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YemenWar Crimes .Saudi Regime Got Wrong Advice From UK,U.S.,Israeli Allies - U.N Sits Silent

YemenWar Crimes .Saudi Regime  Got Wrong Advice From U.S.,Israeli Allies - U.N Sits Silent

Story image for yemen U.N. WAR CRIMES from International Business Times

US, Saudi Arabia Guilty Of War Crimes In Yemen: US Navy Veteran

International Business Times-Jul 1, 2015
“It's really been quite some time that the U.S. has been violatinginternational laws and committing war crimes and now Saudi Arabia is doing ... ... that the U.S. and Israel had violated Article 2(4) of the U.N.Charter, ...
  1. Britain confirms arming Saudi Arabia in Yemen war

    Press TV-Jun 19, 2015
    Britain confirms arming Saudi Arabia in Yemen war ... not facilitate violations of international humanitarian law, including possible war crimes, ...

Sat Jul 4, 2015 5:17PM
Yemeni men walk amid the debris of a house destroyed in a Saudi airstrike in Sana'a, July 3, 2015. (AFP)

Press TV has carried out an interview with Saeb Shaath, an author and Middle East expert based in Belfast, to discuss the Saudi war against Yemen.

Following is a rough transcription.

Press TV: A hundred days now have passed since the Saudis launched their offensive against the people of Yemen. We are seeing the infrastructure in Yemen taking severe battering and, of course, let us not forget the civilian death toll.
Shaath: That is true. Saudis have been attacking Yemen since March 26 without United Nations’ authorization and that regardless of international calls for cessation of its war of aggression against the impoverished Yemen.
According to the United Nations figures, over 3,100 people have been killed as a result of this aggression on Yemen, with over 15,000 being wounded. This is UN figures. UNICEF warned that the current crisis in Yemen putting millions of children at risk of disease and malnutrition. The United Nations announced last Wednesday level three humanitarian emergency in Yemen for six months. This is the highest level ever in Yemen by the United Nations.
According to [other] United Nations reports as well, there is over 21 million people in Yemen, representing roughly 80 percent of the population, in need of humanitarian assistant. Over 13 million suffer from food shortages and nearly 10 million don’t have water.
So the Saudis are panicking here because all of this is embarrassing them but we cannot stop their war, because they didn’t achieve their military goals in destroying or weakening the revolutionaries in Yemen and strengthening their own puppets like Hadi to effectively bring him back to control Yemen and bring Yemen back to its sphere of dominance. This failure of military campaign to fulfill these goals; the Saudis see it is endangering their own throne since the success of the Yemeni revolution in the near future of imposing a sovereign state in Yemen will influence the dominance of Saudi Arabia in the whole region and will benefit the Bahraini revolution in continuing its fight to get rid of the occupation of Saudi Arabia and to change the regime there.
The success of the revolution in Yemen will also strengthen the opposition at home grown within Saudi Arabia. This will directly threaten the regime and its controlling of Eastern Province of the Saudi Arabia which is wealthy and rich in resources, mainly oil.
From here, the Saudis, they are panicking militarily and they are destroying everything in Yemen. They are trying to wipe Yemen off the map now; on the other hand, we witness that there is political panic as well, since Prince Mohammad bin Salman, the son of the king, in his last visit to Moscow is forecast in trying to seek and even to buy Russian help in Yemen and some other areas, because Saudis see their state now in danger.

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