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Perverts Jeb Bush,Bill Clinton,Jeffrey Epstein Protected From Teenage Victims By U.S.Attorney Generals Office,Obama's Black Bitch Loretta Lynch

Yes she could easily cut te paper work and legal maneuvering if she and CIA'S  LITTLE BLACK RAMBO BARACK OBAMA WANTED TO......Bill and Hillary and Cherlsea should also be forced to return all that stolen money hidden away in offshore accounts and in their trusts.......And little blaxck Obama should be audited immediately open leaving office as should the next Resident of the U.S. after him.....Loretta Lynch
a still hasn't investigated the massive decades old financial fraudsters and murder suspects of CIA and City of London Rothschilds Agora Inc headquartered in Baltimore Maryland either....Dirty old bitch.

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    US attorney general to 'institutionalize' Obama gun laws 13, 2016
    U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch became the latest Obama appointee to admit that one of her top priorities is to make sure President ...
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    1st Black US Attorney General Endorses Clinton for President

    Voice of America-Jan 13, 2016
    Hillary Clinton has secured an endorsement from the nation's first black attorney general as she works to maintain an advantage among ...

Daily News Staff Writer

Two underage victims of Palm Beach billionaire sex offender Jeffrey Epstein have filed court papers asking to depose top federal officials who were involved in inking the secret deal that saved Epstein from serious federal charges.
FBI agents, current and former federal prosecutors, and Alexander Acosta, the former U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of Florida, are named in the motion filed by attorneys Brad Edwards and Paul Cassell on behalf of Jane Doe No. 1 and Jane Doe No. 2. The girls were 14 and 13, respectively, at the time of the sex abuse.
The victims filed the motion, in part, because of a new argument Assistant U.S. Attorney Dexter Lee made during a routine status check hearing in November.
Lee said the girls aren’t really victims because they procured other minor girls for Epstein and received money for it so they’re not protected under the federal Crime Victims’ Rights Act.
“Apparently, the government believes that because Epstein pressured some of his young victims into performing sexual acts, those victims themselves were complicit in Epstein’s crimes and, therefore, are barred from seeking relief under the CVRA,” the motion says. “There has never been any public document (or other private document that we have seen) in this or any related case that has ‘accused’ Epstein’s young victims of committing ‘the crime’ that Epstein committed.”
The six witnesses they want to depose are: Acosta, FBI Special Agent E. Nesbitt Kuyrkendall, FBI Special Agent Jason Richards, former First Assistant U.S. Attorney Jeff Sloman, former Assistant U.S. Attorney Matt Menchel and Assistant U.S. Attorney Marie Villafana.
Filed in 2008, the lawsuit says the U.S. Attorney’s Office violated the federal Crime Victim’s Rights Act by failing to confer with the victims before signing a non-prosecution agreement with Epstein in September 2007. The agreement saved Epstein from serious federal charges and extensive prison time. Edwards and Cassell are fighting to overturn the agreement.
Doe 1 and 2 received monetary settlements in civil cases. They are among more than two-dozen underage girls who filed lawsuits or settled claims against Epstein, alleging they were lured to his Palm Beach mansion to give him sexually charged massages and/or sex in exchange for money. Epstein, now 62, pleaded guilty in June 2008 to state charges of soliciting minors for sex. He served 13 months of an 18-month state sentence in a vacant wing at the Palm Beach County Stockade with liberal release privileges
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    Bill Clinton and the Pedophile: The Sex Scandal That Could ...
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    27 dic. 2015 - Why did a convicted billionaire pedophile named Jeffrey Epstein that ... that Bill Clinton had sex with underage girls provided by Jeffrey Epstein, that .... 'up to his neck' in this affair, but wants to remain anonymous, is JEB Bush.

    Bill Clinton identified in lawsuit against pedophile Jeffrey ...
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    13 ene. 2015 - Former President Bill Clinton visited the hedonistic private island of a billionaire ... Democrat mega donor and billionaire Jeffrey Epstein was tied by Palm Beach Police to as .... Jeb Bush Loses What Was Left Of His Legacy.

    Jeffrey Epstein - Huffington Post
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    Maverick Hedge Funder Jeffrey Epstein Funds the First Humanoids in Berlin ... the spotlight for their ties to a wealthy U.S. sex offender – he for being pictured wi. ... billionaire money manager (and former Bill Clinton associate) Jeffrey Epstein is ...
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    Bill Clinton's FBI Head Working to Squash Jeffrey Epstein ...
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    hace 5 días - bill-clinton APJacquelyn Martin(L) and Jeffrey Epstein ... at alleged sex orgies thrown by his former client, a convicted pedophile and close Clinton friend. ....Jeb Bush Ad Defends NYT Journalist From 'Jerk' Donald Trump.

    EXCLUSIVE - Dershowitz: No Knowledge of Clinton Having ...
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    hace 2 días - Dershowitz was Epstein's defense lawyer during the high-flying financier's ... and served 13 -for the crime and is currently a registered sex offender. ... Also listed in flight records with Clinton is Epstein's former assistant, Sarah Kellen. .... Jeb BushAd Defends NYT Journalist From 'Jerk' Donald Trump.

    You Know the Duggars. Have You Met Bill Clinton's ...
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    22 may. 2015 - Have You Met Bill Clinton's Pedophile Pal? ... media about Bill Clinton's pedophile pal, a billionaire scumbag Democrat named Jeffrey Epstein who, in 2008, .... Jeb Bush Ad Defends NYT Journalist From 'Jerk' Donald Trump.

    Bill Clinton Connected to Sex Offender Jeff Epstein - Infowars
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    6 ene. 2015 - Bill Clinton Connected to Sex Offender Jeff Epstein ... Bill Clinton'ssexual misconduct is well known. .... Are you saying Jeb Bush is scum?

    Report: Sex offender Jeffrey Epstein had 21 different ...
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    5 ene. 2015 - Looks like Bill Clinton was trying to be his own PBX with 21 phone ... him by billionaire and convicted pedophileJeffrey Epstein, but Monday, ...

    Bill Clinton, sex slaves, and the 2016 campaign | RedState
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    5 ene. 2015 - Bill Clinton crony Jeffrey Epstein is being sued for providing underage girls to ... While it might be unfair to call Mr. Epstein a pedophile, though many have, he was .... A Video that Will Make You Like Jeb Bush a Little Bit More.

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