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Assassination Of Archbishop Oscar Romero El Salvador,The Israeli Connection :CIA,Israel,Bishop Gerardi,Guatemala

Paradoxical that a son of Major Roberto d'Aubuisson,is himself murdered or assassinated in Guatemala,a neighboring country to El Salvador where much of the plan to assassinate Achbishop
Oscar Romero was planned from.I'm not sure is this was the son sent to school in Israel at the time of the major blood spilling in El Salvador perpetraited by U.S.,Israel,
Israel also appears to be behind the assassination in 1997 of Guatemala Bishop Gerardi who had established a Guatemala truth commission independent of international agencies such as U.N. and knew to much about Israel and its connections to military officers such as Perez Molina who has direct ties to Israel through Uri Roitman, and who could nevwer have been elected had Gerardi lived a bore witness against from their shared time in Quiche when Perez Molina was overseeing holocaust against the Maya of the region using and indebting the Guatemala government by purchasing massive amounts of Israeli weapons.

Note that while others including Guatemala's ex Vice Presient Roxanne Baldetti and ex President-General Otto Pérez Molina,(aka 'Mayor Tito' of Maya genocide infamy),are locked up - the Argentine-Israeli mass muderer and war profiteer,Uri Roitman,who also was the main profiteer from the 'Agua Majica'or Israeli Magic Water fraud that claimed to clean the filthy water of Lake Amatitlan is given special treatment to get out of jail in the comfort of his no doubt luxurious Guatemala home or flee the country if he so wishes.Note also the close ties between Argentine military junta at the beginning of the 1980's and that of the Guatemalan genicidal military and that both worked closely with Israeli war criminals and murderers who remain 'untouchables'.

Through a sleezy incorporation in the U.S. state of Florida Roitman also and perhaps still does,control the Guatemala passport business.All Guatemala newspapers remain silent about the unequal justice of allowing Uri Roitman to remain free while others in the case are jailed.It may well be that the U.S. wants to extradite ex VP Baldetti to the U.S. on trumped up drug trafficking charges for the sole reason that she has been the only one who has squealed on the relation between Roitman and ex President-General Otto Pérez Molina,(aka 'Mayor Tito' of Maya genocide infamy),who may also be implicated in the vicious murder of Bishop Gerardi.

Israel's Latin American trail of terror | News | Al Jazeera

Jun 5, 2003 - One notable Salvadoran officer trained by the Israelis was Major Roberto D'Aubuisson, who always held a high opinion of the Israelis. It was Major D'Aubuisson who ordered the assassination of El Salvador's archbishop amongst thousands of other murders. Later he would organise the right-wing National ..

One notable Salvadoran officer trained by the Israelis was Major Roberto D’Aubuisson, who always held a high opinion of the Israelis. It was Major D’Aubuisson who ordered the assassination of El Salvador’s archbishop,(Óscar Romero), amongst thousands of other murders.
Later he would organise the right-wing National Republican Alliance Party (ARENA) and send his son to study abroad in the relative safety of Israel......

But by far the bloodiest case of Israeli involvement in Latin America was its involvement in Guatemala from the 1970s to the 1990s. As in El Salvador, a civil war pitted a populist but, in this case, mainly Indian left against a mainly European oligarchy protected by a brutal Mestizo Army. 
As Guatemalan President Carlos Arana said in 1971, "If it is necessary to turn the country into a cemetery in order to pacify it, I will not hesitate to do so."
Active involvement
The Israelis supplied Guatemala with Galil rifles, and built an ammunition factory for them, as well as supplying armoured personnel carriers and Arava planes. Behind the scenes, they were actively involved in the bloodiest counter-insurgency campaign the hemisphere has known since the European conquest, in which at least 200,000 (mostly Indians) were killed. 
Like Israel’s original occupation of Palestine, several entire Guatemalan Indian villages were razed and a million people displaced...........

How we killed Archbishop Romero -

Mar 25, 2010 - Major Roberto D´Aubuisson participated in the conspiracy to assassinate ArchbishopRomero, although a son of former president Molina provided the ... They went to Guatemala, where the major arranged for him to receive a salary, a car and whatever else he needed to carry out the errand that had been ...

3 Salvadoran Officials Kidnapped, Killed in Guatemala

By Manuel Roig-Franzia
Washington Post Foreign Service 
Wednesday, February 21, 200

MEXICO CITY, Feb. 20 -- Three Salvadoran representatives to the Central American Parliament were kidnapped and killed during a trip to Guatemala for a parliamentary meeting, then their bodies were burned, authorities said Tuesday.
Among the victims was Eduardo Jose d'Aubuisson, the 32-year-old son of the late Roberto d'Aubuisson, founder of El Salvador's ruling Arena party. Representatives William Pichinte and Ramón González, as well as their chauffeur, were also killed in an assassination that investigators say they believe took place late Monday.

"The authorities have not announced a theory about the reason for the killings, but observers of this criminal act have signaled that this was a planned killing carried out by professional assassins," Sigfrido Reyes, a member of El Salvador's legislature, said in a telephone interview Tuesday from El Salvador.
The victims were traveling Monday in a caravan with other members of El Salvador's delegation to the Central American Parliament, a regional body composed of representatives elected in the member states of El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Panama, Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic, Reyes said. The caravan was escorted by Guatemalan police. For an unknown reason, Reyes said, the car carrying d'Aubuisson, Pichinte and Ramón González separated from the group in Guatemala City.
Their charred, unrecognizable bodies were found later that evening.
D'Aubuisson is the heir to one of El Salvador's most powerful political families. His father, who died of cancer in 1991, is one of the most influential figures in modern Salvadoran political history. The killing of the younger d'Aubuisson was being condemned Tuesday in El Salvador on the 16th anniversary of his father's death.
The U.N. Truth Commission found that the elder d'Aubuisson had ordered the assassination of Archbishop Oscar Romero, who was gunned down in March 1980 while presiding at a Mass during the Salvadoran civil war. The elder d'Aubuisson had also been linked by U.S. intelligence reports and former death squad members to an organization of paramilitary groups that killed thousands.
El Salvador's legislature Tuesday declared three days of mourning for Eduardo d'Aubuisson and the other victims of the kidnapping in Guatemala, Reyes said. Then, Reyes said, lawmakers waited for the bodies of their countrymen to come home.


The killing of Archbishop Oscar Romero was one of the most notorious crimes of the cold war. Was the CIA to blame?

Tom Gibb uncovers new evidence about the murder of El Salvador's spiritual leader
Seven years and 50,000 deaths after Romero's murder, I was feeling out of my depth as a novice reporter sitting on a park bench talking to a young deserter from Major D'Aubuisson's death squads who called himself Jorge. In 1984, he told me, he had guarded a safe house for three former guerrillas nicknamed the Little Angels. They spent their days with prostitutes, smoking marijuana and playing rock music at full volume. At night, they sallied out to capture and kill their former rebel comrades.
The men received orders from a National Police detective, Oscar Perez Linares, who came to the house. A man of few words, he was treated by the others with the respect reserved for those not afraid to kill. Several times, Jorge heard the others laughing at how Linares had shot Romero. Linares sat with a half-smile. "You should have seen the blood that came from that priest!" was his only comment.
At the time, Jorge's story was impossible to check - although the rest of what he said turned out to be true. After the war, I looked in declassified CIA files. Sure enough, in mid-1983, an unusually detailed CIA report, quoting a senior Salvadoran police source, named Linares as a member of a four-man National Police squad which murdered Romero. Other Salvadoran officers said the same thing. And the man who drove the car which took the killer to the church also picked out a photo-fit of Linares. So why, if the CIA had such evidence, and solving the murder was such a priority, was nothing done?
Linares was not just any detective. Nor were the Little Angels simple ex-guerrillas. Before the war, when D'Aubuisson ran El Salvador's intelligence agency ANSESAL - set up by the CIA to guard against Communist infiltration of its hemisphere - Linares was one of his most successful agents, infiltrating the fledgling rebel groups. One of his best spies inside rebel ranks was the head of the Little Angels, who Jorge knew as El Negro............

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