Thursday, December 11, 2014

NAZI,(National Zionists),Israelis Move Into Ukraine Thanks To U.S.CIA Scum And 9/11 Criminal John Kerry

NAZI,(National Zionists),Israelis Move Into Ukraine Thanks To U.S.CIA Scum And 9/11 Criminal John Kerry

Wednesday, 10 December 2014


25,000 celebrate Rosh Hashanah in Ukraine. 

In a leaked report: Israel acknowledges Jews are in fact Khazars.

There is a "secret plan" for Jews in the West bank to move to Ukraine.

Leaked report: Israel acknowledges Jews in fact Khazars; Secret plan for reverse migration to Ukraine | The Times of Israel

Wayne Madsen reports:

Some Zionists see in Ukraine a possible second Israel.

Zionists from the West Bank could be moved to Ukraine.

Times of Israel reporters quoted an unnamed aide to Netanyahu who revealed plans for Israeli emigration to Ukraine: "We first thought that admitting we are really Khazars was one way to get around Abbas's insistence that no Jew can remain in a Palestinian state."

The ultimate plans of Ukrainian Zionists ... in addition to such American allies as Assistant Secretary of State ... Victoria Nuland and U.S. ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt, is to establish an autonomous Jewish region of Crimea and restore to the peninsula the original Khazarian name of Chazerai. on Alexa.

This is what is happening to all blogs and news sites that try to tell the truth about CIA torture, Israel, ISIS, Ukraine etc.

Google is hiding the good stuff and promoting the commercial junk.




  1. Birobidjan....should "Christian" missionaries go there and spread the Gospel

    since no sheep from the House of Israel are there ?

    or should the Angels put the "tares" in the fiery furnaces
    @ Matthew 13:39-42 and do what Jesus said...?

    relocating the stool sculpture deity cult compound doesn't change the Truth...
  3. Ukrainian General: "Ukraine is under Zionist occupation." / Генерал: "Украину оккупировали Сионисты"
  4. FFS get a grip, it's really sad to see you (and many others) fall into this trap for the dumb goyim.

    Here's a clue-
    "The famously reliable unofficial intelligence website DAFTKAfile"

    Daft indeed.
  5. London's police being trained in Israel
    Why are London’s Police travelling to Israel?

    “Your Police are being trained by the Israeli Army to defeat and control their enemy, and when your police come back, you become their enemy” — Eran Efrati — Israeli Army Whistleblower warns the American public in March 2014

    Israel teaches brutality to your security agencies

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