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Fine Art Of Stalking:Sandy Hook Veronique,Lenny Pozner's HONR Network

With Barack Obama,CIA,FBI,Jewish Zionist CNN , Wolf Blitzer,Anderson Cooper,New York Times, Google ,, on their side........

Art Of Stalking:Sandy Hook Con Artist Veronique,Lenny Pozner's HONR Network

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17 may. 2013 - Veronique Pozner Cheats on Lenny,both want more money for Noah Fraud From Uncle Haller NEWTOWN — In the days following the Dec.

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14 feb. 2015 - Controversy is nothing new for Lenny Pozner. Here is Lenny Pozner(with Noah and Veronique) in what many believe is a digitally altered ...

Sandy Hook Jewish Zionist Con Artist  Lenny Pozner's HONR Network

Lenny Pozner’s HONR Network: The Fine Art of Online Stalking and Harassment 91

Submitted by Tony Mead 
(Warning: Graphics contain strong language/profanity)
Since so many people are showing up on my Facebook page for the first time, not knowing the persecution that we’ve endured, I think it appropriate that I introduce you to the HONR Network.
The HONR Network was founded by Lenny Pozner to seek out, identify, stalk and harass anyone who investigates the suspicious and confusing facts surrounding the Sandy Hook incident. They are dedicated to investigating individuals’  backgrounds, places of employment, family and friends, and then attacking their targets by posting personal information, pictures and even contacting people’s employers with accusations of harassment.
Lenny Pozner and HONR Network elite members strategize
their next move: “Hope … we get his brother 
in lawsnumber …”
Over the past 3 years, I have been continually stalked and harassed by this relentless, calculating, heartless group who seem to work round the clock, dedicating their lives to “debunking” any inconsistencies that we find and defending the idea that the Sandy Hook Massacre was a genuine tragedy.

My business has been attacked:
Screen Shot 2016-01-07 at 11.26.09 PM
my character has been assassinated
Screen Shot 2016-01-07 at 11.27.53 PM
In addition, my friends and family have been contacted by these people in an attempt to distract and deter me from this investigation.
I am not alone and I have countless stories from others like me who have been stalked online. Many have left after being “shamed” and judged by their peers. Most of us have endured and persist in our quest for justice.
Wolfgang Halbig, a renowned National School Safety Expert and former FL State Police Officer has endured relentless attacks against his reputation, his character and his honesty. He has had his website removed, his Twitter account removed, his GoFundMe account removed, and his PayPal account removed, all as a result of this small, yet ruthless group of stalkers.
This group is lead by Lenny Pozner and includes CW Wade, Keith Johnson, Thomas Bittman, Stephen Waddock, Ryan Graney, Loucy Pepin and Arie Fique, among several other disreputable characters who may, or may not, just be additional online profiles of these individuals.
Indeed, Lenny formed a Facebook Group called “Conspiracy Theorists Anonymous,” where its 35 members conspired on how to attack anyone that participated in investigating Sandy Hook. Their members even included the Rabbi Shaul Praver !!
Now, I ask you, why is a distraught father, who has recently lost his son, so obsessed with persecuting those who seek the truth about the incident? I know that if I lost a child, I would want to know that proper mass casualty event protocols were followed, proper security had been implemented, and that everything that could possibly have been done to perhaps save my kid was done.
Instead, Lenny is busy working round the clock to insure that no one dare question the Official Report !! And – why in God’s name is a RABBI in there?
Lenny took it upon himself to contact me, at first through Facebook messaging and then through multiple phone calls. After writing the article for the Hartford Courant, he sent me some very bizarre text messages explaining how he was exempt from lawsuits and “judgement proof”! “Get in line, sucker” was his response- hardly the type of thing you’d expect to hear from a poor, grieving father.
As people show up on the Sandy Hook Hoax Facebook Page for the first time spewing forth hatred and disgust that we could be so “disrespectful to the families” and “wishing something like this happens to you”, I would encourage everyone to dig a little deeper. The reason most of the new people are here is because they have heard that Dr James Tracy has been fired due to his attack against the poor grieving family.
Dr Tracy was issued a DMCA copyright complaint against an image of Noah Pozner that was used on his blog. It was the same image that had been used repeatedly by major news networks throughout the world after Sandy Hook and then again after a school shooting in PAKISTAN !
Dr Tracy then agreed, as a courtesy, to remove the image, but also filed a counterclaim asking for proof of copyright ownership, proof that he is indeed the father (remember- “Lenny” is an alias ! His real name is still a mystery. He goes by Lenny, Leonard, Eliezer, Len P Osner, and he told me that his given name is Leonid!) and a dated, time stamped copy of the original image.
Lenny was incapable of providing such things and so, after 30 days, the DMCA complaint expired. Tracy could have legally re-posted the image to his blog, but he didn’t. Instead, Lenny decided to attack Tracy through the media. His termination, despite all of the media hype, is for a technicality that has nothing to do with his views on Sandy Hook.
Lenny Pozner could have easily proven that he had the rights if this were true. Lenny has certainly displayed a competency (or incompetency) regarding DMCA complaints. He has filed THOUSANDS of copyright complaints on YouTube against anyone investigating Sandy Hook. Most are overturned, but not until the video is first removed and a counterclaim is filed.
Many people don’t want to file a counterclaim because in order to do so, one must provide their actual name and address, which opens you up to further stalking and harassment from Lenny and his clan.
If Lenny were a poor grieving father, would he attempt to dispel any suspicions by posting an obviously altered death certificate? It’s not as if it’s slightly altered, it is an obvious fakery!!
If the Pozners feel as though they have been harassed, why is it that they have brought no legal action against these supposed provocateurs ?
Take a look at these websites that actually taunt and harass people (here,herehere, and here):
Screen Shot 2016-01-07 at 11.50.08 PM
Screen Shot 2016-01-07 at 11.50.48 PM
Screen Shot 2016-01-07 at 11.52.37 PM
Screen Shot 2016-01-07 at 11.53.24 PM

Notice that they all have the “Standing with HONR” seal of approval stamped in the corner. That means that Lenny himself has approved of the harassment.
Then ask yourself, if you were to lose a child in a horrific tragedy, would YOU be so inclined as to engage in an internet battle with people that you don’t even know ?
I spent 30 minutes on the phone today with a detective from my local police force discussing what constitutes “cyber-stalking and harassment”. He explained to me that these people are protected by the 1st Amendment and unless they are contacting me directly in a threatening manner, that they can basically say whatever they want in their blog posts and the State Attorney will claim that they are within their rights.
Although I was disappointed that I could not enlist the help of Law Enforcement to help me with my situation, I also realized that if these idiots could say whatever the hell they wanted to about me on the internet, the Professor Tracy should certainly be afforded the same rights on his Memory Hole Blog.
Here is a continued sampling of the techniques used by Pozner’s online vigilantes plotting actions against Sandy Hook researchers. Such methods  include trolling, stalking, contacting relatives, friends and employers of targeted individuals, filing bogus complaints against account holders of social media platforms such as Facebook, even potential physical attacks.


  1. This is pretty classic! After just having been trolled by a “Daphne” who doesn’t know the difference between your and you’re, this post resonates with me. “Her” threats came as a byproduct of my supporting Kevin Ryan’s articulate exercise of free speech on his WordPress blog Dig Within.
    I eased my mind a bit knowing that high-school-dropout “Daphne” would probably be too much of a bungler to follow up on “her” veiled threats against my safety.
    Which just reminds me that that which Dr. Tracy and Wolfgang Halbig (and others) have gone through is largely unimaginable for people who have never taken a stand for anything.
    It’s real easy to be in the rear guard, but Dr. Tracy has been bold and logical. Those who stalk and insult him wouldn’t know Jeanne d’Arc from Giordano Bruno (nor why I chose to end this post with that allusion). May the torches of ignorance by quenched by a sudden feeling of shame.
  2. My impression after reading(besides disgust after seeing this blatant evil) is that we’re dealing with a cult…run as a CIA operation – much in the same way as Scientology(L. Ron Hubbard, known OSS PSYOPS), Jim Jones, The Friends of the Gate religion of the 1990’s, pretty much every cult in human history has been run as the foot soldiers of a secret order(which BTW the CIA IS A SECRET SOCIETY). We MUST for the sake of OUR OWN HUMANITY understand this fundamental fact. The simple fact(as I put on my CIA DOCUMENT 1035-960 Conspiracy hat) that what we call “The World” is in fact run by secret societies with secret, occult agendas is key to knowing why NO POLICE DEPARTMENT with ever do anything fundamental to arrest this behavior without putting themselves in jeopardy. That’s how controlled all society is.

The New York Times Publishes Sandy Hook Disinformation and Propaganda 10

Prof. Jim Fetzer
In an astonishing example of the duplicity of the American media, The New York Times–which is our nation’s newspaper of record–which means that it records the “official history” of the United States–has presented a transparent demonstration of its duplicity and mendacity by publishing an article about the firing of Florida Atlantic University professor James Tracy, which excludes what he himself has said about his case and why nytimesthe firing was legally unjustifiable and morally wrong.
The article, “Florida Professor Who Cast Doubt on Mass Shootings is Fired“,The New York Times (6 January 2016) by Lizette Alvarez, which builds the case for Tracy having harassed the Pozners–when the truth was precisely the opposite–was so sloppily done that the paper has had to publish a clarification (in fine print at the end) for reporting that Lenny Pozner had been fired rather than James Tracy. The author embeds a link to the Sandy Hook Hoax Facebook page, where Tracy lays why his actions have been directed at protecting the public interest, which The Times ignores:

Three years later … Why do professional journalists still fail to report the news? 49

On January 11, 2013 CNN’s Anderson Cooper sent reporters to my campus office, and later my residence, in an effort to inquire why a professor trained in media studies and criticism would ever publicly question the corporate news media’s reportage of the Sandy Hook massacre event.

A major theme this author hit on in early 2013 was the fact that when it came to events such as Aurora or Sandy Hook, much of the journalism produced by Cooper and his superstar colleagues often left the public more confused than informed. As I have recently written, mainstream news coverage of such eventswasn’t traditionally like this.
Some MHB readers will recall how I later gave Mr. Cooper a piece of my mind, imploring him to rise to the occasion and once and for all give the lie to those irksome conspiracy theorists.
“I think you’ll agree that it’s time to put these Sandy Hook ‘truthers’ to rest for good,” I told Anderson in June 2014,  “thereby allowing the Sandy Hook victims’ families to find comfort in the millions of dollars in donations they have received from sincere and goodhearted Americans.
“Anderson,” I continued, “let’s reexamine Sandy Hook together to confirm our own professional integrity, while at the same time striking a potential blow at corruption and deceit. Our conscience requires it. Our nation demands it. Won’t you join me?”
Over eighteen months later I still await Anderson’s response.
The point of my letter, of course, was to call out a celebrity journalist for his profession’s consistent failure to actually report the news, and to instead partake in the sensationalism and mud-slinging that is turning more and more Americans away from the affairs of the day.
The world has been turned upside down when those with the overwhelming power to inform the public partake in subterfuge and simply lazy journalism. As of this writing Cooper is still employed by CNN. As most are aware by now, I was removed from my tenured teaching position on January 8, 2016.
I will be sending my resume to CNN shortly. After all, if Anderson refuses to accurately report the news and CNN wants to continue to take itself seriously someone has to step up to the plate.
Here’s that 2014 letter to Mr. Cooper.

Academic Freedom in America? Tenured Professor Questioning Official Sandy Hook Shootings Narrative Fired 44

Stephen Lendman
Global Research
GR Editor’s Note
Professor Tracy, who was fired by his University is a frequent contributor to Global Research. His articles are incisive and carefully documented.
The Global Research articles of Prof. James Tracy can be consulted here
Academic freedom is a fundamental principle, which has been blatantly violated by Florida Atlantic University.
Global Research expresses its support for James Tracy.
Michel Chossudovsky, January 2016
* * *
Adam Lanza was blamed for the December 14, 2012 Newtown, CT shootings, perhaps wrongfully.
james-tracyFlorida Atlantic University (FAU) tenuredProfessor James Tracy questioned inconsistencies and anomalies in the official narrative – reinforced by the corporate media unwillingness to ask tough questions and demand clear answers.

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