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Anis Amri

The attack on the Berlin market on 20 December 2016 looks like a 'false flag, inside job'.

The ID of Anis Amri, a 21 year-old Tunisian, "has been found under the seat in the lorry."

dailymail 21 December 2016. 11am.

In other words, certain security services have planted the ID of the 'patsy' in the truck?

Why did it take so long for the authorities 'to find' the ID?

The German government has said that they couldn't deport Anis Amri, because he didn't have any ID.

How did the magical ID suddenly appear in the lorry?

Anis Amri "is believed to have had a criminal record in Tunisia, having carried out violent car robberies."


Anis Amri served four years in an Italian prison for an arson attack on a school.


The security services recruit their 'assets' in prisons.

Just before the Berlin attack, Donald Trump had a meeting with Yossi Cohen (above), the boss of Mossad.

In 2016, Anis Amri was "apparently arrested for GBH but vanished before he could be charged."

In July 2016 "he got into a knife fight over drugs."

Anis Amri was reportedly arrested along with five members of a recruiting network operating on behalf of the Mossad and its friends (ISIS).

How could Anis Amri vanish, if he was a dangerous man?

The False Flag attack in Berlin has been blamed on ISIS, which is run by Mossad and its friends. CNN was able to report live from the attack even before the German media.

First we read:

"According to Michael Behrendt, crime reporter for Die Welt, Berlin: 'The police have no idea who they are looking for. They have no weapon, no DNA traces.'"

dailymail. 21 December 2016. 6am.

Then we read:

"Police are believed to have found Anis A's blood in the truck's cab."

dailymail 21 December 2016. 11am.

The police first blamed Naved Baluch, 23, for the attack.

"Detectives, who flew Naved Baluch out of Berlin and across the country to Karlsruhe to question him, took 18 hours to realise Naved Baluch, who had no blood on his clothes and no injuries, did not drive the lorry..."


Naved Baluch is said to be mentally handicapped.


The official truck driver Lukasz Urban, 37, had driven to Berlin to deliver steel to ThyssenKrupp.

Police sources believe Urban was alive, and in the truck, when the 25-tonne truck was steered at the crowds.


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