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Obama's Jewish Ebola Czar Klain ,Really Waco Oklahoma Bombing Terrorist And Insider Government Funds Looter

Obama's Jewish Ebola Czar Klain ,Really Waco Oklahoma Bombing Terrorist And Insider Government Funds Looter

klain oklahoma waco
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    Klain's name may be new to many across the United States, but ... in Waco, Texas; the 1993 World Trade Center bombing; theOklahoma City ..

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    29/10/2011 - The Obama administration is considering injecting American children with an anthrax vaccine in an unprecedented scientific experiment that ...


If there was any lingering doubts about the Ebola situation morphing into abject fraud and looting, it has been laid to rest by the appointment of corrupto, lobbyist, political operative and bag man lawyer Ron Klain. The only good news is that by the White House’s own admission this “Ebola Czar” has no background in the medical field, let alone Ebola.
This signals that Ebola will be ratcheted up in fraudulent intensity is a good guarantee that you or someone you know will be sick this winter. Then Mr. Klain will be the go-to-guy to organize the public vomiting displays, crushing remaining civil liberties, clearing the way for vaccines and dispersing the government’s funds and Treasury to the cronies and criminal cabals. This will be the best thing for crooks since 9/11.
Beyond facilitating loots for his cabalists cronies, Klain’s (and his wife’s) other big issue is “population control”. Perhaps he will be given the eugenics czardom to parlay along side the Ebola role?
  • Harvard Law School grad and editor of the Harvard Law Review. Again we have a country in serious trouble constantly lead by Harvard lawyers.
  • From 1989 to 1992, he served as chief counsel to the U.S. Senate Committee on the Judiciary, overseeing the legal staff’s work on matters of constitutional law. Obviously a useful background for implementing medical martial law, quarantines and round ups.
  • Klain was involved in both of Bill Clinton’s campaigns, oversaw Clinton’s judicial nominations. Some published reports have given him credit for Clinton’s “100,000 cops” proposal during the 1992 campaign. Then, in 1994, he becomes chief of staff and counselor to Attorney General Janet Reno. This was right when Waco and Oklahoma City were hitting. To this observer, this background is very ominous and indicates a dangerous, unscrupulous operative.
  • This next one speaks for itself: He moved on to help Fannie Mae overcome “regulatory issues.” This is a good qualification for an Ebola czar?
  • He went on to serve as Joe Biden’s chief of staff and was was mentioned as a possible replacement for White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel (yet another Zio and cabal member). One of his finer moments was signing off on President Obama’s support of a $535 million loan guarantee for now-defunct solar-panel company Solyndra. Also involved with dispensing “stimulus funds.”
Ladies and gentleman, I fear we have yet another fox inside the hen house.

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klain oklahoma waco
  1. Daily Signal ‎- hace 3 horas
    Klain's name may be new to many across the United States, but ... in Waco, Texas; the 1993 World Trade Center bombing; theOklahoma City ..


I presented the case for the Kemena bio-lab as the source of spreading the Ebola outbreak in Saturday’s post, and I had to circle back and debunk the debunkers. It states on the hospital consortium’s own website that it is involved in research on lethal diseases at Kenema. The trump card, or the rest of the story, is in this post.
Indeed, starting in January, the consortium running the Kenema lab inked a $140 million deal with Department of Defense and a pharma company called Tekmira to conduct Phase I Ebola vaccine trails at Kenema on humans [see "Tekmira Doses First Subject in Human Clinical Trial of TKM-Ebola" press release].

Source: Frontline. March 30- No cases in Kenema, Sierra Leone as yet.
The information provided begs the question: Where did they get the human subjects? There was no outbreak as of the end of March in Sierra Leone. Seems the DoD/pharma goon squads were recruiting Ebola trial participants from nearby Guinea, where there was a small outbreak underway.
As the program rolled out, “bad actor” rumors flew in Kenema that Africans were being deliberately injected with Ebola and then treated ineffectively with this drug.
Is there precedent for infecting subjects in order to run drug trials? Absolutely. A 2008 published case involved Polish homeless people who were experimented upon with bird flu vaccine.
And Wikileaks reveals in a 2012 document:
The Baxter company has been associated with two deadly scandals. The first event occurred in 2006 when hemophiliac components were contaminated with HIV virus and injected in tens of thousands of people, including thousands of children. Baxter continued to release the HIV contaminated vaccine even after the contamination was known.
“The second event occurred recently when it was discovered that Baxter had released a seasonal flu vaccine containing the bird flu virus, which would have produced a real world pandemic, to 18 countries. Fortunately, astute lab workers in the Czech Republic discovered the deadly combination and blew the whistle before a worldwide disaster was unleashed.
“Despite these two deadly events, WHO maintains an agreement with Baxter Pharmaceuticals to produce the world’s pandemic vaccine.”
In fact, as late as last spring, a controversy and debate on the risks inherit in highly infectious disease trials raged in the scientific community and wasreported in the Guardian.
In July, soon after the Guardian article, Reuters reported on three deaths of nurses at the Kenema facility and the start of a nurse’s strike. The staff abandoned the hospital. Now it seemed like the mad scientists had a little problem on their hands.
Dozens of nurses at a government hospital in eastern Sierra Leone town of Kenema went on an indefinite strike on Monday following the death of three of their colleagues on Sunday. All three were suspected to have been infected with the deathly virus.
“The Kenema hospital has the only testing centre in the country for the haemorrhagic fever and holds the highest number of patients of the outbreak.
“Mohamed Sheriff, a spokesman for the nurses, said they were demanding among other things the ‘immediate relocation to an isolated area of the Ebola ward and its takeover by the French medical agency, MSF.’ The Ebola wards are situated inside the Kenema hospital compound which the striking workers say poses a health risk to them and non-Ebola patients.
“Yambasu said that in Kailahun in eastern Sierra Leone – the epicentre of the outbreak – locals had dug trenches to bar ambulances and police from accessing their communities. Many locals regard being taken to an isolation ward as a death sentence.”
By Aug. 1, there were 450 confirmed cases in Kenema, and the locals got out the pitchforks and torches. The government of Sierra Leone closed the bio-lab and put it under guard.
Unlike the lapdog, script-reading western media, which whitewashed all this with a story about “a crazy nurse at Kenema starting a rumor,” the reality was that the mad scientists used poor protocols to protect regular patients in the hospital. From there, the Kenema Ebola pandemic got out of the bag and spread throughout West Africa.
Currently, there are thousands of European and American troops in Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia and in the midst of a highly skeptical population. Meanwhile, 800 doses of the experimental vaccine are headed for West Africa for “fast track” human trials.
But it goes beyond unadulterated mad-science malfeasance, whitewashing and cover ups. The psychopaths decided to also exploit the situation in the U.S. Ebola doesn’t thrive in very cold climates, so perhaps the criminals in power are willing to gamble with Ebola to fool the American people. The purpose is to further parlay their sick agendas: vaccinations for profit, Ebola “czar” looting of the Treasury, implementing martial law, rounding folks up and targeting of “enemies of the state.” Ebola: At a hospital near you, courtesy of the DoD and their criminal cabal associates.
It’s totally predictably we have Presidente Obola’s program for dealing with the situation. For the tyranny conspiracy theory debunkers still out there, what part of “swat team” do you not understand?
“What I have directed the CDC to do is that as soon as somebody is diagnosed with Ebola then we want a rapid response team, a SWAT team essentially, from the CDC, to be on the ground as quickly as possible. Hopefully within 24 hours.”

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