Friday, January 8, 2016

ISIS Blood Oil:Google Russian Israeli Zionist Billionaires Promote Blood Oil Israeli Kurd's YouGov As American On Google News !

Google Russian Israeli Zionist Billionaires Promote Blood Oil Israeli Kurd's YouGov As American On Google News !

Yep Google is even WORSE THAN Jewish Zionist controlled CNN,Fox News CNBC,Jew York Times they themselves then have power to promote or censor these pro Israel propaganda organs after the fact.
Note below you would think yougov is some kind of American institution when in fact it is quite the opposite and in fact ownewd by Kurdish Israeli 'blood oil' UK MP who should not even be qualified to represent the poor people of former England and the Jewish Zionist City of London.In fact yougov founder Nadhim Zahawi should be in a deep dark dungeon for trafficking ISIS controlled oil in Syria further enriching corrupt Turkish murderer Erdogan and further enriching his son who is in collusion with yougov Israeli UK founder where it is sent onward to Israel from there.Note that Google censored my blog pointing all this out just before New Year so we can now say Google Jewish Zionist billionaires also collude in blood oil as well and favor Israeli Kurd who interferes in  U.S.and other  former world sovereign nations with his yougov websites around the globe manipulating politics of countries and peoples worlwide !

Google gives Israeli-UK foreign agents OF YOUGOV.CON their front page U.S. 'news' space after they censored my blog for them and know all about the FACT that yougov.con owner,Israeli Kurdish UK MP MP Nadhim Zahawi,  IS INVOLVED IN TRAFFICKING ISIS CONTROLLED BLOOD OIL FROM SYRIA TO ISRAEL BY WAY OF ERDOGAN'S TUKEY! In effect Google's Russian Israeli Zionist Billionaires  are aiding and abetting in trafficking BLOOD OIL 

Below is propaganda from YOUGOV pretending to be an American media agency punditing on Oregon right wing occupiers of public lands and wildlife refuge:

Americans think Oregon group aren't terrorists, but may pose a threat to the ...

YouGov US - ‎10 hours ago‎
The latest research from YouGov shows that while only 22% of Americans view the armed group who have taken over the federal offices in Oregon as terrorists, the public do tend to perceive them and similar groups as a threat to the safety of the United ...
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