Thursday, December 15, 2016

9/11:Uh Oh,Facebook Algorhythm Accidentally Tells The Truth....Still Israelis(ICTS International,Shin Beit,Menachem Atzmon) Guarded and controlled airports where alleged planes tht hit WTC originated from however Even if they weren't switched and did hit the WTC IT WOULD STILL NOT HAVE COLLPAPSED THE TOWERS,ONLY THE BASEMENT EXPLOSIVES COULD HAVE DONE THAT.gOOD THINKING fACEBOOK ALGORHYTM !

No wonder the algorhym is now being replaced by (HA) SNOPES.COM AND MAINSTREAM NEWS EDITORS-CENSORS.

Facebook hires Hillary Clinton to lead assault on fake news *

The Register-Dec 15, 2016
Days after the United States election Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg pooh-poohed the theory that fake news spreading on his site ...


Note Facebook had already censored the belief that the WTC collapse was due to something other than the planes impacting them.Ha,Donald Trump,insider to NYC Zionist criminals involved and who profited from collpse of twin towrs and Building 7,has also stated the truth previously as a skyscaper owner and builder,that the planes could not have taken down the WTC as well.

Facebook's algorithm put a hoax story about 9/11 at top - India TV › Business

Sep 10, 2016 - The social media giant Facebook's users were surprised when on FB's news trendingalgorithm they saw a hoax story about 9/11 at top, linking 

Story image for facebook 9/11 algorithm from Engadget

Facebook's trending algorithm promoted a 9/11 truther story

Engadget-Sep 9, 2016
Facebook's trending news algorithm has failed once again. Earlier today, Facebook users who clicked on the "9/11" trending topic on the social ...

Facebook's news algorithm promotes 9/11 'truther' article
Christian Science Monitor-Sep 12, 2016



Uh Oh,Facebook Algorhythm Accidentally Tells The Truth....Still Israelis Guarded and controlled airports where alleged planes tht hit WTC originated from...

Reports: Facebook Trending promoted 9/11 hoax story

Last Friday, the phrase “September 11th Anniversary” appeared in Facebook’s controversial “Trending” section. On the actual day of the attacks, however, the phrase is missing from the much-talked about part of the social media giant.
Last month, the company removed humans from processing trending stories to promote on their site. It appears the algorithm installed in their place may have made another bad error when it comes to America’s worst terrorist attack.
The Washington Post, along with several social media users, notes that when users went to click on the “September 11th Anniversary” trending topic, they were taken to a so-called “9/11 truther” promoting the false notion that bombs and not terrorist-piloted planes brought down the Twin Towers in Manhattan.

Facebook removed human editors. ( ) Now it is telling me 9/11 was caused by bombs, not planes.

You're right, Facebook. Computers can TOTALLY do a better job than journalists. 

“We’re aware a hoax article showed up there,” a Facebook spokeswoman told the Post, “and as a temporary step to resolving this we’ve removed the topic.”  
Facebook’s new non-human attempt to curate human news has been riddled with errors. Just days after they stopped using people, the company was forced to apologize after a false story about Megyn Kelly appeared in the feed.

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