Saturday, March 3, 2018

Guatemala:Israeli AmbassadorMoshe Bachar,Uri Roitman  Mass Murderer Of Maya,Major Money Launderer,Passport Counterfeiter,Water Frauds Behind Israeli Controlled Hydro Projects

Israeli Ambassador to Guatemala loves to pimp the Jewish holocaust museum but instead should
acknowledge Israel's role and arms profits from the mass murderers of innocent Mayan citizens of Guatemala in the 1980's that Uri Roitman his partner in financial and environmental crimes profited directly from.

Note that while others including Guatemala's ex Vice Presient Roxanne Baldetti and ex President-General Otto Pérez Molina,(aka 'Mayor Tito' of Maya genocide infamy),are locked up - the Argentine-Israeli mass muderer and war profiteer,Uri Roitman,who also was the main profiteer from the 'Agua Majica'or Israeli Magic Water fraud that claimed to clean the filthy water of Lake Amatitlan is given special treatment to get out of jail in the comfort of his no doubt luxurious Guatemala home or flee the country if he so wishes.Note also the close ties between Argentine military junta at the beginning of the 1980's and that of the Guatemalan genicidal military and that both worked closely with Israeli war criminals and murderers who remain 'untouchables'.

Through a sleezy incorpoation in the U.S. state of Florida Roitman also and perhaps still does,control the Guatemala passport business.All Guatemala news media remain silent about the unequal justice of allowing Uri Roitman to remain free while others in the case are jailed.It may well be that the U.S. wants to extradite ex VP Baldetti to the U.S. on trumped up drug trafficking charges for the sole reason that she has been the only one who has squealed on the relation between Roitman and ex President-General Otto Pérez Molina,(aka 'Mayor Tito' of Maya genocide infamy),who may also be implicated in the vicious murder of Bishop Gerardi.

Baldetti a juicio por el caso “fórmula mágica” | Publinews

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Feb 27, 2017 - VIDEO. Motorista abandona a su compañero luego de violento accidente · Guatemala ... 2014 por Q137.2 millones. El empresario argentino-israelí Hugo “Uri” Roitman, el creador de la “fórmula mágica”, fue enviado a debate, aunque el proceso lo seguirá desde su casa por gozar de libertad condicional.

Baldetti on trial for the "magic formula" case
The imprisoned ex-vice president Roxana Baldetti, her brother Mario, and eleven people will face trial for a fraud to the State to clean the lake of Amatitlán.
The Argentine-Israeli businessman Hugo "Uri" Roitman , the creator of the "magic formula", was sent to debate, although the process will follow him from his home to enjoy probation.

El proyecto hidroeléctrico Oxec y la presencia israelita en ...

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5 days ago - El eje de todo ese engranaje es el argentino-israelita Hugo Rodolfo Roitman Braier, también conocido con el nombre Ury o Uri Roitman. Los negocios vinculados con los servicios de inteligencia militar, seguridad privada y sus nexos con la Embajada de Israel en Guatemala, han sido pilares para consolidarse en el ..

Roitman Braier is known for the Lago Amatitlán,('Magic Water' fraud) case, deals with the anomalous adjudication that was made with the Israeli company M.Tarcic Engineering Limited to perform the sanitation of Lake Amatitlán with "magic water" for a cost of Q.137.8 million. Tarcic Engineering Limited is owned by the also Argentine-Israelite and engineer Mario Salomon Tarcic or Mario Sholmo Tarcic.

The address provided by GU-IS Corporation is the same as Mario Tarcic gives as a residence in Guatemala, while the physical address provided by M. Tarcic Engineering Limited in Guatemala is the same as it appears to private security companies linked to Roitman Braier.
The former Vice President of the Republic, Roxana Baldetti, said that the Ambassador of Israel in Guatemala, Moshe Bachar, was the one who recommended the company M. Tarcic Engineering Ltd., to provide the formula to clean the Lake of Amatitlan in nine months.

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