,2001.Note ICTS International founder Menachem Atzmon worked for Netanyahu and was convicted of money laundering for their Likud Party and yet was still allowed to enter the U.S. and incorporate ICTS International in 1999 and place it on the NASDAQ stock market,defraud  investors and buy Huntleigh airport security company which had the cntract to guard Logan Airport  Boston where the two planes alleged to hit the WTC on 9/11 originjated from  and yet the Zionist controlled U.S. government and all  major U.S. news media covered it up ! Just one month after 9/11
ICTS International Israelis employed as security at Paris' De Guale Airport allowed alleged Islamic terrorist Richard Reid who had been allowed by ICTS Israel who have controlled Schipol Airport of Amsterdam for decades,to fly to Israel in order to visit Hamas in Palestine !
Note also the strange fact that the Al Aqsa Mosque which  the hate filled Jews want to destroy also had a fire at the very same time as the Notre Dame in Paris went up in flames.Coincidence ?

Jerusalem's Al-Aqsa Mosque Fire Burns at the Same Time As Flames ...
Highly Cited-Newsweek-Apr 15, 2019 :
Today, after the fire in Notre Dame Cathedral, Aviner was asked the following question:
“The great Christian Church in Paris is on fire. Should we feel sorry for that, or should we rejoice, as it [the cathedral] is idolatry, which is a mitzvah to burn?”
The questioner is here referring to the Halachic ruling that churches are considered idolatry, and should be destroyed.
Aviner replied as follows:

Prominent settler rabbi, Shlomo Aviner, ruled today (Tuesday) that burning churches outside of the Land of Yisrael “isn’t our job for now”, but as for the Holy Land, “the issue is more complicated”. Aviner seemed to leave the question of burning churches in the Holy Land to the questioner.

(Oh, yes: American Jewish readers, I probably need to stress this – this is not a parody or a satire. This is actual rabbinical discourse in 2019 Israel.) -

Aviner is touching here gingerly on a hot issue (pardon the pun) in his sector: Should churches be burned? Several churches have been burnt in Israel in the last few years, and the police have been spectacularly useless in capturing the arsonists. In several cases, the arson was accompanied by slogans familiar from ‘price tag’ attacks in the West Bank (mostly along the lines of Jewish vengeance). Four years ago, Lehava leader Benzi Gopstein, asked whether he supported church burnings, said “of course, what’s the question?” His words caused uproar. Later Gopstein was indicted on incitement to violence charges, but church burning wasn’t one of them.
Aviner, and other Orthodox rabbis, are in a bind here. Several immensely important rabbinic rulers, most prominent among them Maimonides, ruled that churches are places of idolatry and ought to be destroyed.......... -

Two haredi news outlets highlighted the 13th century burning of 24 cartloads of Talmudic manuscripts in Paris following the severe fire damage caused to the Notre Dame Cathedral on Monday.

The JDN new website went a step further and seemingly ascribed divine justice to the burning of the cathedral when it cited a phrase from Jewish liturgy, “and evil in its entirety will go up like smoke,” after noting in its Monday night report that the fires were yet to be brought under control.

It also headlined its article “Paris: Notre Dame church which serves as a house of idol worship, goes up in flames.”

Some prominent rabbis, from medieval to modern times, have categorized Christianity as “idol worship,” due to concerns over whether Christianity fulfills Judaism’s definition of monotheism.

Wadie Abunassar, the “Advisor to Church Leaders in the Holy Land,” made an immediate demand to JDN that the phrase be removed, which the website subsequently agreed to.

The article went on to point out that after the Disputation of Paris in 1240 in which King Louis IX of France put the Talmud on trial at the urging of Jewish apostate Nicholas Donin, 24 wagon loads of Talmudic manuscripts were burnt in the Place de Grève, in close proximity to the Notre Dame Cathedral in 1244.

The burning of these manuscripts, an estimated 12,000 in total, in an era before the printing press, was a huge loss to the Jewish world and to Talmud study, leading one of the pre-eminent rabbis of the age, the Maharam of Rothenburg, to write a liturgical lamentation of the event which is now read every year on the Fast of the Ninth of Av.

“The fire that is raging in the Notre Dame Cathedral reminds us of the burning of the Talmud which took place in front of the church in 1244,” the JDN article read.

Yated Neeman, the largest selling haredi daily newspaper also mentioned the burning of the Talmud in its article on Wednesday, mentioning the fire in Notre Dame briefly and the recalling the Disputation of Paris and the subsequent destruction of the Talmudic manuscripts.

Rabbi Shlom Aviner, a leader of the conservative wing of the national-religious community, posted a question he received whether or not someone should be sad at the destruction of the cathedral, and the response he gave regarding the fire on the Srugim news website.

Aviner said the question of whether to be happy or not “is not our work at this time” and said that “it is not a religious requirement to find Christian churches abroad and burn them,” but added that “in our holy land it is more complicated.”

Aviner noted that the one of the former grand rabbis of the Satmar hassidic dynasty had said that one problem in moving to Israel was that there was a religious requirement to burn churches in the holy land since they are considered idolatrous, and that failure to do so would constitute a violation of this requirement.

Aviner himself ruled that Christianity is “idol worship” because of the Christian belief in the trinity, and said that Christians “certainly” deserved to be punished for their role in the historic persecution of Jews.

The rabbi insisted however that it could not be known whether or not the fire in the Notre Dame Cathedral was a punishment from God since men cannot know God’s mind.

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