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UK,Israel,Lord Victor Rothschild,CIA James Angleton, Maurice Oldfield,Kennedy Assassination

UK,Israel,Lord Victor Rothschild,CIA James Angleton, Maurice Oldfield,Kennedy Assassination,Yitzhak Rabin,Dallas

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It is claimed by certain websites and even researchers, that the late Yitzhak Rabin was "in Dallas" the day John F Kennedy was assassinated.


There is a source for this allegation, and it is my view that the pertinent passages in her book have been skewed to create that impression on the internet, at least. I am including the entire passage as it was written, but I will say, it does present some interesting lines of thought. I have also included another "factoid," which, unlike the Rabin issue has to do with organized crime and Meyer Lansky's family.

Rabin: Our Life, His Legacy - Lea Rabin 
Chapter 6 Sabra Statesman
page 119
Our first joint visit to the United States (Yitzhak had been there before) took place in November 1963, just before Yitzhak had been appointed chief of staff for the IDF. In preparation for that appointment, Yitzhak embarked on a high-level orientation trip to America. I can appreciate now how momentous it was to have visited the United States at that time. We went to New York and Washington and Yitzhak traveled to several other cities, mainly military centers and installations— all so exciting and awesome and the source of many important new ideas. I remember Yitzhak making an offhand comment to me on our way home to Israel “You know, when I finish my term as chief of staff, I’ll be ready to replace Abe Harman.” Harman was Israel’s Ambassador in Washington at the time. Yitzhak’s premonition later materialized. Our 1963 trip to the United States lasted 3 weeks. I was astonished at the size and the excitement of New York. This was a fast-moving lifestyle unlike anything I had known in Europe or Israel. Dalia and Yuval along with a number of officers, met us at Lod Airport in Tel Aviv upon our return. We were told that President Kennedy had been shot , his condition was as yet unclear. We had never met the Kennedy’s but we could sense how the promise of John Kennedy’s future had stirred American’s and how devastating it would be if something serious had happened to him. Just as we walked in the door of our home, I picked up the phone to hear shocking news: John F. Kennedy was dead. To have just returned from the United States and for Yitzhak to have been in Dallas just hours before — albeit as mere coincidence; Fort Bliss was a stop on his military briefing tour— was disorienting. Yitzhak was about to become chief of staff and had just completed an intensive study of state-of-the-art defense and security practices from the most powerful nation in the world and suddenly we learned that country’s chief-executive was slain by a lone-gunman.......
Robert: Yitzhak Rabin, in his memoirs, stated his term as IDF Chief of Staff began on January 1,1964
see page 61, The Rabin Memoirs: Yizhak Rabin


JFK vs. Rabin: How America and Israel remember - Opinion ...
Dec 25, 2013 - The surfeit of JFK specials on American television recounted how a ... was much like the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin would for Israelis.



Maurice Oldfield (above left) was Britain's top spy in Washington at the time of the Kennedy assassination.

Oldfield worked with the CIA's James Jesus Angleton, "the strategic CIA link to Israel."

Lord Victor Rothschild "pressured to have Maurice Oldfield installed as intelligence boss, who in turn promoted other homosexuals."

Oldfield and his deputy Peter Hayman (above right), as well as a number of people involved in the Kennedy assassination, were interested in young boys.


The following people, linked to the Kennedy assassination, were reportedly lovers of boys: Jack Ruby, Clay Shaw, Lee Harvie Oswald, David Ferrie, JD Tippit, George de Mohrenschildt, Edwin Walker, Herbert Hoover, Clyde Tolson, Louis Bloomfield, James Jesus Angleton and Cardinal Spellman. 

Allegations of Homosexuality and JFK Assn - The Education Forum

Child abuse survivor Richard Kerr (above) met the MI6 boss Maurice Oldfield at theKincora children's home, which was used as a boy brothel.

I met Britain's spymaster Maurice Oldfield at Kincora.

Oldfield reportedly shared boys with Rothschild's friend Sir Anthony Blunt, Noel Coward, several bishops, and an archbishop. (Cached)

According to "The Biggest Secret of World War II": during World war II, Maurice Oldfield was arrested with the King's brother, the Duke of Kent, who was boyfriend of Sir Anthony Blunt.

"Maurice Oldfield and the Duke of Kent ... (and Churchill) had links to Victor Rothschild."

False Flag terrorist attacks and child sexual abuse rings are linked.

William van Straubenzee, linked to the Dublin Bombings and a child abuse ring.

Mark Tildesley, aged seven, believed murdered by Sidney Cooke, vanished in Wokinghamin 1984.

William van Straubenzee, the Member of parliament for Wokingham, has now been linked to the child abuse ring that was allegedly supplied by Sidney Cooke.

Newly uncovered UK government files show that, in 1986, the then MI5 director general Sir Antony Duff wrote to the then Cabinet Secretary Sir Robert Armstrong about serious child abuse by top people.


The files name former MI6 deputy director Peter Hayman, former Home Secretary Leon Brittan, Margaret Thatcher's close aide Peter Morrison and Conservative Member of Parliament William van Straubenzee.

The files refer to the Kincora children's home in Northern Ireland where boys were abused.


1961 School Trip to The Houses of Parliament with Wokingham MP William Van Straubenzee.

William van Straubenzee has connections to the Church, the Military, Northern Ireland, Kincora, Edward Heath, the Ministry of Education and Richmond Council, all of which have been linked to the UK child abuse scandal.

William van Straubenzee

Henry van Straubenzee

Princes William and Harry were said to be 'devastated' after a teenage friend, Henry van Straubenzee, died in a car crash.

Henry van Straubenzee was killed instantly when the car in which he was a passenger hit a tree outside the exclusive prep school, Ludgrove, where all three boys were once pupils.

One of the Van Straubenzees was involved in the Stripper shame of the princes.

The 1974 Dublin bombings.

January I 7, 1976

"A cover-up operation involving former British Ministers has been penetrated by SUNDAY WORLD during a detailed probe of the Dublin bombings.

"The men named in another Littlejohn type cover-up are Mr. William Whitelaw, former Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, and Mr. William Van Straubenzee, his Tory colleague, who was Minister for State for NI. in the Heath administration. 

"Self-confessed mass murderer, Albert Walker Baker, has claimed he 'made a deal' with Mr. Van Straubenzee in Crumlin Road Jail in August, 1973. 

"Later he signed documents agreeing to the 'deal' in the presence of Mr. Whitelaw - who was N.I. Secretary at that time. 

"Baker was then on remand awaiting trial on charges of murdering four Catholics in Belfast."



The Beechwood child abuse survivor Melanie Shaw has been arrested again.

Jeremy Corbyn accused of inaction over paedophile scandal

Greece's Syriza Makes Military Deal with Israel - Mondoweiss


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