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VeteransToday Zionist In Drag Gordon Duff Checks With CIA - Jade Helm,Elbit Israelis Occupying U.S.-Mexican Border Is KOSHER

VeteransToday Zionist In Drag Gordon Duff Checks With CIA - Jade Helm,Elbit Israelis Occupying U.S.-Mexican Border Is KOSHER

I told all the VT,Gordon Duff zombies long ago that Gordon Duff was in bed with the war and stock money launderers qwho have taken over the U.S. and use the stock market to launder and steal Americans' money to fund Israel and Zionist wars around the world.Duff emailed to me when I complained about his association with Lila Rajiva of CIA and City of London conncted Agora Inc and said, 'I have ex CIA chief George Tenet on speed dial'.Tenet is one who immediately lied on Fox Nws for Israel and the W Bush regime after 911 that Osama bin Laden did it all,never once asking why Israelis convictd of money laundering in their own country Israel were allowed to open a stock fraud calld ICTS International in Joe Biden's state of Delaware ansd use profits to by Huntleigh airport rent-a-cops and their contract to guard Logan Airport Boston where
where the flights 11 and 175 ALLEGED TO HAVE HIT THE WTC IN NYC ON 9/11 ORIGINATDED FROM  .Duff has had Israeli Gilad Atzmon as a witr for years without ever disclosing he is relative to Israeli governent terrorist and mony launderer Menachem Atzmon

If you do a search of 'veteranstoday  israel u.s. mexico border' you will see that no mention or article of complaint thas been made or written re Israelis on our brder and Barack Obama and Republicans throwing dollars to them as usual from a bankrupt America. me this means Duff and his VT funded by stock frauds with his pals such as D.C. bankster David P Summers of Endovasc infamy and Bud Burrell who has threatened my life and spewed so much anti-Mexico hatred from Arizona or the years that the obvious goal of bringing Israeli government Nazis to our borders at much profit to themselves as usual.
Not to be forgotten is the fact that VT and Gordon Duff were supports of a mentally ill mass murderer who 
entered with arms a peacefull Occupy Wall Street protest in Phoenix probably orchestrated by Sheriff Arpaio himself in bed with Israel and Bud BURRELL'S CHRISTIAN FINANCIAL RADIO(CFRN) PENNY STOCK MONEY LAUNDERING OPS.......
Although VT scum writers often argue among themselves it appears to all fibnd no ;problem with Duff's involvment with stock fraud money laundering.They all seem to believe profits from such corruption is their just due due to all the 'truth telling' they do tha in the end is all a pack of lies packaged in half truths.This goes for you too Jim Fetzer who could do more than I to expose and denounce Duff's 'banking' frauds but don't so you are as bad as he is.

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Gordon Duff: Covering for JADE HELM and the Boston bombing


ByJim Fetzer

As a journalist and editor for Veterans Today, the Senior Editor of which is Gordon Duff, I was astonished when he trashed an article by another former Marine, Robert O'Dowd, by adding an "Editor's Note" claiming that what O'Dowd had to say was uninformed, unsourced and misleading, since he (Gordon Duff) had "checked with his sources" and they all told him that JADE HELM was an innocuous "training op".

After doing my own research, I published an article about it, "JADE HELM is NOT a 'normal training drill'", where I was not surprised that he added another "Editor's Note"--this time twice as long and even more venomous--trashing my article, too. After it received 600 reads in the first hour (which hinted it would become #1), he took it down. The next day, he tossed me out of Veterans Today.

I have managed to recapture the article, which I have now republished at, which you can access here. Ask yourself why anyone in that position would have attacked this article, especially from a writer for VT who has published 150 articles on JFK, 9/11, Wellstone, Sandy Hook, the Boston bombing and Fukushima. Ask what could possibly be going on with Gordon Duff. Why would he have trashed this article?

The Plot Thickens

I had noticed almost immediately that two of my other articles were missing, having "disappeared" over night after Gordon took me out of Veterans Today. One of them was on the Boston bombing, entitled"Faking the Boston bombing: How it was done", which followed up on Nathan Folks' observation that it had been done using (what is known as) "hyper-realistic" filming. So I embedded a sensational two-and-a-half hour program aired on "Caravan to Midnight", which John B. Wells has regarded as important enough to make public as a YouTube:

"Caravan to Midnight", Episode 232, "Deconstructing the Boston bombing"

I was therefore astonished to discover that not just one but my four most recent and important articles about the Boston bombing--not of which has anything remotely to do with JADE HELM--had also been "disappeared". So I have written to John Allen, the General Manager ofVeterans Today, the following email explaining that, if this is not a crime in itself, it at least appears to involved Veterans Today in covering up a crime, as follows:

Covering up the Boston bombing

Since I have now asked Gordon Duff a half-dozen times about "Faking the Boston bombing: How it was done", and had no reply, I am convinced he is responsible, which means he is not only covering for JADE HELM but also for the Boston bombing. This man appears to me to embody corruption. The day before he sacked me from Veterans Today, by coincidence, I did a "False Flag Weekly News" about JADE HELM, which includes around 20 reference that anyone can verify for themselves:

And most recently--just this past Monday, 27 April 2015, "The Real Deal" was with Nathan Folks on the Boston bombing for the first segment and, for the second, on JADE HELM with my producer, Chance George, who has been following this extremely closely. As you may notice, the meeting held with a representative of the military in a small town in Texas, which Gordon Duff has been touting, instead raised more questions than it answered:

"The Real Deal" Ep. #48 (Nathan Folks on the Boston bombing/Chance George on JADE HELM)

That the situation has come to this grieves me. I began writing for Veterans Today when Gordon invited me to join in 2011. I have believed in Gordon and thought he was a serious and professional journalist. I am dismayed at the turn of events, but reason and rationality require that, with the acquistion of new evidence and alternative hypotheses, we may have to reject hypotheses previously accepted, to accept hypotheses previously rejected and leave others in suspense. As the evidence I have presented explains, I no longer believe in Gordon Duff.

Targeting Talk Show Hosts

I was scheduled to appear with Jeff Rense on Friday to discuss JADE HELM. When I linked with the station, the producer explained that he was having trouble getting in touch with Jeff. I hung around for 45 minutes in the hope that he might make contact and, when I reluctantly concluded it wasn't going to happen, I send an email saying that I hoped he was OK. The next morning I received a reply from his girlfriend, telling me that he had been in a serious autombile accident and giving me the number of the hospital treating him.

I called later that morning and was informed that he was resting comfortably in ICU. On Monday I learned that he was home with a broken wrist--and he called me that afternoon to invite me on his show (again) to talk about JADE HELM. He told me he had been hit with some kind of psychotronic weapon that rendered him complete unconscious and his car went off the road into a rather substantial ditch. It was totaled--actually, a complete wreck--and the police described it as "an unsruvivable accident". It looks like no accident to me.

At the end of our conversation on the air, I observed that Stew Webb, with whom I had done a show about VT and Gordon Duff Thursday night, had been run off the road on Saturday, which further confirms my believe that things are getting hot because JADE HELM is "the real deal". I wish I could deny it, but Gordon has boasted to me in the past that he could have people taken out with a few phone calls. I don't like to entertain the idea, but if I am right about JADE HELM, then this may be the game that is being played for "all the marbles".


  1. Dr. Fetzer, I am certainly confused over what is happening with vt, and distressed by the use of ridicule,used so often by the lying msm in these kinds of matters. I have to wonder if someone at vt is either compromised or threatened in a serious way. I do hope Jeff Rense is doing better, i read his site often. Something is going on that we just have all the pieces for. I would like to write you more. Is there a good way to do this? I am a Doc of psychology and research savvy.


    1. We Don't have all the pieces for. Sorry.

  2. I agree that Duffs behaviour is more than questionable and something very troubling is going on at VT.

    But I also advise you to investigate Jeff Rense. I my opinion this "car accident" is a staged plot to help him regain credibility he nearly completely lost for misusing the donations he got for his website:
  3. Additionally, isn't it a bit surprising that both, Webb and Rense, survived the alleged murder attempts? When these people want to take someone out, they do so. It seems hard to believe to me, that the failed two times in a row....
  4. Duff is a complete fake:
  5. Webb and Rense may have simply been warned by their "accidents". The fact that both had "accidents" within 24 hours of each other is the factor for consideration. JH is already on. Watch out you enemies of the state.
  6. Many thanks for your essay I really appreciate the informations with in, it helped me a lot.

    google search of words 'veterans today elbit arizona u.s. mexico border' TURN UP nlot a single vt article mentioning the scandalous take over and occupation of U.S. Mexico border.

    Gaza in Arizona: How Israeli High-Tech Firms Will Up-Armor ...

    Mother Jones
    Jan 26, 2015 - An U.S. Customs and Border Protection Air and Marine agent peers out ... in his book The Militarization of the US Mexico Border, terms a state of "low-intensity warfare. ... sector that, as the trade magazine Homeland Security Today puts it, ... Southern Arizona through its subsidiary Elbit Systems of America.

    Elbit to build surveillance towers on Arizona's border with ...

    The Jerusalem Post
    Mar 2, 2014 - The Arizona-Mexico border fence near Naco, Arizona. ... The work is to be carried out by Elbit's US subsidiary, Elbit Systems of America, which ...

    From Israel to Arizona, boycott racism! | Veterans Today

    Jul 7, 2010 - The US wall will further segregate border communities, break families ... to build divestment campaigns targeting companies like Elbit that profit from ... I think Eisenhower's notion of deporting illegals to Mexico's southern most ...

    Israeli firm to build wall at U.S.-Mexico border - El Tecolote

    Mar 27, 2014 - The Arizona-Mexico border fence near Naco, Arizona. ... ElbitSystems, the company that built the wall separating Palestine and Israel in ...

    Israeli Company Contracted to Build US-Mexico Border Fence

    Mar 7, 2014 - This week, the Israeli company Elbit Systems Ltd. announced that its ... which is to be built on the Mexico-Arizona border over the next year.
    Missing: veterans

    Tomgram: Todd Miller, The Creation of a Border Security State

    Apr 22, 2014 - U.S. Customs and Border Protection, as Todd Miller points out today, is not only ... The National Security State and the U.S.-Mexican Border .... in Arizonawhere the star performer at Border Security Expo, Elbit Systems of ... of whom areveterans of America's distant wars -- interrogate anyone who leaves.

    Elbit Systems' Hermes 450 Unmanned Air Vehicle to ...

    Elbit Systems' Hermes 450 Unmanned Air Vehicle to Support US Homeland Security on ... Elbit Systems Ltd. (NASDAQ: ESLT) announced today that its wholly-owned ... This initial pilot program, which is focused on the Arizona border with Mexico, .... Religion News · Senior Citizens News · Veterans News · Women News.

    Israeli arms maker wins "unprecedented" contract at US ...

    The Electronic Intifada
    Apr 16, 2014 - This week on The Electronic Intifada podcast: ... In the mission statements of the US Border Patrol and Customs and Border ... looks like at theUS-Mexico border now, and what this $145 million deal with Elbit Systems aims to do, exactly. ... So Elbit has these towers, and Arizona's the first [to implement it] by ...
    Missing: veterans

    How Israel's war industry profits from violent US immigration ...

    The Electronic Intifada
    Apr 8, 2014 - Proposed legislation guarantees more US-Mexico border deaths and huge payouts to Israeli contractors. ... along the southern divide with Mexico, initially inArizona. ... project's expansion in the Southwest” (“Israel's Elbit wins US border ... estimated 11 million people living undocumented in the US today.
    Missing: veterans

    'Virtual' border fence idea revived. Another 'billion dollar ...

    The Christian Science Monitor
    Mar 19, 2014 - Customs and Border Protection's Mark Borkowski has his pitch down. ... virtual fence along the Arizona portion of US-Mexico border would look like. ... Though Elbit's towers are similar to SBInet's, they are simpler, more flexible, and ... How Planned Parenthood controversy killed a US veterans fertility bill ...

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