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Trump,Mossad,Jeffrey Epstein,Roy Cohn Child Abuse Orgies

Trump,Mossad,Jeffrey Epstein,Roy Cohn Child Abuse Orgies


9/11,Israel:Did Donald Trump Procure Virginia Roberts For Child Rapist Jeffrey Epstein,Bill Clinton,Jeb Bush,Prince Andrew, Alan Dershowitz,

CNN,Wolf Blitzer Cover Up Of Michael Zwebner,Air Water Corp ...
CNN,Wolf Blitzer Covered up Israel PM Ehud Olmert's Ties to U.S. Air Water Corp Scam ..... sincere investigator into both ex Israeli President Moshe Katsav's

Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, 'Orthodox Jews ',Stock Fraud,Gay ...
Feb 24, 2008 - Had Ehud Olmert been involved in Michael Zwebner's multi-million or ..... Moshe Katsav claims to have drank water from Zwebner's 'air-water ...

Letter From Ex Israeli Mayor Jerusalem,Minister Of Industry,PM Ehud ...
May 28, 2015 - Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert,9/11, WTC,Stock Fraud,Gay Prostitutes,Death Threat ... CNN Wolf Blitzer,Michael Zwebner,IDF:UCSY 'Water From Air' ... Israeli pResident Moshe Katsav 's Penny Stock Partner .

New Post - OffshoreAlert
Israeli pResident Moshe Katsav Disgraced by Michael Zwebner,Mohamid Hadid ... Inc. subsidiary AirWater Corporation company president Michael Zwebner ...... Likud Party and its successor under the present Prime Minister, Ehud Olmert.

Israel,CNN,Wolf Blitzer, SEC,IRS,Michael Zwebner UCSY,Todd Fisch ...
Aug 3, 2005 - ... Epixtar,Mitchell ... PM Ehud Olmert,Rapist Israeli President Moshe Katsav. CNN,Wolf Blitzer Cover Up of Michael Zwebner,Air Water Corp.

Ripoff Report | Michael Joel Zwebner's UNIVERSAL ...
Aug 23, 2007 - Carmel Cafiero Complaint Review: Michael Joel Zwebner's ... the mafia, and hires male prostitutes for gay sex and blackmails others gays like Steve ...... Recently, Zwebner hired Big Black Buck to seduce Steve Cunningham so that ... the same Michael Joel Zwebner who owns that featured water filtration ...

Out of Thin Air | Miami New Times
Feb 10, 2005 - January 4: Zwebner donates $25,000 to "the Air Water machines fund" to help send ... He had dreamed up a new gimmick to generate a much bigger Air Water buzz, create some waves even. ... Michael Zwebner, who maintains citizenship and residences in Israel, England, and .... That's a hundred bucks.


The Plaza Hotel.

The Plaza Hotel is the site of room 233, 'where Roy Cohn held child abuse orgies in order to blackmail elites.'


Trump bought the Plaza Hotel in 1988. 

What links Trump to Mossad?
Source: Timothy Fitzpatrick, who has written:

Trump controlled by Mossad 
Trump controlled by the Mossad – Part III

According to a Jan. 29, 2016 article on Vice News,

"Epstein and Maxwell were repeat guests at Mar-A-Lago.

"In 2000, they hung out there with Prince Andrew, who arrived for vacation on Trump's private plane.

"That same year, the Palm Beach Post reported that Trump, Epstein, Prince Andrew, and (the Mossad linked) Ghislaine Maxwell were all at a tennis tournament/celebrity event at Mar-A-Lago."

Khashoggi, who is linked to Mossad, at Donald Trump's wedding to Marla Maples at the Plaza Hotel in 1993.The Trump-Maples wedding was ministered by 33rd degree freemason Norman Vincent Peale. Nate Rothschild has reportedly had flings with both Ivanka Trump and Adnan Khashoggi’s step-daughter Petrina. 

Trump is linked to all the bad guys?

Trump's crony Rudolph Giuliani is believed to have contributed to the 9/11 coverup by promptly destroying and removing the crime scene at the World Trade Centre.

Donald Trump and Roy Cohn.

Roy Cohn was reportedly "a Meyer Lansky organized crime syndicate operative who served on the Permindex board [xx], which is believed to have been Mossad's key operating front in the conspiracy to assassinate John F. Kennedy."

Cohn is believed to have used child prostitutes to blackmail politicians.

Cohn is believed to have been involved in the Franklin scandal - a child-sex ring that reached the Reagan White House. [xxiii]

Cohn aided Roger Stone in Ronald Reagan’s 1970-80 presidential campaign.

Meyer Lansky.

In 1987, "Trump took over Lansky's Mossad/CIA money-laundering front, the Mary Carter Paint Company, then renamed Resorts International, from CIA frontman James Crosby." [xxxiii]

Plaza Hotel, site of room 233, where Roy Cohn reportedly held child abuse parties in order to blackmail elites.

Biographer Burton Hersh writes about Roy Cohn:

"When New York attorney John Klotz began to investigate Roy Cohn on behalf of a client…declassified New York government files and spadework by a private detective substantiated the allegation that there was indeed a 'blue suite' at the Plaza, Suite 233.

"'Roy Cohn was providing protection,' Klotz discovered. 'There were a bunch of pedophiles involved. That’s where Cohn got his power from - blackmail.'"[i]

"Cohn was involved in the child sex ring run out of Manhattan's Plaza hotel."

Trump bought the Plaza Hotel in 1988. 

Katie Johnson claims to have been lured, at the age of 13, to one of Epstein's underage sex parties in New York, where she was violently raped by Trump [ii]

"Detective James Rothstein had an opportunity to have a sit-down with ... Roy Cohn.

"During this sit-down, Cohn admitted to Rothstein that he was part of a rather elaborate sexual blackmail operation that compromised politicians with child prostitutes." [iii]

Peter Fraser was one of Roy Cohn's lovers.

Fraser says that Donald trump was certainly Roy Cohn's apprentice. [iv]

"Could the Watergate burglars have been after a pedophile book that contained the names of Cohn’s sexually compromised Republican Party and New York elites, which may have included Donald Trump’s name?"

"Detective Rothstein spoke to Watergate burglar Frank Sturgis.

"Sturgis revealed one of the reasons for breaking into the Watergate.

"According to Sturgis, there was a 'Pedophile Book' hidden away at the Democratic National Committee headquarters

"The book was supposed to have a list of pedophiles on the American political scene." [v]

"Fugitive ex-CIA officer Frank Terpil has claimed that sexual blackmailing operations directed by the CIA were intensive in Washington during the Watergate era (DeCamp 179).

"Terpil asserts that his former partner, Ed Wilson, was coordinating one of these sexual blackmail operations (179).

"According to John DeCamp, Wilson's ring was a continuation of Cohn's." [vi]

Friend of Mossad James Jesus Angleton and David Ben-Gurion

The FBI Director J edgar Hoover is alleged to have been witnessed dressed up drag with two young boys at the Plaza Hotel.

Could it have been at Roy Cohn's Room 233?

Katie Johnson.

On 2 November 2016, Katie Johnson's legal representative, Los Angeles civil rights attorney Lisa Bloom,told the media:

"I have bad news. Jane Doe has received numerous threats today as have all the Trump accusers that I have represented." [x]

Katie Johnson's deposition stated that Trump and Epstein threatened her life and those of the other child victims if they were to reveal the crime.

The CIA/Mossad's 'Anonymous' is believed to have started the Pizzagate conspiracy theory.

Continued here:

Trump controlled by Mossad 

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