August 20-21, 2015 -- Mossad either getting sloppier or more arrogant in Bangkok bombing
by Wayne Madsen
Thailand's all-points bulletin for a young black-haired man of "Middle Eastern" and/or "European" extraction who is wanted for placing an explosive-laden backpack among mostly Chinese tourists at Bangkok's Lord Brahma Hindu shrine at Erawan in the Chidlom district, in the heart of Bangkok's busy shopping and tourist area, is either a sign that Israel's Mossad is getting sloppier in its false flag attacks or more arrogant in carrying them out.
The bombing killed 27 people, including four Chinese nationals, and wounded more than 120. Among the dead were, in addition to the Chinese, Thais, Malaysians, Singaporeans, and one Filipino, one Indonesian, and one British national. Although no claims of responsibility were made, Israel quickly tried to link the bombing to Iran. This is a major clue as to who was responsible for the attack, along with the fact that the Israeli media was proclaiming that no Israelis were killed or injured in the bombing but that it took place in an area often frequented by Israeli tourists and shoppers. If the area had so many Israeli shoppers normally present why were no Israelis among the dead or injured? The Israeli embassy in Bangkok was quick to report no Israeli casualties in the bombing. One explanation is the Israelis had some form of advance warning to steer clear of Erawan. The fact that no Israelis were harmed in the bombing is even more astounding considering the fact that Thai authorities stated that the intended targets were, in fact, foreigners. Among the injured were Chinese, Taiwanese, Malaysians, Hong Kongers, Japanese, Singaporeans, and a Philippines citizen, an Omani, a Qatari, an Indonesian, and a Maldivian. But no Israelis in one of their "hot spots" in Bangkok.
The Israeli media also lauded the work of the Chabad House in Bangkok for taking care of many Israeli tourists who flocked there for news about the bombing and mutual support. WMR previously reported on our trip to the Chabad House in 2007. It was clear that "non-Middle Eastern looking" people are not welcome there and that it serves the interests, as do all Chabad Houses, of the local Mossad intelligence stations.
The New York Jewish newspaper "The Algemeiner" reported that the Erawan Shrine and adjacent MBK Shopping Complex are known as an "Israeli hot spot" in Bangkok.
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Chief suspect in Bangkok bombing (above from security camera) is reported to be "Middle Eastern-looking" and of "European" descent. Some security experts believe the man in the security footage was wearing a wig and glasses as a disguise because he was aware of the number of security cameras in the area. A Mossad team that carried out an assassination of a Hamas official in Dubai in 2010 also wore crude disguises, This is coded law enforcement language for "Israeli." Thai police sketch of perpetrator (below).
Law enforcement agencies around the world, including INTERPOL, are forced to use terms like "Middle Eastern-looking," "Mediterranean-looking," or, as the Thai National Police have recently used in its quest for the Bangkok bomber, "European/Middle Eastern in appearance." To use the term "Israeli" would mean a barrage of howls from Jewish and Israeli organizations that the police agencies are "anti-Semitic." The situation is so bad at the U.S. FBI, any use of the term "Israeli" to suggest terrorism or espionage is seen as a "career killer" for the offending agent.
Plainly, if a suspect were Arab, South Asian, or Muslim, those terms would be used by the police, whether in Thailand, which has a history of fighting a Muslim insurgency in the south of the country, to Britain, which has a sizable Muslim community. Thai police have described the main suspect as a "khaek khao," which means a light-skinned person of South Asian, Persian, or Middle Eastern extraction, not, as is being mis-reported by the Western media, Asian or Middle Eastern "Muslims." Khaek kao could mean a Hindu, Sikh, Jain, Muslim, or Jew hailing from India in the east to the Levant in the west and anyplace in between.
khaek khao
The political correctness involved in investigating the Bangkok bombing has resulted in conflicting information coming from the Thai government. The police said they are looking for a "tall foreign man" with a "prominent nose." The police also said the suspect spoke neither Thai nor English but "another foreign language." Security cameras caught a tall man wearing a yellow T-shirt leave a backpack at the scene of the bombing 15 minutes before the explosion. Police are also looking for two other suspicious people spotted near the man with the backpack. However, a military spokesman said the bombers were not tied to any "international terrorists." Mossad operational teams often consist of 3 to 4 people, with one often a female. Other Thai law enforcement sources said there may be as many as 10 people involved in carrying out the bombing. A later Thai police report suggests that the main suspect may have already fled Thailand, an indication of a sophisticated operation that was not only responsible for the bombing but the exfiltration from Thailand of the team of bombers.
The fact that the bombing is similar to a previous one in Bangkok linked to Mossad suggests both the Thai police and military are correct. The perpetrator is "foreign" and the Mossad is not considered per se an "international terrorist" organization, although it has carried out a number of terrorist acts around the world. The yellow shirt-clad suspect disappeared into a Bangkok neighborhood where a number of Uighur refugees from China live. The escape route was clearly intended to pin the blame for the attack on the Muslim Uighurs, 109 of which were forcibly deported by Thailand to China last month. The Israeli media could not seem to decide on whether the perpetrators were Iranian or Uighurs. Rupert Murdoch's pro-Israeli newspapers tried to pin blame for the attack on Hezbollah.
Thai police said the bomb was a pipe bomb packed with ball bearings that is typically used in terrorist explosions abroad. The bomb's ball bearing shrapnel is designed to kill and maim large numbers of people and not destroy much property. A similar bomb exploded at Sathon pier the next day but it caused no casualties.
WMR reported on the attempt by Israel to pin a 2012 bombing in Bangkok on Iran. Our February 15, 2012 report: "The motto of Mossad has long been based on practicing the art of deception to engage in covert and overt warfare. Mossad's motto "By Way of Deception, Thou Shalt Do War" (Hebrew: be-tahbūlōt ta`aseh lekhā milkhamāh) is being carried out in supposed Iranian-engineered bomb plots against Israeli diplomats in New Delhi, India; Tbilisi, Georgia; and Bangkok, Thailand.
The Israeli ambassador to Thailand, Itzhak Shoham, is alleging that the latest bomb plot in Bangkok, in which two men said to be carrying Iranian passports were caught trying to carry out a bomb plot against Israeli diplomatic targets, were similar to two other operations in Tbilisi and New Delhi. The Tbilisi and New Delhi operations saw amateurish homemade magnetic 'sticky bombs,' similar to those that Israel and the Mojahedin-e-Khalq (MEK) have used to carry out car bomb assassinations of Iranian nuclear scientists in Iran, being used against Israeli embassy targets.
In Bangkok, 'sticky bombs' made from C-4 explosives went off prematurely in the home of two suspects. The residence is located on Sukhumvit Road in Bangkok. One of the alleged Iranians caught by Thai police is Saeid Moradi. Moradi lost his legs while tossing a grenade at police while they were chasing Moradi.
Earlier, a bomb attached to an Israeli diplomatic vehicle exploded, slightly wounding the wife of an Israeli diplomat. The woman was released from the hospital later the same day. In Tbilisi, a bomb attached to an Israeli diplomatic vehicle was defused before it as detonated . . . Israeli officials have promised retaliation for the alleged Iranian attacks. However, Iran has stated that Israel carried out the attacks in order to damage Tehran's good relations with India, Georgia, and Thailand. Thailand recently recognized the statehood of Palestine.
Thai authorities had been expecting a Mossad operation for the past month in retaliation for Thailand's recognition of Palestine . . . Moradi, the alleged Iranian grenade thrower, flew to Bangkok from Seoul. After arriving in Thailand, Moradi traveled to Phuket and then to Chonburi, remaining for several days during the Cobra Gold exercise. It is believed by Thai sources that Moradi obtained the hand grenades from the U.S. Special Forces team in Chonburi. Moradi threw the grenades at police on Sukhumvit Soi 7 in the Nana area of Bangkok [the area is close to the Nana sois 3,5, 9, and 11, where the suspected Erawan shrine bomber is believed to have escaped after carrying out the bombing of the shrine] . . . Thai sources also point out that Moradi is of Persian Jewish origin. A number of prominent Iranian Jewish families, some of whom are in exile in the United States, have the last name Moradi . . . A number of international terrorism experts claim the Bangkok operation lacked the sophistication that would be expected from Iranian intelligence or Iran's Quds special operations force . . . WMR has learned from Thai sources that the Ekkamai safe house was being used as an assembly center for car explosives. The devices were magnetic packages that were designed to be detonated by radio signal. The bomb packages were being shipped by the MEK from Thailand to Iran disguised as consumer electronics. The Thailand-to-Iran route is how previous car bombs targeting Iranian scientists were being smuggled into Iran.
WMR followed up the 2012 bombing story on February 17, 2012: "As the old saying goes, 'when you're trapped in a hole, stop digging.' The more Israel 'reveals' about a four-nation terrorist plot allegedly aimed at Israel by Iran and Hezbollah, the more it becomes an obvious blatant propaganda ploy by Tel Aviv to pin blame on Iran and its allies.
The more Thai police look into the Ekkamai safe house used by the so-called Iranians to plan their bomb attacks against Israeli targets in Bangkok, the more it becomes clear that the house was part of a Mossad operation using Mojahedin-e-Khalk (MEK) terrorists and Iranian Jews as go-betweens.
The Ekkamai safe house was rented by an 'Iranian' woman named Leila Rohani. It is known that Rohani is an Iranian Jewish name specific to musicians in the old Persian royal court. There are a number of Iranian Jewish Rohanis living in the Los Angeles area among members of the de-throned Shah's family.
Singapore has debunked a story that was obviously planted by Mossad in a Kuwaiti newspaper that claimed that Iranian agents, all part of the same ring that allegedly targeted Israeli facilities in Georgia, India, and Thailand, planned to assassinate Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak while he was attending the Singapore Air Show. Singapore police denied they arrested a three-man Iranian-Hezbollah team in the country to kill the Israeli Defense Minister. The information was said to have been passed on by Mossad to Singapore authorities but Singapore and even the Israeli embassy in Singapore deny the story . . .
With information obtained by WMR from Thailand that the magnets used for the bombs in New Delhi and Bangkok came from the same sheet and that the toy-size bomb in New Delhi was constructed at the Ekkamai safe house factory rented by Leila Rohani, the India and Georgia operations appear to have been training missions carried out by Mossad for the benefit of MEK terrorists and their Persian Jewish handlers. A bomb slapped on to an Israeli vehicle at the Israeli embassy in Tbilisi failed to detonate.
Thai authorities are now claiming that a man who lost his legs after a bomb he was carrying detonated prematurely was merely in possession of an Iranian passport, not that he, himself, was identified as Iranian. The man, Saeid Moradi, is now in a Bangkok hospital. Moradi, like Rohani, is a common Iranian Jewish last name.
Moradi and two accomplices were reported to have cavorted with prostitutes at bars in Pattaya Beach, Thailand, before traveling to Bangkok. Actual Quds Force operatives and Iranian special operations covert units have mullahs or junior religious scholars traveling with them, acting as political officers and chaplains . . .
The team of terrorists flew to Pattaya Beach from Phuket. Phuket was near the venue where the U.S. was conducting Cobra Gold military exercises with Thai, South Korean, Japanese, Indonesian and Malaysian forces. One man seen with Moradi and two others in Bangkok, Javad Nikkhahfard, is believed to be the chief bomb maker and is now on the run from authorities. Thai authorities describe Nikkhahfard as of 'Middle Eastern descent' but give no nationality. 'Middle Eastern descent' is a common code used by American and other 'politically Semite-sitive' law enforcement agencies to describe Israelis without endangering their careers.
Another alleged Iranian in Thailand, Masoud Sedaghatzadeh, was arrested in Malaysia while attempting to fly back directly to Iran. Thai sources have stated that this shows that Mossad tried too hard to pin the bombings in Bangkok on Iran. Any competent intelligence agency would have, if we are to believe that the Iranian team in Bangkok was caught red-handed, have immediately found local cover, gained contact with their case officer -- presumably an official cover Iranian diplomat or non-official cover businessman in Bangkok, and then use back-up identification/passport to travel to a third country, for example, the United Arab Emirates, Lebanon, or Pakistan, before returning to Iran. The Mossad had obviously pre-paid the air tickets for their 'Iranians' using their actual names for false flag purposes. However, by being stereotypically cheap, the Mossad is rapidly blowing the cover off their shoddy operation."
Israelis would be so bold as to try to pin the Erawan shrine bombing on Iran. As seen in their 2012 caper in Bangkok, the Mossad was so sloppy in its operations its fingerprints began to appear all over the Bangkok crime scenes.